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Electoral Boundary Changes Threaten Local Interests

Submitted by webmaster on Sun, 08/02/2015 - 11:29am

Send submission for 16 Feb deadline - 2 examples attached

Electoral boundaries of Tennyson Ward are under threat by a proposal that current local neighbourhoods be moved to other wards causing Tennyson Ward's cohesion and representation in Council to be radically undermined. 

Local residents are strongly urged to make submissions to the Electoral Commission [closing date 16 February 2015] in opposition to proposed changes to BCC Ward boundaries.

Submissions can be made by email or online (see templates below).

Two submissions to the Electoral Commission of Queensland are attached, each identified by author

Clear analysis and rationales are given in both letters of submission. The authors have indicated that residents are welcome to use as much or as little as they wish of either or both drafts, amending as they see fit.

Please note that personalizing each submission to make it distinctive is maximally effective. 
Key points underlying both letters of submission are the need to:

  •  retain Tennyson Ward with intact boundaries;
  • make minimal changes in general to prevent voter confusion;
  • retain Moorooka Ward with current boundaries.



Residents may be interested in the cover letter accompanying Joe's submission (sent by email), summarizing his concerns:   

Dear Electoral Commissioner, Walter van der Merwe and Casual Commissioner Greg Rowe.

I am deeply concerned about the tearing up of Brisbane City Council (BCC) Ward communities proposed by the LNP  in particular as well as Labour and the Greens to the Electoral Commission of Queensland's review of electoral boundaries for the BCC. (

It is of note that of the 26 electoral Wards only the following 3 Wards are out of quota: Jamboree, McGregor and Central,  necessitating the review. As such the least change rather than widespread change to Ward boundaries should be considered to minimise disruption, confusion and alienation amongst voters. This approach would retain the existing sense of common associations, interests and cohesion of well established Ward communities.

As a resident of Tennyson Ward community, which is well within quota, there is absolutely no justification for the dismemberment of Tennyson along with dismemberment of Moorooka and Walter Taylor (both also well within quota)  as proposed by the LNP and the Labour & Greens  respectively.

Please find attached my submission for your consideration

Yours Sincerely

Joe Reichman