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St. Aidans Master Plan

Submitted by webmaster on Sat, 08/08/2009 - 4:03pm

A resident who attended the Council Meeting on the 6th of August has kindly passed on a copy of St. Aidans draft plans (attached).


Additional information from another resident idicates that the school has been granted federal money to demolish the Queenslander (just recently rezoned to Educational Use) and to replace it with a 2 storey library.


The school had asked parents to attend the council meeting on the 6th August asking the council to relax certain plans to simplify any future school development. Cached information is available from this web address, but is repeated in full below:


St Aidan’s future developments under threat

You may be aware Brisbane City Council have been working on a Local Plan for Corinda and surrounding areas for the last two years, the Sherwood Graceville Neighbourhood Plan (SGNP).

A number of aspects of this Plan, if adopted, will put future development of St Aidan’s Corinda and Ambiwerra campuses under threat.

This plan is now open for public comment and we need your help to have our School community’s voice heard.

What are FOUR key issues with the Neighbourhood Plan for St Aidan’s?

  • Five Storey Development

BCC’S POSITION: There are possibility of increased density and building heights of up to five storeys at St Aidan’s.

SCHOOL’S POSITION: The School has no immediate plans to build facilities on the School Campus up to five storeys. However our 30-year plan identifies if the commercial precinct around the Sherwood Services Club and Corinda Station was developed in the future as a transport/commercial hub where multi-level development was allowed then the School may wish to have the option to develop up to five storeys at the eastern end of the campus (along Aidan’s Way).

  • Transport/Commercial Hub at Corinda Station

BCC’S POSITION: There are possibility of increased density and building heights of up to five storeys between Oxley Road and the Corinda Train Station.

SCHOOL’S POSITION: The School believes that the establishment of a “Civic Hub” including gardens, meeting areas, coffee shops and car parking to service the commercial activities and transport commuters would lift the ambiance of an area which is tired and not currently a highly populated residential precinct.

  • Level of Assessment at St Aidan’s School Campus

BCC’S POSITION: The SGNP would make development of greater than 250 square metres (essentially all future development) at the School Campus subject to “Impact” Assessment. The effect of this is it provides individuals the opportunity to object to a development approval and appeal to the Planning & Environment Court.

SCHOOL’S POSITION: This level of Assessment creates the possibility that any future development at the School could become embroiled in a Planning & Environment Appeal which is a costly and time consuming process to be avoided if at all possible. The School would like to see the existing planning approval process (“Code Assessable”) retained for the majority of the School Campus which is zoned Community Use - Education Purposes.

  • Inclusion of Ambiwerra in a Sport & Recreation Precinct

BCC’S POSITION: The Plan would make establish a Sport & Recreation Precinct inclusive of Ambiwerra, Gregory Terrace’s Tennyson playing fields, Corinda & Graceville Bowls Club.

SCHOOL’S POSITION: While the desire to retain these spaces as green spaces is admiral, the effect of being included in this Sport & Recreation Precinct is future development of these sites would be prohibited. While most of the Ambiwerra can not be developed due to flooding restricition, the School wishes to retain the ability to develop educational facilities (e.g. Early Learning Centre, outdoor education facilities) or sporting facilities (e.g. gymnasium, change rooms or courts) on the site. If Ambiwerra is included in this Sport & Recreation Precinct all future development would be prohibited.Ambiwerra is currently zoned predominantly “Rural” and part “Residential” however the School would like to see the “Rural” areas zoned “Community Use – Education Purposes”.


How can you help?

St Aidan’s relies upon our School community to voice its objectives and concerns to the BCC in this process. We need you to act as a delegate for St Aidan’s and the future of St Aidan’s is reliant upon you.


What: Get to Know Your Neighbourhood Plan Session with Brisbane City Council. · This session is an opportunity for you to have a say about proposals in the draft plan which affect the School and the way it can develop in the future. · This is an informal session and present at the gathering will be Cr Amanda Cooper (Chairman for Neighbourhood Planning & Development Assessment), Cr Nicole Johnston (Councillor for the Ward of Tennyson) and other representatives of the BCC. · Particular issues BCC want to hear your views on are possible increased density and building heights at St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School and the centres of Corinda and Sherwood. · It is your opportunity to shape the draft plan before the formal submissions stage. When: Thursday, 6 August 2009 - Session times are 1.30pm to 4.30pm or 5.30pm to 8pm Where: Sherwood Services Club, Clewley Street, Corinda To register your interest to attend, phone the Sherwood/Graceville District Neighbourhood Plan Team on 07 3403 8698 or you can just drop in on the day. If you do attend, can you please also email our Business Manager, Peter Mullins at so we can get an indication of the number of supporters we have attend the sessions.


