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Qld Government to supply new school uniforms

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Qld Government to supply new school uniforms

Minister for Education and Training
The Honourable Geoff Wilson
Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Uniform assistance for flood-affected state school students
Education and Training Minister Geoff Wilson today announced the Bligh Government would provide flood-affected Queensland state school students with new school uniforms.

“Many families have lost all their possessions, including school uniforms, in the recent floods,” he said.
“School uniforms are an important part of a student’s sense of belonging, which is why the Bligh Government is providing up to two sets of uniforms (two tops and two bottoms) for every flood-affected state school student.
“This is another small way we can start re-building a sense of normality and stability for those many children affected by this terrible flooding disaster.
“The uniforms will be supplied through the school’s Parents and Citizens’ Association and parents should contact their local P&C representative for further details.”
Mr Wilson said the Department of Education and Training was also offering emotional support for students and teachers who had suffered trauma as a result of what they had experienced either first-hand or in the media.
“This flooding disaster has been very traumatic for many Queenslanders, even those not directly affected, and we will also be making guidance and counselling teams available to provide support where it’s needed,” he said.
“We are offering counselling to flood-affected students and have also arranged a series of online seminars conducted by child trauma expert Associate Professor Brett McDermott for teachers to help them re-engage students who have been emotionally traumatised.
“Associate Professor McDermott is an expert in emotional trauma in children following large scale disasters and has been tasked by the Queensland Government to plan and deliver the Queensland child and youth disaster response.”
For more information on the financial and emotional support available to families affected by floods or on how you can help schools recover, please visit