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Skew Street Sherwood - another 5 storey proposal

Submitted by webmaster on Mon, 18/06/2012 - 9:20pm

Another development application has been submitted for 4-8 Skew Street Sherwood for 5 storeys similar to a similarly rejected application for a different address in Skew Street.


The 2 x pre-war houses are also proposed for demolition.


Skew Street is not zoned for 5 storey development in the Sherwood-Graceville Neighbourhood plan, hence this is an Impact Assessible application where residents get to have a say.


For details, see Development Application number A003365229 on Council's website where you can also lodge objections or support for the proposal.

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I don't mean to be nitpicking, but you really should be accurate in your claims.
If you read the planning report, it ssays that the existing houses are to be removed - not demolished.

The houses have been there for years and "fit"into the stretscape.  Removal or demolition doesn't matter - if this development goes ahead they won't be there. 
In addition, the development overlooks a school playground, creates additional traffic i an area that has no spare capacity and isn't even in the "permitted" 5 story area.  

The attached document (text listed below) can be used to submit an objection to the proposed Skew Street development.  After finding the Development Application on council's website you can make an online submission by editing/adding/omitting points as you see fit.

The Development Manager
Brisbane City Council
GPO Box 1434
Brisbane QLD 4001

Dear Sir/Madam
I am writing to lodge an objection to the development application (A003365229) to build a five storey multi-dwelling complex at 4-8 Skew St, Sherwood.
I object to the proposed development on the basis that it is a gross overdevelopment of the site and does not meet the zoning or code requirements of the City Plan 2000 or the Sherwood Graceville Neighbourhood Plan.
I object on the following grounds:

  • the pre-war homes currently on the site are character homes and should be protected and preserved as they are in good order;
    the proposed development is for a five storey building in breach of the Low-Medium Density zoning of the City Plan and the Sherwood Neighbourhood Plan guidelines;
  • the proposed development does not meet the desired environmental outcomes for the area classification;
  • the building will overlook Sherwood State School and in particular the prep buildings creating a negative community impact;
  • the proposal will significantly change the character of the Skew St streetscape which is a low-to medium density street with a mix of houses, townhouses and units;
  • the proposal significantly exceeds the allowed height limit of 8.5m by proposing 30.5m and will dominate the surrounding suburb as well as neighbouring homes and shops;
  • the gross floor area significantly exceeds the allowed limit of 50%;
    the proposal is not within 200 metres of Sherwood rail Station and does not satisfy any criteria for greater than 50% GFA or 8.5m height limits; and
  • the proposal will have a negative impact on parking and traffic arrangements in an already congested and narrow residential street.

I urge Council to reject the application as it simply does not meet City Plan or local neighbourhood plan requirements. It is not within the area zoned for five storeys. In its current form there will be significant adverse impacts on neighbouring homes, roads and the community and Council will be allowing deliberate non-compliance with the City Plan code requirements that will set an adverse precedent for the district.


12 July, 2012
Hayes Anderson Lynch Architects Pty Ltd
PO Box 2680

Permit Type: DA - SPA - Carry out Building Work, DA - SPA - Material Change of Use
Description of Proposal: Multi Unit Dwelling - (22 Units)
Address of Site: 4 Skew St & 8 Skew Street, Sherwood Qld 4075
Real Property Description: Lot(s) 28 on RP 29603, Lot(s) 1 on RP 69118
Application Reference: A003365229


Dear Sir/Madam


RE: Information Request under Section 276 of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009

The Council has carried out an initial review of the above application. This review has identified that further information is required to fully assess the proposal and indicated possible changes to the application for your consideration. Council requires you to submit the following information:


1. Planning / Architecture

1.1. Bulk, Scale and Gross Floor Area

Council has significant concerns with the height, scale and gross floor area (GFA) of the proposed development.

The proposed development is considerably greater in bulk and scale than envisaged for the Low-medium Density Area and is inconsistent with the existing scale of development within the locality. The Sherwood/Graceville District Neighbourhood Plan (Local Plan) does not identify the subject site as a higher density than what is envisaged under the Residential Design – Low Density, Character, Low-medium Density Code. The Local Plan has retained all of Skew Street as low-medium density area classification. The
provided performance solution is not accepted.