What: Make a formal submission · The community will have an opportunity to have their say on the draft plan when it is released for formal public submissions later in 2009. · There will be a four week window to make a submission. · We will let you know when BCC is accepting submissions and provide details on key points you may need to communicate in regards to the School. When: Likely around October 2009 Where: Through Brisbane City Council More details on how you can make a submission will be distributed once they are released by BCC. Want more information? Should you wish to receive any further material or would like to make a comment please email our Business Manager, Peter Mullins at Supporting Documents BCC Flyer on Draft SGNP Community Sessions BCC Draft SGNP Planning Area Cr NJohnston comments on SGNP Cr NJohston Flyer on Draft SGNP Draft Sherwood/Graceville District Neighbourhood Plan



There seems to be a lot of misinformation and perhaps misrepresentation about St Aidan’s intentions to develop our main school campus in Corinda.
St Aidan’s is pleased to be part of the Brisbane City Council Neighbourhood Planning process. As part of this we have submitted a Master Plan to 2030 to inform our school’s development.
We understand that the Corinda train station and shops have been designated as a likely location for a commercial and transport hub where multi level development would be permitted. Our Master Plan suggests that if this was the case, we would like the option to develop up to five storeys at the eastern end of the campus along Aidan’s Way.
Please be assured that St Aidan’s has no intention of building five storeys in the short to medium term and only views this as a possibility in the corner of Aidan’s Way and Kathleen Street if the Corinda train station is built to that level.
If you have any queries about our plans please contact Karen Spiller, Principal of St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School

I am afraid that previous assurances from St Aidans have not proved to be reliable.  The junior school is built on a previously Residential A zoned block that became zoned 'school uses' after assurances to the many neighbours that it would just be used as a playing field for the girls and that there was no intention to ever build on the site.  Neighbours at the time were quite happy for the girls to play on the area & were not informed (either by the school or the BCC) of the implications of the zoning on the possible future development of the area by the school.  Once zoned 'school uses/educational purposes' then building is permissable.  The area became tennis courts & neighbours were still assured that the school had no intention to expand or to build on the site.  It eventually became the Junior School. 
This practice of buying up residential properties around the school, getting them rezoned for educational purposes and eventually placing  school buildings on those blocks seems to be an established practice for St Aidans.
This is not to say that the assurances at the time given by 'the school' were not given in good faith but school staff are not here for the long haul - neighbours tend to outlast the life of the 'assurances'.
Neighbours of the school have had the enjoyment of their quiet residential area severely affected by the school's continued building expansion over many years.
The possible 5 storey school development at the station end will escalate up the street with the addition of extra storeys on adjoining buildings in a step down progression.  
St Aidans complains that being raised to 'Impact Assessment' for future development is unfair - this is the only way that the long-suffering community would be able to challenge the school's plans. 
'Code Assessable' allows no rights to the surrounding community to even know what is planned let alone raise any objections.  If it is the only Brisbane school to be thus restricted it may be because of its' continued advance into the surrounding Residential A properties.

I agree with that St Aidans assurances are worthless.
St Aidans has complete disregard for the local neighbourhood.  I've lived in a street bordering St Aidans now for a good number of years and it's safe to say they are probably the worst neighbours I've ever had.  Twice this week my driveway has been blocked, once by a parent who said I'll only be five minutes and refused to move the car, and the following day by a student P plater who only shifted her car under protest.  These events are not unique, at the moment we are also having to deal with Construction vehicles  as well. 
Does anyone know when the next school dance will be?  I'll book myself into a hotel for the night.  It's impossible to have a conversation over the noise and this continues until 10pm then we have traffic screeching up and down for the next half an hour.   If I had to hold such a party there would be numerous complaints, but again St Aidans don't really care about the neighbours.  Usually the first job the next morning after a school dance is removing the empty Jim Beam or Jack Daniels cans from the garden.
St Aidans needs to address parking for their pupils and staff.  Increasing the size of the school will just make matters worse and they will increase it, that is guaranteed. 

The attached photos are evidence of how the zoning allows the school to circumvent the rules applicable to local residents.
Two years ago the school as part of it other building works asked for a rezoning of this block of land so that it could let children have more room to play - but they would preserve the character house on this site.  This year, with the aid of federal school funding, those same school representatives who informed the local residents of their intentions in a public meeting 2 years ago now demolish this Queenslander to make way for a library (with an option to build a bridge across the road to their science building).
And they wonder why local residents do not trust what they say.
Perhaps BCC will learn from this and no longer grant rezoning and thereby losing the ability to control how the neighbourhood is allowed to develop.
By the way, the school now owns at least 2 blocks in Scott Street, an additional one at the corner of Scott Street and Watt Street, and a house at the end of Gosfield Street. 
So where do these purchases appear on the St. Aidans Master Plan?

Thank you Mrs Spiller and other representatives of St Aidan’s for letting us know where St Aidan’s stands with regard to future development. However, after reading about other assurances given by the school to residents over the years, one cannot help but ‘take with a grain of salt’ anything that the school management says. St Aidan’s has to compete with other schools such as Somerville House and Brisbane Girls' Grammar for clientele and if you have a look at both Somerville and BGGS latest developments of 3-6 storeys one can see where St Aidan’s is heading. The only difference is the positioning of St Aidan’s in a largely residential area. Given St Aidan's history of asking for re-zoning of Residential A properties to ‘school uses/educational purposes’ the Corinda community needs to find out where these 'school acquired houses’ are and be sure to object strongly when re-zoning is asked for.
I do not trust Mrs Spiller or the school and when she and her team are gone in years to come the residents will still be here. Unfortunately the bottom line for the school is to keep the enrolments coming and to do this the school must continue to provide state of the art facilities in keeping with their main competitors. Sadly, in St Aidan's case there is little room for honesty or concern for surrounding residents. Remaining competitive is their main objective. They are after all a business. We are merely a thorn in their side.

Perhaps a list of residential properties owned by St Aidan’s would be a starting point???
I have to add I am extremely sad about the removal of the old house to make way for the new Library. Interesting how exceptions can be made for 'educational institutions.' Not sure where the girls will play now?