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Locals to March - "No Sherwood Bus Depot"

Submitted by webmaster on Fri, 23/10/2009 - 9:50pm

Local residents and community groups will take to the streets this Saturday (24 October) to call on Lord Mayor Campbell Newman to fulfill his promise to abandon plans for a bus depot in Sherwood.
On August 4, the Lord Mayor publicly stated that plans to build a bus depot in the area would be scrapped if residents were opposed to the idea. He said “If however there was, you know, sort of strong reaction against this bus depot, if it was felt to be inappropriate after the full planning process had gone through, then we could certainly use the site for something else.” (BCC Chambers – Ongoing debate on Sherwood Bus depot Aug 18 2009, Question 2)
However, in the face of growing and overwhelming opposition against the bus depot, locals have been left wondering why the Lord Mayor hasn’t held true to his promise.
To date, over 1200 people have signed a petition against the location of the bus depot. Residents have hung a protest banner on the council sign, adorned their cars with “NO Sherwood Bus Depot” stickers and held multiple protest gatherings on street corners.

This weekend the action steps up with a protest march. According to event spokesperson, Leigh Park, locals wearing bright red clothes and carrying red balloons (red means “stop”) will march down the footpath of Sherwood Road (past where the bus depot is set to be built) as a visual display of the overwhelming opposition to the plans.
“While we welcome buses and public transport in the area we remain deeply concerned about the lack of full and proper consultation, lack of transparency in the process, safety issues, traffic congestion of buses empty-running though our suburb to outer suburbs and environmental impacts on nearby Oxley Creek and Oxley Common,” she said.
“According to information supplied by Brisbane City Council, around 700 buses will come and go from the bus depot each day and about 800 staff car movements a day.”
“The buses will go past schools and houses 21 hours a day, 7 days a week – and they won’t even service our own area!”
The following event has been organised by the Community Groups Alliance including Walter Taylor South Action Group, Sherwood SS P&C, St Joseph's P&F, Staverton Kindergarten, Graceville SS P&C, Help Endangered Local Plan (HELP) and others.
WHERE: March leaves Hives Park (near Thallon St) and finishes with a rally at Oxley Common
WHEN: 9:30am for 10:00am start, Saturday 24 October 2009
MEDIA CONTACT: Leigh Park, Community Groups Alliance, 0410 417 590


The Brisbane City Council intends to develop a bus depot for 200 buses on a site that it recently purchased in our area.
Where will it be? 296 Sherwood Road, Sherwood (on the site of the fire in 2007, to the south just over the railway bridge towards the Rocklea Markets) and across the road from the new Parklands Development. It is surrounded on 3 sides by low density residential homes.
When will it operate? The depot will operate 21 hours a day seven days a week - first buses out a 4am, last buses back by 1am.
How many bus movements a day will there be? There will be around 700 bus movements a day - buses will not only go out each morning but will return during the day for refuelling. Busy times are from 6 – 7am (100 bus movements), 2-3pm (86), 6-7 pm (73) and 7- 8pm (48).
In addition to 200 buses, there will be a bus employee car park being used by at least two shifts of drivers a day ie possibly an additional 800 car movements in and out of the area.
Will our local bus services improve? We don’t know. No information on routes is available. The destination of the buses is available (Full details are on our website) However, note that the majority of the buses are heading east past the markets. Our area is serviced primarily by trains.
What are the possible impacts on local traffic? Buses will be entering and leaving the depot via an entrance onto Sherwood Road. The sheer number of buses moving each hour, particularly at peak times, will mean major hold ups at this entrance, at the intersection of Oxley and Sherwood Roads, and at the intersection in front of the Markets. This could force more local and through traffic along Graceville Ave and along Oxley Rd over the Walter Taylor Bridge as an alternate.
Will the depot impact our community in other ways?
The site is surrounded on three sides by homes and in close proximity to several schools – noise, light pollution and air pollution may all be of concern
The site is next to Oxley Creek and Oxley Common- 200,000 litres of diesel fuel stored on site has a potential for risk to wildlife and creek.
Visit to view the latest information. You will find details of the proposed bus timetable, layout of the depot, consultation process, views of your local, state and federal members, press items and community reactions