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Why do developers not want to play by the rules

Submitted by webmaster on Sun, 13/01/2013 - 4:48pm

It seems the Christmas break has not been a break for developers who appear to be too eager to push well beyond the boundaries of the Sherwood-Graceville Neighbourhood plan.
The developers for the Skew Street  Sherwood 5 storey development are taking court action because they are not happy with the BCC rejecting their application based on the Sherwood-Graceville neighbourhood plan.  Details can be found on our website.
A new 5 storey development has been proposed for the Corner of Quarry Road and Primrose Street Sherwood and local residents are concerned the planning rules are again being exceeded.  The notification period for Impact Assessible application has not yet started.
The question I would like to ask is are developers just greedy or do they have a legitimate claim to exceed the guidelines which we all together took years to negotiate under the Sherwood-Graceville Neighbourhood Plan?
Thank you,
Walter Taylor South Action Group.



Some developers regard WTSAG and others with similar views as being naive, and simply laugh off distress they cause development neighbors.
30% ROI is all that matters to these types. Voluntary obedience to regulation should not be expected from them.
I heard one developer brag about using political party connections to slip through developments via exceptions to regulations, loopholes and arguable clauses.
There is no doubt Council is compromised by the boys' club phenomenon. While that prevails, developers will just apply for any cheeky thing they think they can try on, and all the onus falls on the community to provide a mountain of "why not" to stop it.
Council, by and large, is also suffering from "big picture detail trivialization", where any development is viewed by default in terms of how it fits in with Council's big picture - efficiently packing more employee/ratepayers into Brisbane - and any local or individual concerns are trivialized as "not important in the big picture". It is a weak intellectual argument. True wisdom can care for both the details and the big picture, the results and the people, simultaneously without compromise.
So we are lacking both a serious effort at arms-length arbitration on behalf of the granular community and a vision of wisdom excellence in Council, as well as other levels of government. Consequently some developers are "troughing" shamelessly.
I'm sure none of this is news to you.
Rob, Corinda

Dear Webmaster
Thanks for the email. I strongly suspect there are two answers (at least) to your question.
One is that all State govts and City Councils are happy to say one thing to existing residents but existing residents will not be around in the future and these two bodies have the on-going, little aired agenda of preparing for and dealing with future population growth needing higher density living within a 10 k radius of the CBD. So they are prepared to bend the rules bit by bit in the hope that residents won't really notice any fast pace of change. and frankly, most don't. And that's just for starters.
The other reason is that developers are in it to make - yes, you guessed it - $$$$$$ and I'm sure too that $$$$ change hands to ensure that developers can get their way. Just my opinion but would interesting to know the facts of the matter.
I don't like it either

One of the key reasons why Councillors defer to the interests of property developers over the interests of the normal ratepayers is that property developers (and the construction industry in general) make substantial donations to councillors for their reelection campaigns. It is amazing how much loyalty a donation will achieve.
That is why we need independent councillors