Submit amended plans to illustrate a reduced height and GFA to comply with the provisions of Part A, A1.1 & A1.2 (P1) of the Residential Design – Low Density, Character and Low-medium. Please ensure that any alternative design is supported with a full set of updated plans and information on any alternative performance solutions sought as a result of the change.


1.2. Building Design

Demonstrate compliance with A1.1, A1.2 & A1.3 (P1) of Part B, Residential Design – Low Density, Character and Low-medium Density Code. The proposed development has a predominance of rendered masonry finishes to the southern, northern and part of the western elevation. This finish does not reduce the appearance of the building’s bulk and is inconsistent with P1.

It is considered that materials and articulation of the proposed built form will not be sufficient to reduce the five (5) storey appearance of the building bulk to a scale consistent with the locality.


1.3. Setbacks

Demonstrate compliance with A4.1 (P4) of Part B, Residential Design – Low Density, Character and Low-medium Density Code. The submitted commentary outlines that the proposal complies with the Acceptable Solution. Provide additional information on how the proposed development is within 20% of the average setback of the adjoining buildings.

Demonstrate compliance with A13.1 (P13) of Part B, Residential Design – Low Density, Character and Low-medium Density Code. Please provide additional information on how the proposed development achieves the required setbacks from the southern and
western boundaries. In addition please ensure that the building design and boundary setbacks are amended to facilitate the required road widening along Oxley Road as outlined in section 2.1 of this letter.


2. Engineering

2.1. Road Planning

Council’s records (Road Planning Notes) indicate a 3m road widening along Oxley Road frontage of the site. Provide amended proposal plans illustrating a 3m wide land dedication along Oxley Road with a 6m x 6m x 3m chord truncation at the corner of Oxley
Road and Skew Street. (note: the provision of all landscaping and open space should be independent of this requirement).


2.2. Car Parking

Provide additional information on how car parking numbers have been calculated in accordance with Table 1 – Vehicle spaces for different dwelling sizes, A16, of Part B, Residential Design – Low Density, Character and Low-medium Density Code. Please note that a minimum of six (6) visitor car parking spaces is to be provided in addition to the resident spaces.

The basement layout incorporates the provision of tandem car parking. Tandem car parking is not accepted due manoeuvring issues. Amend the design layout to remove the provision of tandem car parks.


2.3. Bicycle Storage Area

Please review the location of the bicycle storage area. Relocate the bicycle storage area so that the entry is not obstructed by a car parking space (visitor space 26).


2.4. Access

Council records indicate that there is an existing overland flow path along the frontage of the site on Skew Street. Demonstrate that the site has flood free access (above 50yr ARI – Overland Flow) to satisfy the requirements in Table A1.2, Section 2, Chapter 1, Part A
of the Subdivision and Development Guidelines.


2.5. Refuse Collection

It is noted that plans (Level 1 Floor & Basement Plan, Issue A) have been submitted with the refuse collection arrangement endorsed by City Waste (Ref 2073). It is requested that any updated versions of the proposal plans (alternative designs as a result of this information request) are resubmitted for approval by City Waste. In addition, please amend the ground floor plan to illustrate a pedestrian crossing across the driveway as marked in red by City Waste (Ref: 2073).

Demonstrate compliance with A22.2 (P22) of Part B, Residential Design – Low Density, Character and Low-medium Density Code. Provide confirmation if the bin enclosure area located on the western boundary of the site is for collection only or intended for a bin storage area. Demonstrate that the storage location will not adversely impact on the amenity of the neighbouring property.


2.6. Sewerage

Provide written permission to enter from the adjoining property owner/s to carry out sewer relocation and connection works. The proposed design sketch by DRW illustrates reconnections of properties 637 Oxley Road and 641 Sherwood Road. Please note that the new connections will have to be replaced with sewer line materials that achieve compliance with Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) standards.


3. Landscaping and Open Space

3.1. Landscape Plan

Provide a Landscape Concept Plan addressing the requirements of the Residential Design – Low Density, Character and Low-medium Density Code and Landscaping Code. The landscape concept plan is to be prepared by a suitably qualified Landscape Architect and clearly define (including key dimensions) the external areas of the built-form and appropriate landscape treatments.


