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Proposed Scrap Metal Yard adjoining Oxley Creek

Submitted by webmaster on Sun, 04/12/2011 - 10:01am

A development application has been submitted requesting to be under the old Neighbourhood Plan to evade the new Light Industrial Zoning.

See DA A003211282 on council's website

Extract of details of the application below

This report has been prepared by LandPartners Limited on behalf of Trust Company Ltd ACF RW Invest ATF Ray White Invest Sherwood Property Trust, in support of a request to Council to assess and decide a proposed development application under a Superseded Planning Scheme.

This report is seeking approval for a Request for an application to be assessed and decided under a Superseded Planning Scheme (1st January 2011), in accordance with Division 5, Section 95, 1(b) of the Sustainable Planning Act. We request the Brisbane City Council assess this report and permit a development application to be made in accordance with Division 5, Section 99 (2) of the Sustainable Planning Act for a Preliminary Approval for Building Work on a site adjoining a Heritage Place, Material Change of Use for a Schedule 1 Industry and Environmental Relevant Activity 33 (Scrap Yards) and 37 (Waste Storage, treatment and disposal.) to be lodged and assessed under the Brisbane City Council Superseded Planning Scheme (1st January 2011).

In summary, the proposal seeks an approval for a development application to be lodged with Brisbane City Council and assessed under the Superseded Brisbane City Plan (1st January 2011). The site is to be redeveloped as follows.

  • It is proposed to redevelop the site for Schedule 1 Industry (Metal Recovery) as defined by the Brisbane City Plan.
  • The future tenant One Steel intends to operate the site for a commercial scrap metal yard involving the dismantling of automotive and mechanical equipment.
  • Onsite operations will consist of the storage of disused vehicles whereby they will be dismantled and recycled in accordance with Best Practice Guidelines.
  • It is proposed to redevelop the site to provide the following;
    • 3000m2 warehouse (new/reuse existing structure)
    • 300m2 ancillary office (new/reuse existing structure)
    • Graded Hardstand area, with all environmental requirement including grease trap/oil separator containment facilities. (for the entire site)
    • Weigh Bridge for heavy vehicles
    • Large wall for the outer barrier of the site to ensure security and safety.
  • The current site is made of 4 Building Format Lots and common property. This scheme will be collapsed to permit the new operations.
  • The proposed operations will also require an approval for Environmental Relevant Activity 33 (Scrap Yards) and 37 (Waste Storage, treatment and disposal). The future redevelopment of the site will ensure compliance with Local and State policies will be achieved.
  • The proposed Schedule 1 Industry use is permissible in accordance with the provisions of the Superseded Scheme.
  • The Superseded Planning Scheme identified the subject site as within the General Industry Zone and found within the boundaries of the Walter Taylor South District Local Plan.
  • In accordance with Chapter 3, S6.3.3 of the Superseded Planning Scheme, we require the following type of application.
    • Building Work on land adjoining a Heritage Place (Preliminary Approval)
    • Material Change of Use for Industry (Schedule 1)
    • Material Change of Use for Environmental Relevant Activity 33 (Scrap Yards) and 37 (Waste Storage, treatment and disposal)
    • This type of application is permissible development and triggers a Code Assessable planning application.
  • In accordance with the current scheme the subject site is classified Light Industrial and found within the boundaries of the  Sherwood/Graceville District Neighborhood Plan.
  • In accordance with Chapter 3, S6.2.3 this type of planning application triggers an Impact Assessable Generally Inappropriate planning application.
  • The current land classification does not support the operations of One Steel onsite which was previously permissible.
  • Given the recent event in South East Queensland in particular the Sherwood Area, it is difficult to attract Light Industry/Low Impact Industry to the site. Light/Low impact industry are generally small business that don’t occupy large parcels of land/tenancy space. It is clear this site lends itself to General Industry operations in particular scrap metal yards.
  • The superseded Brisbane City Plan supports Schedule 1 or 2 industry uses, we therefore request Council assess the proposal against the Superseded Brisbane City Plan (1st January 2011).
  • The proposed development will be subject to Code Assessable and will comply with the acceptable solutions of the Superseded Brisbane City Plan (1st January 2011).

It is therefore recommended that Council confirm they will accept a planning application to be lodged and assessed under the Superseded Planning Scheme (1st January 2011). The remainder of this report is a preliminary assessment of the proposal against the Superseded Planning Scheme (1st January 2011). As no official
design has been prepared we have not carried out an assessment against the applicable codes.

However we are confident full compliance with the Primary/Secondary codes is achievable.



On Thursday 12 January, Brisbane City Council approved the DA for the Metal Scrap Yard to be assessed under the old planning award.
It it WTSAG's opinion that residents should be lobbying their state government members to change the legislation for planning which allows developers to utilise the old planning rules for a period of 2 years. 
We propose that using the old plans is fair only where developer plans have already been submitted prior to the adoption of the new rules, especially as the process of developing the new plans takes many years to achieve and there is plenty of forewarning of upcoming changes.
Please lobby your local State Members

Given an election date due shortly, you might also like to contact opposing party candidates:
Mount Ommaney



I live in the area and have absolutely no objection to this approval. No doubt the people winging about this live very close to it but afterall this is an industrial area........this is typical oppose all development no matter what rubbish from WTSAG
Jim Crosthwaite

The proposed scrap metal site is an industrial site, and there would be no problem with it being there as long as Oxley Creek stays within its banks.
But we know it does not. The site floods regularly, more often than the Brisbane River.
If all that was in a metal re-cycling centre was steel, pure and clean, that would not be a problem. But it isn't, there are plenty of toxics, heavy metals, oily stuff of various compounds. No feasible bunding of that site would prevent this from washing down the creek into the river and ultimately Moreton Bay.
After all the years of inappropriately siting industrial activity and its dreadful consequences for the river and Moreton Bay, you would think that a company such as One Steel would realise it's social responsibility, under its triple bottom line obligations, to operate on sites that do not have these awful side effects.
I have no objection to a scrapyard on an industrial site that does not pose these dangers to our environment. Noise, dust, unsightlyness count for nothing in this issue, it is the flood run-off from the site that is the problem.