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Petrol fume smell in Sherwood Drains

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Juliet Kelly
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Petrol fume smell in Sherwood Drains

I live in Primrose Street Sherwood and have noticed over the last week or so an significant petrol smell as I walk around to Sherwood road.
I think it is coming from the drain just outside the coffee club or the chemist. On Thursday I walked home from the Corinda station and also noticed the same smell coming from the quarry street drain.
I spoke to the staff at the brumbys bakery sherwood road and they said they have had several comments about it and had also have noticed it themselves.
I contacted the council this afternoon and logged my concern. The customer service officer I spoke it said that they had received a similar enquiry a couple of days earlier and were investigating the matter. He said that he thought it probably was not petrol because the council would have acted on it already. because I don't know if this is happening anyway else in the ward.

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After the floods I also

After the floods I also noticed a strong petrol smell as I have drains in my back yard. At times it was so bad I could not open any of the doors or windows. Not pleasant in summer if you have no air conditioning!
Thinking it was maybe flood clean up related I waited about a week before I contacted the council to find out what it might be.
They sent an odour pollution specialist out who contacted me late last week to advise that it is possibly coming from the Shell service station on the corner of Sherwood and Oxley Rd. 
They said they are still investigating.
The smell has dissipated somewhat over the past week but is still noticeable after any rain.

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