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Proposed Units Exceed Sherwood-Graceville Neighbourhood Plan

Submitted by webmaster on Wed, 23/11/2011 - 10:00am

An impact assessable development application has been submitted to council to exceed the Low-Medium Residential zoning in Skew Street, Sherwood.  The plans are for 16 units, 20 car parks, and 4 storeys at 30metres high on a 1000m2 property adjoining existing 2 storey residents, including character homes in the same street.


The justification for the relaxations on planning appear to be based on the MP3 retail sector being immediately behind the proposed development.  As we know, transition zones for MP3 sectors were planned to allow a reduction on height to fit in with adjoining residences, so this proposed development would seem to be out of place adjoining 2 storey buildings, and as zoned a 3 storey development would appear to be more appropriate.


The period for public consultation has not yet opened, but details of the plans are posted on BCC's website under development application number A003215467


The Walter Taylor South Action Group are committed to monitoring the outcomes of the Sherwood-Graceville Neighbourhood Plan and we rely on community members to support us.  Please consider becoming a member via this link.



Dear Rory
I am writing to lodge an objection to the development application (A003215467) to build a 16 unit multi dwelling complex at 28 Skew St, Sherwood .
The proposal to build 16 units is a significant over development of the site and does not comply with the City Plan code requirements for low to medium density buildings. This proposal should be rejected as a matter of principle as it does not meet either City Plan or the Sherwood Graceville Neighbourhood Plan and at four storeys will set a negative precedent for the district.
Further, failure to disclose the failed GFA I believe renders this application as non-compliant. The way in which this DA has been written does not enhance an understanding of the project with many of the aspects subject to "condition to comply" requests. Whether the DA meets the planning requirements should be clearly disclosed to the community in the normal way.
I object on the following grounds:

  • the proposal is for a four storey building in excess of what is allowed under the City Plan and Neighbourhood Plan;
  • the proposed gross floor area (GFA) is well in excess of the site as required under the Code (I believe this proposal misrepresents the relevant GFA requirements which are not disclosed in the town planning assessment report table or in Section 8 as the table states);
  • the proposal may not be within 200 metres of a proposed bus way or rail station as required under the town plan to enable greater than 50% GFA (this will need to be checked for proximity to Sherwood Station) ;
  • the building exceeds the 8.5/9.5m height restrictions
  • the set-backs do not comply with the town planning requirements, in particular the front and rear set backs are non compliant;
  • the bulk and scale of the building is out of context with the surrounding low to medium density code requirements;
  • many of the units do not satisfy environmental requirements for cooling, breezes and access to sunlight not meeting Council's desired environmental outcomes objectives;
  • the entire complex contains 16 units with each unit size being sized 75sqm which does not deliver a diversity of accommodation and results in extremely small 2 bedroom apartments;
  • the car park requirements do not meet City code and will be inadequate for vehicles - only 20 carparks are provided for which is seriously insufficient (the breakdown between resident and visitor parking is unclear and insufficient);
  • I am concerned that the statement that total communal and total open private space is insufficient;
  • the proposal will have a negative impact on parking and traffic arrangements in an already congested and narrow residential street;
  • the parking facilities do not comply with the TAPSPSP requirements;
  • communal bin facilities should be provided rather than potentially up to 48 individual wheelie bins - Skew Street is a small and busy street that could not cope with this number of bins on the footpath.

I urge Council to reject the application in its current form on the basis of the adverse impacts on neighbouring homes, roads and the community and non-compliance with the City Plan code requirements for low to medium density residential units. The proposal should significantly reduce the number of units proposed to ensure a better mix of housing products and achieve a reduction in the bulk, scale and GFA proposed.
This is not on Rory.
Nicole Johnston
Councillor for Tennyson Ward

As per the council website for this DA, on 4-Jan council asked for further justification information for the planned changes for this site.  The owner has 6 months in which to answer the questions or ammend the plans. 
Accordingly we will need to continue to monitor this particular DA or new ones which may be subsequently raised until a resolution is found.