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Questions for Council Election Candidates

Submitted by webmaster on Wed, 22/02/2012 - 9:17pm

WTSAG is planning to approach all Council candidates for the Tennyson Ward, inviting them to attend a community meeting prior to the Council elections being held on 21st April.
This is your chance to suggest some questions to pose to the candidates, questions that you would like them to think about and answer.
It is intended that the questions and answers will be placed on the WTSAG website prior to the public meeting as well as being part of the discussion during the community meeting.

In this way, everyone can see the candidates' responses as a preliminary to the meeting.  The meeting will allow further detail to the answers to be supplied if needed, and there will be time available to ask other clarifying questions from the floor as time permits.
You can post your suggested questions as a comment against this article on our website or if you wish to remain anonymous, please email the question direct to and we will post these questions without supplying your name.
For those residents who live in the Jamboree ward we are working with adjoining resident groups in Centenary with plans to hold a similar meeting with those candidates with a similar format.  Once these details are available we will forward those on so Jamboree residents also have an opportunity to quiz their council candidates.  We will pass on any questions posted on the website



  • What do you consider to be one of the best achievements of the BCC? (and why?)
  • What are your plans to work (when appropriate) with the State government representatives who overlap with the Tennyson Ward?
  • How will you cultivate trust, collaboration, and productivity?
  • How will you help people in the Tennyson Ward to explore alternatives to driving their cars?

The questions I would like to ask council candidates would be what do they see happening at the Alan Fletcher Reserach Station.

The recent Qld rail disruption on the 28 Feb highlighted how much road traffic has grown- much of this traffic is generated by the Qld.UNI.
This likely to grow as the high and medium density nature of most new housing being or redeveloped  along Oxley road and around Sherwood and Graceville, is likely to appeal to students and single people rather than Australian Families.
I would suggest that a ferry service from these suburbs to the UNI could be useful in relieving traffic congestion to the UNI and the Allan Fletcher site could be a good spot to have one terminal, another potential spot could be around or under the Walter Talyor bridge on the downstream side.
This was proposed by former state member Ronan Lee a few elections ago, but becuase he wasn't from one of the main parties it didnt go anywhere.

I assume WTSAG is asking for questions which WTSAG will send to Councillors? If so mine are:

  • Will you (prospective councillor) fight to have Alan Fletcher Research station land converted to park land (not sporting) or at the very least sell non-flood land for low density housing (blocks no smaller than 800 square metres)?
  • Will you fight the proposal to upgrade Oxley Road?
  • What is the schedule to replace the Walter Taylor Bridge and how?
  • Will you fight to protect our leafy suburbs by reversing the current policy of densification?

Will WTSAG provide a final list of questions given to Councillors?

Hello Barry,
Yes, the WTSAG committee will consolidate and provide questions to the councillors.  A full list of questions submitted to councillors will be posted on this website, and also any responses will be posted against the questions asked as they arrive.  We will also grant candidates the website rights to be able to add/edit their own responses should they wish to do this directly themselves.

  1. traffic congestion in am to university/schools when 2nd bridge and associated road works,has it been designed,quaranteed opening as condition of standing for reelection.
  2. will you represent community or follow party leader/line.
  3. attitude to same sex marrying,adoption of children.
  4. all election forms only in english /cant speak/read it, cant vote.
  5. social welfare for australians before boatpeople.

Further to the Questions for Council Election Candidates request, I would hereby like to post the following question (anonymously).

The Brisbane City Council's Temporary Local Planning Instrument addressing the January 2011 floods effectively enables new or existing homes to be raised to 9.5metres above ground level, 1metre above the standard 8.5metre height. Whilst it is recognised that many homes have been raised to achieve appropriate flood immunity, this blanket application of a knee-jerk policy has allowed many new houses, which may have only received minor flooding to the garage level of the house, to be redeveloped to 9.5metres. Whilst only 1metre in height difference, the additional metre is profound in that it enables a house to achieve 3 storeys in height. A 3 storey house located on a small lot with 10metre frontage introduces a severely incongruous and disproportionate form of residential development within established low density residential areas such as Chelmer, Graceville and Sherwood.

It is recognised that flood victims should have the right to raise the habitable level of their house to above the January 2011 flood level. However, this policy is resulting in 3 storey houses being constructed, with the main habitable level being located, in some cases, metres above the January 2011 flood level. The lasting and permanent implication of this temporary council policy will be to the serious detriment of the established character of the housing in the area. What will you as councillor to do address this matter?

