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Have a Say about Your Neighbourhood's Future

Submitted by webmaster on Fri, 25/06/2010 - 5:10pm

A cluster of red balloons hung twenty metres above Sherwood last week. A group of residents was demonstrating just how high proposed five storey developments around Sherwood and Corinda would be. "I didn't realise just what an impact buildings of this height would make. They would block light, breezes and views and would dominate the suburban landscape", said Nancy Williams.

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The proposed 5 storey precincts around the Corinda and Sherwood railway stations are two of a number of proposals contained in the draft Sherwood/ Graceville Neighbourhood Plan recently released for comment by the Brisbane City Council. A Summary of the draft plan was delivered to every letterbox in the area and the full draft Plan is available online at the Council website. Written submissions are invited by Council and must be lodged by 2 July.


"It is our final opportunity to tell Brisbane City Council what we like and do not like about the draft Plan." says Leigh Park, Secretary of Walter Taylor South Action Group Inc. "Take the time to put in a submission. The final Plan will determine what our suburbs will be like in the future." The action group has held several workshops for residents to discuss issues of concern and seek advice on preparing their submission. Their website at contains a deal of information about the plan and contains a series of forums for residents to share their views on the draft plan. This may be of help when preparing your submission.


Send your submissions to Neighbourhood Planning, City Planning Branch,Brisbane City Council, GPO Box 1434, Brisbane QLD 4001 by 2 July.



Sorry, but epic fail.
20m is not 5 stories, because that means a floor to floor height of 4m, which is utterly ridiculous for medium rise multi residential, and even beyond what commercial skyscrapers are set at (around the 3.7-3.8m mark, floor to floor)
2.4m is the standard residential ceiling height, Are you  saying there would  be 1.6m of servicing and slabs between floors!!??
Even Eureka Tower in Melbourne is 3.2m floor to floor...and that is a luxury building with above average ceiling heights (So if we took a 5 storey high chunk it would be 16m high)
But if we were being reasonable, and having 2.4m ceilings + 0.3m for slabs and servicing, thats 2.7 floor to floor, or an overall height of 13.5m....Lets add another metre for the roof, and that still under 15m.
And 15m is not 20m.
Can you do another photo with a 15m balloon?