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Montrose Access Development Application

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We have heard from local residents of plans at Montrose Access to sell up and move on.  We have recently spotted a development application submitted to council for this location, number A003233566.  It appears as though this application will be made under the old Walter Taylor South planning scheme to avoid the new requirements for this site under the newer Sherwood-Graceville Neighbourhood plan.

Montrose have released this information sheet on their website:

"Consequently we are applying to Brisbane City Council to sell our Corinda Montrose Access headquarters for residential redevelopment.  As part of this plan we will lease a new premises nearby in southwest Brisbane to house our corporate and therapy functions and open a new independent, purpose-build respite centre.

It is still early days in the project plan and a lot of consultation and work has to happen, but selling Corinda will guarantee that Montrose Access is able to maintain the hightest quality of services into the forreseeable future." 

Extracts from the details of the development application are listed below



Request to Council to Consider Proposal under Superseded Planning Scheme at 50 Consort Street Corinda, more properly known as Lot 93 on RP29540.


1. Summary

This proposal comprises a written request made on behalf of Montrose Access and pursuant of Section 95 of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 (SPA) seeking Brisbane City Council's (Council) agreement to consider a proposal for material change of use and reconfiguring a lot under the superseded planning scheme at 50 Consort Street, Corinda.


The proposal relies upon council agreeing to consider the above development under the superseded planning Scheme provisions relating to the requirements of the Brisbane City Plan prior to the adoption of the Sherwood/Graceville District Neighbourhood Plan, which came into effect on 15 April 2011.


The written request comprises two (2) parts:

  • To assess and decide a proposed reconfiguring of lot development application under the superseded planning scheme; and
  • To apply the superseded planning scheme to the carrying out of future material change of use development which was self assessable or code assessable development under the superseded planning scheme. 

This request includes the following material:

  • this letter of request seeking Council's agreement to consider a proposal under the superseded planning scheme;
  • letters of advice and owner's consent prepared by Montrose Access
  • property valuation information prepared by Johnston and Company P/L
  • completed IDAS Form - Request to apply a superseded planning scheme - Sustainable Planning Act Form 2;
  • one (1) cheque made payable to Brisbane City Council in the amount of $1,000 being the applicable assessment fee for Request for application of superseded planning scheme (s95 SPA) not relating to a house; and
  • copy of the proposed development application (draft) for development permit for reconfiguring a lot comprising:
    • IDAS forms;
    • supporting town planning report (draft); and
    • supporting technical reports (draft);


2. Planning Framework

Prior to the introduction of the Sherwood/Graceville District Neighbourhood Plan in April 2011 the Montrose Access site was designated under the Brisbane City Plan 2000 with the Area Classification of Low Density Residential.

The site is currently located within the Community Use Area CU6 - Health Care Purposes Area Classification and is also located within the Alan Fletcher Research Station / Montrose Access Precinct of the Sherwood/Graceville District Neighbourhood Plan.

Upon commencement of the neighboudhood plan, the site was identified as a site primarily suitable for community purposes (rather than residential) and correspondingly allocated a new Community Use area classificaiton

The Neighbourhood Plan therefore changed the area classification of the Montrise Access site from Low Density Residential Area to Community Use Area CU6 - Health Care Purposes. 

This change in Area Classification has had a major adverse impact upon Montrose Access's strategy for provision of its services in the future.


3. Site and Landuser Characteristics

The Montrose Access site is located at 50 Consort Street, Corinda and is more properly described at Lot 93 on RP29540.  The site comprises a single lot of 3.743 hectares, with a frontage to Consort Street (north), Keble Street (east) and the Brisbane River (west).  The site sits within a predominately low density residential settings.

The site is currently the Brisbane headquarters for Montrose Access, a not-for-profit organisation that provides a range of supporting services to children and young adults with physical disabilities and their families.  Montrose Access is a long established organisation, having been operating for over 75 years.  Montrose Access has existed on the Corinda site for most of the organisation's history, since the mid 1930's.

