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Impact Assessible application for Heritage Shops Graceville

Submitted by Leigh-Rae Ash on Thu, 24/11/2011 - 3:47pm

In regard to the development application A003102126 The Central Buildings at 307-327 Honour Avenue, Graceville which incorporates our property The Bulk Store at 11 Rakeevan Road, Graceville.  You can view details of the development application on BCC's website at


The public submission period is from 17 Nov 2011 through to 9th Dec 2011.


This is a Impact Assessable application due to its Cultural Heritage Place position.


I have a number of concerns as an owner of the Walter Taylor Bulk Store at 11 Rakeevan Road.


Firstly there is a wall that runs along Rakeevan Road which links the Central Buildings on Honour Avenue to the Bulk Store. This wall is present in the Council citation available with this development application but it is not included in any of the development plans. There is to be a driveway to be built right where the wall stands now.


Secondly this application doesn't include sufficient privacy screening to which our Queensland heritage listed building deserves.


Thirdly this precinct has already been affected by development which has seen more of the Walter Taylor buildings been pulled down without proper community consultation. A prime example was 335 Honour Avenue which was demolished in the wee hours of the morning now gone forever. There are a number of Walter Taylor buildings in this street alone which are of huge significance. Lets not lose any more.


I have spoken to a staff in the Council heritage section who assesses these developments and they had some concerns over some aspects with this development application.


Your help in allowing the community be aware of this short period of 15 days available to offer their comment during the notification period.

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I am a resident in Rakeevan Road and will be getting a letter off to council in the coming days with as many signatures as possible.
The proposal  includes a restaurant on the Rakeevan road frontage and another on Rakeevan Rd. There are a number of issues, chief of which are the increased noise, and traffic that results. Residents on our end of the street already get woken up by early morning by the rubbish removal of the other restauarants on Honour aveneue , now it will be that much worse.There is also the inevitable smell issue from  2 X 1100 litre bins.
I urge you to read carefully the applicants submission online- at first glance it appears very slick, but if you read it carefully it is full of holes- (amazingly they say there will be no airconditioning units or mechnical plant involved- in a resataurant-- yeah right!!)

The attached is a template submission that you can use/modify for your specific thoughts regarding the development application for the historic Walter Taylor shops at Graceville.

The Development Manager
Brisbane City Council
GPO Box 1434
Brisbane QLD 4001
Dear Sir/Madam
I am writing to lodge an objection to the development application (A003102126) for a material change of use and heritage building works at 307-327 Honour Avenue, Graceville.
The Graceville Shopping precinct, particularly around Rakeevan Road, is a unique and intact character streetscape featuring significant heritage listed buildings. These buildings, including 307 Honour Avenue, have both local and city wide significance having been designed and built by renowned Queensland architect Walter Taylor in the early to mid-twentieth century. These buildings should be preserved and protected in their original state, allowing for appropriate reuse, for future generations as part of our City’s history.
I object to the proposed application on the following grounds:
the proposal diminishes the heritage place character and streetscape contribution of the building and precinct and does not comply with the Sherwood Graceville Neighbourhood Plan or the Heritage Place Code as per City Plan requirements;

  • the proposed extension will irrevocably alter the original heritage façade facing towards Honour Avenue;
  • the loss of the side wall facing to the adjoining Walter Taylor designed building at 11 Rakeevan Road will result in the loss of significant linking architecture;
  • the proposal does not meet the City Plan requirements to enhance pedestrian access and bicycle spaces;
  • the proposal does not meet setback requirements with the neighbouring residential properties to Verney Road West resulting in increased noise and a loss of amenity and privacy;
  • the proposed parking and access arrangements are inadequate and do not meet City Plan Transport policy for turning, driveway or manouvering minimum spaces - this may lead to further adverse on-street parking impacts and congestion in Rakeevan Road and surrounding streets; and
  • the proposed parking arrangements impact adversely on the neighbouring property at 11 Rakeeven Rd and are not wholly contained within the proposed development site.

While reuse of the existing buildings for retail/commercial purposes is supported, I urge Council to reject the application in its current form on the basis of the adverse impacts on neighbouring homes, roads and the loss of intact heritage buildings from the proposed extension and alterations, which are not in keeping with the intact character streetscape.

Council has requested the developer to clarify a number of issues as well as respond to a number of concerns raised by submissions received for this development application.
You can see this document, dated 23-Feb-2012 under this development application on council's website.  The developer has until the 23-March to respond and address these issues.