3.2. Retaining walls

Demonstrate compliance with A8.1 and A8.2 (P8) of Part B, Residential Design – Low Density, Character and Low-medium Density Code. Provide further details on terracing and landscape treatments to the proposed retaining wall and fencing along the Oxley Road and Skew Street frontage. The location, height and materials of the proposed retaining wall should maintain an attractive interface between the development site and streetscape.


3.3. Communal Open Space

Demonstrate compliance with A10 of the Part B, Residential Design – Low Density, Character and Low-medium Density Code. Amend the proposal plan to indicate an area within the communal open space for clothes drying.


4. Pollution

4.1. Noise

Demonstrate compliance with Acceptable Solutions A20 & A21 of the Residential Design – Low –Medium Density Code. Provide an acoustic report prepared by a qualified acoustic consultant in accordance with the Brisbane City Plan 2000 Noise Impact
Assessment Planning Scheme Policy and associated Noise Methodologies Guidelines.

The report will need to demonstrate that acceptable levels of road traffic noise using ultimate traffic flows and acceptable levels of noise from nearby uses eg commercial uses, mechanical plant and equipment, cafés etc can be achieved at the proposed residential use.


The acoustic report must also demonstrate acceptable levels of noise from the proposed development eg: carparking, driveways, mechanical plant and equipment, outdoor entertainment areas will be achieved at nearby sensitive uses. The noise report must detail the location, extent and construction specifications for proposed attenuation measures and include all assumptions and methodologies used. The report must include all data required to be presented by Australian Standard AS1055 “Acoustics - Description
and Measurement of Environmental Noise”.


4.2. Stormwater Quality

Provide a Site-Based Stormwater Quality Management Plan in accordance with the requirements of the State Planning Policy 4/10 Healthy Waters, the State Planning Policy 4/10 Guideline for Healthy Waters and Urban Stormwater Quality Planning Guidelines 2010. The plan must include Stormwater Quality Modelling using the Model for Urban Stormwater Improvement Conceptualisation (MUSIC) model.

The plan must contain specific details of the location, size, maintenance and operation of all proposed stormwater quality improvement devices. Furthermore, site plans must be presented that demonstrate all run-off will be directed to these proposed devices before discharge off-site.


Please note that unless a response is provided within the prescribed response period of six (6) months, this application will lapse.


Your response should be emailed to with A003365229 in the subject line. Your prompt attention in this matter will enable the Council to more quickly decide your application.


Please phone me on the telephone number below during normal business hours if you have any queries regarding this matter.


Yours sincerely,
Sally-Anne Elliott
Urban Planner
Development Assessment Planning Services South
3403 6729
Development Assessment Branch

 The developer of the Skew Street site has lodged amended plans on 26 September (here and here).  While they have reduced the height to three stories (10.5 metres), there doesn't seem to be any real attempt to respond to the concerns of residents.  In addition, the development now is accessed from Oxley Road and according to the Architect for the Developer there is a "high frequency" bus service in Sherwood.
I'm not a Town Planner - so while I'm happy to object, the original objection template is probably inappropriate for this revised scheme.

Five Storey Building Opposite Sherwood School
A non-compliant five storey building proposal has been submitted to Council for approval at the corner of Skew Street and Sherwood Road opposite Sherwood State School.
Councillor for Tennyson, Nicole Johnston, said the proposal was completely inappropriate and called on Council to reject the development.
"The proposal does not comply with the Sherwood Graceville Neighbourhood Plan or the City Plan and is outside the designated give storey area." Councillor Nicole Johnston said.
"The Neighbourhood Plan was forced on the community and now Council is considering a development that does not comply with its own rules.  This development should be flatly refused." Councillor Johnston said.
"The proposal is an outrageous abuse of the local planning scheme.  Buildings in Skew Street should be no taller than 8.5m while the proposed development is 30.3m, 3.5 times more than allowed."
Two family homes with backyards will be knocked down to accomodate the give storey 21 unit complex.
The neighbouring site at the corner of Sherwood Rd and Oxley Rd, owned by the same developer, is zoned for five storey commercial/retail.  The owner has future plans to redevelop this site.
Councillor Johnston has urged residents to make a submission about the proposal.  The plans can be viewed on the Brisbane City Council website or are available from Councillor Johnston's office upon request.
Submissions must be lodged with Council by 18 October 2012.
For further information please call Nicole Johnston 3403 8605 or 0407 039 198.
Copy of press release including sketch of proposed development at this link