The site has distinctive landscape characteristics.  The majority of the site is located at an elevated position above the Brisbane River, with a steep escarpment connecting the elevated parts of the site and the river.  This prominent position provides significant vistas and views downt he river, both from and to the site.

Existing development on the site is an agglomeration of buildings which have been constructed as required over the history of the Montrose Access facility's operation.  Buildings are mostly concentrated int he south-eastern corner of the site, and present as 1970's brick buildings of two to three storeys.

The function and client service delivery of Montrose Access has evolved over time.  Significantly, more services are provided to clients off-site now than ever before in the past.  As such, while a number of buildings are used for operational activities, there are large parts of the complex that are underutilised.  There are also parts of the complex that are configured in a manner that is not ideal for carrying out the preferred operations and service delivery. 

The longer term strategy for services, including relocation from the subject site, is described in the attached letter from MontroseAccess.

Relocation from the Corinda site and its subsequent redevelopment for residential purposes will provide Montrose Access with a firmer financial base to develop its services in communities where its services are needed, and to operate reasonably independently from Government funding.

However, the current planning criteria attached to the site does not provide Montrose Access with the certainty that it previously had when the site was designated for low density residential purposes.


4. Description of Proposed Residential Development

The proposed development comproses a reconfiguration of a lot for standard format subdivision, creating thirty-five (35) new housing lots plus two (2) park lots and new road.  No small lots are proposed as part of the proposal.  Further, as a consequence of the proposed titling, this will accomodate the establishment of houses on each lot attracting either self assessable or code assessable development under the superseded planning scheme, dependant upon the house lot's proximity to the Brisbane River Corridor.

The proposal therefore relies on Council agreeing to consider the above development under the superseded planing scheme provisions related to the requirements of the Brisbane City Plan prior tot he adoption of the Sherwood/Graceville District Neighbourhood Plan, which came into effect on 15 April 2011.


6. Grounds in Support of Request

Montrose Access are very concerned thtat the current planning criteria affecting the site does not provide for an adequate level of certainty or security of outcome for the future use of the site for residential purposes as there was prior to the neighbourhood plan, and corresponding area classification coming into affect, and that the current community use areas classification represents a 'down-zoning' from the previous low density residential area classification.

 Montrose Access have lost residential development rights that were conferred to them prior to the neighbourhood plan taking effect - now all development requires a masterplan to be in place.  Approval of a masterplan required lodgement of an impact assessable application to confer subsequeny code/self assessable use rights for all residential uses, including detached housing.

The following points are relevant to consider in support of the request:

a) Submission to Neighbourhood Plan

On 30 June 2010 Montrose Access made a formal submission in response to the draft Neighbourhood Plan, identifying that the proposed scheme amendments comprised the future development opportunities currently afforded tot he Montrose Access site, and requested that Council amend the draft plan to ensure that Montrose Access retained their existing development rights whilst not compromising the strategic intent of the neighbourhood plan.

Council disregarded this, on the grounds that a master plan must be prepared for any future development of the site.

Montrose Access maintain that the current drafting of the level of assessment table contained in Section 4.7 of the neighbourhood is unnecessarily restrictive, as it requires any development of Montrose Access site to first have an approved (impact assessable) masterplan in place.  This includes community use activities as well as residential uses.

Establishing of a masterplan should only be requisite where major development is proposed that sites 'outside' the current scheme requirements in regard to such matters as land use or density.  It should not be nectoessary to accommodate a standard format lot subdivision that is consistent with the code requirements of the City lan.

The neighbourhood plan has been poorly drafted in this regard.

 b) Land Valuation

Montrose Access have engaged valuers Johnston and Company to provide advice concerning the effect that an impact assessable application will have upon the value of the land against a code assessable planning application for standard format house lots.  The valuer's conclusion is that the change to area classification has effectively 'down-zoned' the site, reducing opportunities for future development afforded by the low density residential area classification, which has subsequently affected the value of the property.

Refer to attached valuation advice from johnston and Company Pty Ltd.

c) Planning Risk - Certainty of Outcome

As discussed above, all development must now be preceded by an impact assessable development application for a masterplan, and further, in regards to residential development (including 'house') the level of assessment table does not acknowledge residential outcomes.

