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Character House - Partial demolition, Raise above Height Limit

Submitted by webmaster on Wed, 07/12/2011 - 7:23am

An impact assessible development application has been submitted for this site (not a flood prone site) to raise a house above the height limit.  This has occurred a number of times in this street, and on each occassion a suitable solution was found within the existing limits.


The relevant DA A003229007 can be found on council's website where you can respond to this particular request by Friday 16th of December.



The application to go over over 8.5m appears to be founded on no 42 and 38 (directly opposite No. 37) are both double storey.  Both 42 and  38, while 2 storey, were made to comply with the 8.5m requirement and are not over height.  I request BCC to apply the same consistent approach to 37 Dan St and ensure it is not higher than  8.5m.

The application says that under the Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) - Brisbane's Interim Flood Response, allows houses to go over 8.5m. While this is correct, the site at 37 Dan St was not flooded.  Therefore this instrument should not be applied.

The application proposes to remove a Jacaranda street tree to make way for a new driveway.  These street trees were planted by council to plant Dan St with consistent trees.  This was done at the start of the drought and these trees are now making good progress and are 4-5m in height.   We request Council specify that as part of the approval, the  developers replace the street tree with a Jacaranda of mature (same) height.

I believe height restrictions are there for a reason and should not be varied. There can be no excuse in my view when pre-existing rules are documented. Nor should there be relaxation after the construction.
The Temporary Local Planning Instrument should not be invoked in this instance.
I therefore object to the application for height variation.