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What should Council do with Bus Depot Property?

Submitted by webmaster on Fri, 21/08/2009 - 4:28pm
Bus Depot + Park'n'Ride
10% (4 votes)
Light Industrial Use
12% (5 votes)
5% (2 votes)
Residential - Low-Medium Density
24% (10 votes)
Residential - Low Density
10% (4 votes)
Extend Parkland or Sporting Grounds
39% (16 votes)
Leave as is
0% (0 votes)
Don't Care
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 41


An alternative to a bus depot on a light industrial site could be a sheltered workshop as well as a 'big shed' idea (perhaps run as a co-op) where people with spare time can share their skills and learn new ones.  Possible areas could include woodwork, crafts, home and car maintenance, landscaping, music (choirs and instruments), drama and literature groups, art, socially focussed projects involved in recycling for charity and relaxation skills (bocce, Mahjong and so on).   Brisbane could take a lead in community construction instead of simply destroying communities.   It could be designed simply (barn style!) to match the Oxley Common centre on the other side of the creek!
Yvonne Bursle

Just like the Hale St Bridge into South Brisbane that Campbell must have – increasing traffic/pollution into congested area. He disregards the facts that there are so many schools with thousands of students and the traffic has nowhere to disperse. Does he care to listen to the protests from the school communities ? Certainly not. Most of those who seemed to favour were neither from the affected areas nor concerned school communities.
Now, he strikes again - with the plan for Sherwood Bus Depot. Does he bother to listen to the views of the local residents ? Absolutely not. He imported young Liberals to cheer him on.
The proposed site is an eye-sore ? Can it be worse than a bus depot ? Jobs for the local residents ? I doubt many who work there could afford a property in that area.
He thinks those who are against his plans are plain stupid.
Jane Prentice & Campbell are not from the area otherwise they will know what the current traffic is like, and what the local sentiment is like.
Guess who the 4 voters from my households will not vote in the next election ?

 We are opposed to the Sherwood bus depot being established on Sherwood Rd and support Cr Nicole Johnston's proposal to establish the bus depot in either of the alternative locations in Donaldson St, Rocklea or Larapinta Motor Business Park.

We note in support of alternative locations, that there is contrasting information being supplied by Cr Jane Prentice (dated 26/8) , the Lord Mayor and the BCC flyer supplied at the information session held at Corinda Library on Aug 21st . Cr Prentice describes in her letter an expected 18 bus movements between 2:30 and 3:30pm whereas the BCC flyer described 7 to 9 bus movements during this time. What exactly are the expected number of bus movements during these times? 

Furthermore, The Lord Mayor in the most recent B Magazine article 27/8, suggests most buses will be gone from the depot before dawn.  However Cr Prentice,  describes 79  buses a day (approx 40% of the total depot) are expected to leave the depot  and head in the direction of Oxley Rd. Cr Prentice does not suggest that most of these buses will leave before dawn, in fact it is not clear when these buses will leave the depot

Cr Prentice also suggests that the majority of buses would leave the depot and head toward Fairfield Rd. In order to do this I imagine that traffic lights would need to be installed in order for buses to cross Sherwood Road and head east toward the Brisbane Markets increasing the likelihood of traffic banking up along Sherwood Rd and causing delays. Traffic comes down Sherwood Rd over the railway line just prior to the proposed bus depot, significant caution would need to be exercised coming over the rise toward the depot heading towards Fairfield Rd. Furthermore,additional traffic lights will likely be required in a number of locations along Sherwood Rd due to :

* Cars, bikes and trucks coming in and out of the popular Oxley Common area on Sherwood Rd;
* Cars, bikes and trucks arriving and leaving the rapidly expanding Sherwood Parklands site on Sherwood Rd on the other side of the railway line diagonally opposite the proposed bus depot.    I understand that up to 500 additional residents may live in this condensed area once completed in about 12mths time.That is a significant amount of additional traffic coming and going via Sherwood Rd.

Therefore, with the need for numerous sets of traffic lights to ensure safety for drivers crossing Sherwood Rd, and those driving up and down the road we cannot see or understand how this is the best option for local residents or the residents of Brisbane.
Whilst Cr Prentice describes a 0.5% increase in traffic over a full day, it only takes a small number of these buses during peak times to impact on the traffic, and increase the likelihood of cars using residential streets in surrounding Oxley, Corinda, Sherwood and Graceville to avoid Oxley and Sherwood Rds. We have two toddlers who we thought could walk to school when they start in a couple of years at Sherwood State, however this option becomes far less likely if the bus depot was to go ahead on Sherwood Rd and more cars were to use the surrounding residential streets to "rat run."   There are countless other families around us who also have young children who ride bikes and walk these streets to schools and nearby parks.

We are all for a co-ordinated public transport policy; however this option to build a bus depot on Sherwood Rd and allow an increased number of  buses through Oxley, Corinda, Sherwood, Graceville, Chelmer areas appears to be v.poor choice for local residents and Brisbane public transport commuters.

C & E Jones

My nice, new townhouse will be within 1 block of the proposed Bus Depot on Sherwood Road. I’m already struggling with the current level of heavy-vehicle traffic and pollution (exhaust + noise). The Bus Depot will direct ALL (if not most) of its traffic past my house. Have mercy on people in my situation please?

It is great to see people adding to the poll. Can i please ask people voting for the parklands/sporting grounds option to consider what a sporting ground might mean in terms of extra traffic etc - consider the concerns being expressed about the development of school sport fields at the golf range near cliveden avenue.

Sporting / Parkland to me would mean green space / bikeway linkage to Oxley Common that could weave under bridges and thus entirely avoid Sherwood Road.  Safe for children = greater utilization.  However, I voted for Low-Medium Residential, as this naturally flows from the Parklands at Sherwood Precinct through to the Corinda Precinct at the back of Railway Terrace.  This may mean the council takes the pressure off development to Low-Medium Residential in the existing Corinda part of the Neighbourhood Plan, leaving it as 'Low Density' as it was requested by the Community Planning Team and by local residents.

By using the planned Depot location as a Low-Medium Residential area (ie Max 3 storeys)  it would allow linking of bikeways through the residential area of Corinda/Sherwood (away from Oxley road) - actually reducing transport issues, encourage more people to cycle and it would remove the need for 5 storey's in the area by allowing more housing.

It would seem that this solution would be a win for the area, and a win for council. 
How about it council?