This results in a significant risk to the development industry when comtemplating the feasibility for development of the site, particularly in regard to introducing an opportunity for third party submissions and appeals against any proposal.

7. Brisbane City Council Prelodgement Advice


A pre-lodgement meeting was held with Brisbane City Council on 8 November 2011.  The purpose of the meeting was for Montrose Access to brief Council on their intentions to make a written request seeking Brisbane City Council's agreement to consider a proposal under the superseded planning scheme at 50 Consort Street, Corinda.

Refer to attached copy of Pre-lodgement Record dated 25/11/2011


a) Loss of Community Use Land

Prior to the change to Community Use in April 2011, the site was designated Low Density Residential and owned in freehold by Montrose Access.

The land was not designated Community Use at that time.

Council is therefore not losing established Community Use Land, as the site was only 'zoned' for community use purposes as part of the associated amendments to the planning scheme this year.  The site is not historically community use land, rather residential land.  It is our understanding that Council are interested in retaining existing commuity use land, which is not relevant to these particular circumstances.

Notwithstanding, within the Graceville, Corinda and Sherwood area there is approximately 187.6ha land, excluding the subject site, which is currently allocated for Community Use purposes.  This would suggest that there s sufficient amount of Community Use land wihtin the local area.

Therefore on this basis there is no need to overcome the loss of community use on the site, due to adequate supply in the area as demonstrated by the study.  Ra) Loss of Community Use Land refer attached Community Use analysis map.

b) Levels of Assessment

The following  Table 1 Level of Assessment Comparison compares the code assessable development potential under the existing area designation and the previous designation prior to the introduction of the Sherwood/Graceville Neighbourhood Plan.  The site's inclusion in the Alan Fletcher Research Station/Montrose Access Precinct substantially limits the potential for development outside of community and childcare facilities.  Although residential development could occur it would be a lengthy and risky process involving an impact assessable application for a materplan and subsequently (arguably) an impact assessable application for a material change of use, which would suggest the lack of certainty about the development potential.

Table 1 - Level of Assessment Comparison

New Neighbourhood Plan Previous City Plan

Community Use

Code Assessable

(Alan Fletcher Research Station/Montrose Access Precinct)

Low Density Residential

Code Assessable

Community Facilities whether or not involving building work, where complying with the Community Use Code and where in accordance with an approved Master Plan Operational work for Filling or Excavation
Child Care Facility where in accordance with an app


  • Where located in the Demolition Control Precinct; and
  • Where on a lot less than 450m2 or with an average width less than 15m or on a rear lot less than 600m2 (excluding access way); and
  • Where complying with the Acceptable Solutions in Part 1 of Residential Design - Small Lot Code

Reconfiguring a Lot

  • where all resulting lots are 450m2 or greater with an average width of 15m or greater, and all resulting rear lots are 600m2 or greater (excluding access way) and
  • where in accordance with an approved Master Plan

Reconfiguring a lot where:

  • all resulting lots are 450m2 or greater with an average width of 15m or greater; and all resulting rear lots are 600m2 or greater (excluding access way), or
  • entailing only the subdivision of existing or approved buildings, except houses
  Satellite Disk (where not except development)

c) Highest and Best Use

The highest and best use for the site is for residential purposes.  The site is ideally located for low density residential uses, and has scope to provide an excellent mix of development sites and public open space in a low density residential setting.  Use of the site for self assessable or code assessable residential purposes is also consistent with the strategic objectives of the delivery of housing as outlined in the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031, which is to achieve an infill dwelling target for Brisbane of 138,000 dwellings by 2031.

Self or code assessable development will ensure a risk-free, efficient and sustainable delivery mechanism for the establishment of low density residential development within the site.

The potential offered from low density residential land is much more relevant and important to Brisbane and South East Queensland when considering the current shortfall in supply ov housing, with demand out-weighing supply, and associated increased housing costs.

Maintaining and promoting the use of the land for Community Use purposes rather than residential purposes will therefore compromise the capacity of the site to efficiently provide for an excellent residential outcome which will also assist in responding to Brisbane's housing shortall in a risk-free manner.