  • What is your proposed plan for reducing traffic volumes and or delays on Oxley Road ? ( It is understood that a current proposal for consideration is to widen Oxley Road to 4 lanes, but this would seem quite a problematic and expensive solution - not to mention significantly disruptive to residents that front the road.)
  • What would be the likelihood of Council re-zoning private land backing on to the Hopetoun Village along Menin Road and Morcom Avenue(many currently zoned as Demolition Controlled) given the Presbyterian Church (through Prescare) has a long term plan to acquire all properties in that block for continued expansion ?  Further, one property (30 Menin Road) has already been purchased by Prescare - what would be the likelihood of Council approving the removal of the existing house and this property being used as an entry for heavy construction vehicles during the demolition and reconstruction phases of the recently approved expansion plan ?


 I would like to know from the candidates if ther are anymore plans to allow the Brisbane markets or any other organization to continue to raise land levels and build on land at the old dpi centre on Sherwood rd.If there are plans would the candidates and the council have any idea about where flood levels along Oxley creek would now be.If one side of the flood plain is allowed to be lifted the water will only move one way and that is into people's homes.Regards Mitch Turnbull 

Dear Allan,
Thank you for your invitation regarding the Council discussion evening being hosted by the Walter Taylor South Action Group.
Unfortunately, I am unable to attend due to a prior commitment, however I am happy to provide written responses to questions asked by WTSAG, as you have indicated.
I appreciate the work WTSAG is doing in relation to raising awareness about the Council election and wish you the best for a successful function.
Yours sincerely,
Matt Brodie

Dear Allan,
I would be most happy to attend and answer any and all questions.
Can I say that depending on the number and complexity of questions, I don't know if I can guarantee to provide a written response by 10 April. It will be a very busy time.
Nicole Johnston
Current Councillor for Tennyson Ward

Please tell me what you will do in council to ensure that any proposal to make Oxley Rd a four lane highway without consideration of changes to the two lane railway bridge at Sherwood will not go ahead. Furthermore, what changes would you ensure take place for traffic (beyond at Indooroopilly) in the unlikely event that the Walter Taylor Bridge was to be expanded. Remember we are dealing here with 6 lanes of traffic merging into 2 and a dense suburb with extensive high rise development.

Dear absent LNP candidate Brodie,
Could you please tell us how a wider Oxley Rd will add to the amenity of Walter Taylor South? The wider road will attract more traffic from beyond the district, will mean faster traffic, as wider roads mean faster driving, except when congested, and thus more danger to pedestrians, less attractive shopping centres along Oxley Rd, more noise, more pollution.
Can you tell us how you and your LNP masters will represent our desire for a more livable set of suburbs, in which we will be safer, quieter and breathing less ultra-fine particulate pollution from motor vehicle exhausts?
With no hope of any sensible answers,
Dr. John Nightingale. 

Submitted anonymously by request

  • What are each candidate's views on the future of Oxley Creek Common?
  • How would they plan to encourage the biodiversity, especially the 192 species of birds recorded on the Common?
  • Will each party consult with the public to decide on a plan for the future of this environmentally-valuable open space?
  • Will Bushcare groups continue to be supported and encouraged?

Hi Allan,
Thank you for your invitation to the community meeting hosted by the Walter Taylor South Action Group. Unfortunately, due to a prior engagement, I will be unable to attend the meeting. However, I have spoken to our Lord Mayoral candidate Ray Smith and he would be delighted to attend.

Additionally, I am more than happy to provide written responses to the
questions asked by your members.
Thank you again for the invitation.
Kind regards,
Shane McKenna
Candidate for Tennyson Ward

Good Morning Allan
I was reading the Walter Taylor Action Group Website this morning and
noticed that there was mention of a question and answer session for local government candidates. I was wondering if you could give me some details and if I would be welcome at the next meeting of the group.
Kind regards
Fran Bell
Labor Candidate for Jamboree

My question is will the BCC Candidate standing for this ward in which Chelmer is situated, get the New Council to agree to the 6 year old submission by the rate payers of Laurel Avenue and associated streets to reduce the speed limit in Laurel Avenue to 40 kph before someone is accidently killed.. Laurel Ave is a recreational street used constantly by pedestrians ,walkers ,mothers & prams,as well as bicycles & vehicles.
Contact Andrew Spalding, (WTSAG) Viv Hawke (0438756734) or Ted Lewis  (3379 4535) re details of this Submission.

This topic is now closed for new questions as we are in the process of publishing the representative questions already posted.
We have taken all questions and attempted to incorporate similar ones together so that candidates have time to respond to each.
Thank you for taking the time to respond, and we look forward to you attending the pubic meeting on Tuesday 17th April where you will have the opportunity to listen to candidates responses as well as present further questions at the end of the meeting.
The Committee
Walter Taylor South Action Group Inc.