8. Conclusion

This proposal comprises a written request made on behalf of Montrose Access for land at 50 Consort Street, Corinda, and made pursuant to Section 95 of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 (SPA) seeking Council's agreement:

  • to assess and decide a proposed reconfiguring a lot development application under the superceded planning scheme; and
  • to apply the superseded planning scheme to the carrying out of future material change of use development which was self assessable or code assessable development under the superseded planning scheme

The proposal relies upon Council agreeing to consider the above development and subsequent material change of use assessment regine under the superseded planning shceme provisions relating ot the requirements of the Brisbane City Plan prior to the adoption of the Sherwood/Graceville District Neighbourhood Plan, which came into effect on 15 April 2011

We look forward to your consideration of this request.

If you have any queries please contact John Morwood on (07) 3221 8833 or via email at

Yours faithfully

Humphreys Reynolds Perkins

Planning Consultants

John Morwood



Enc: Montrose Access Advice, Valuation Advise from johnston and Company, Copy of BCC Prelodgement Record, Community Use Analysis Map

cc: Montrose Access


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The following letter was recently distributed to Corinda residents from Cr. Matthew Bourke seeking feedback on the proposed Montrose Access site subdivision.

Dear Resident,
Dedevelopment Application - A003233566

Material Change of Use and Reconfiguration of a Lot

50 Consort Street (Montrose Access Site)

Under the superseded planning scheme
As your home is in the vicinity of the above application, I am writing to let you know that a copy of the plan for this site is available for viewing at my office.  The Development Application is for the purpose of a material change of use and reconfiguration of a lot under the superseded planning scheme.
These plans can be viewed free of charge of the Council website:
Although there is no formal public consultation for this particular type of Development Application (Code Assessment), should you have any concerns, I would be pleased to discuss them with you.
If you have any queries regarding this appplication or if I can be of assistance to you regarding any other Council matter, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours sincerely
Matthew Bourke
Councillor for Jamboree Ward
Telephone: 07 3407 7000
Fax: 07 3407 7005
Note: Names and addresses have been obtained from the Electoral Roll

Councillor Bourke,
Having received your letter and viewed the proposed residential development of the Montrose Access site, I submit the following comments:
1. It seems reasonable that Montrose Access be allowed to develop its site in order to generate the income required to continue to provide services to its clients
2. It is the nature of the proposed development and the risk of further development in the future, should the site be sold, that is of concern to local residents.
3. Currently, 35 town houses are proposed for the site with publicly accessible open space provided along the riverbank. While described as 'low density' housing, the 35 blocks would completely cover the site from the riverbank to the adjacent streets on 3 sides of the property, resulting in comaratively high density development of the site. Provision for 20 to 25 town houses, in clusters of 4 or 5, would seem more reasonable. This would allow for the provision of tree-lined pedestrian walkways between the clusters, improving the amenity of the site for residents and neighbours alike.
4. There is provision for only one access road to the 35 town houses, with both ingress and egress onto (the already busy) Keble St. This proposal seems ludicrous, when access to the site could easily be provided via each of the existing three street frontages (Ardoyne, Keble and Consort Sts), thus minimising the impact of increased traffic arising from the development. I did not see any provision for visitor parking on site. The provision of at least 1 on-site visitor's carpark for every 4 town houses should be mandatory.
I believe residents in the three neighbouring streets (above) should be provided with a copy of the proposed development, showing the layout of the 35 town houses and limited road access. Many affected residents are elderly and may not be able to access the internet, or your office, in order to sight the proposed development. The Council's website is not very user-friendly, even for residents with computer access. It took a concerted effort and several hours to locate a plan of the proposed development, using the link provided in your letter. Most of my neighbours simply gave up, which I suspect was the intention.
I would appreciate an early and detailed response to this letter.
Janet Kan
63 A Consort St 

On the 17th of January Council has accepted Montrose Access application to subdivide it's land under the old local area plan and there is now a period of 6 months for the application to be submitted.  We will keep a watch for these plans.