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Opinions sought on Walter Taylor Bridge

Submitted by Charlotte Swanston on Thu, 13/09/2012 - 10:58pm

A group of UQ town planning students are collecting resident opinions related to traffic congestion related to the Walter Taylor Bridge.
If you would like to assist, please provide a single comment reply to this article on the website.

  1. What are your views on the congestion issues on the Walter Taylor Bridge?
  2. How long, do you believe, has it been a noticeable issue?
  3. In your opinion, is there a specific cause of the congestion?
  4. How long does it usually take you to travel from one side of the river to the other when using the bridge?
  5. Is there a noticeable difference in peak times?
  6. Are there times where you have deliberately avoided the bridge due to the levels of congestion?
  7. Have the community been consulted at any point about the congestion on the bridge?
  8. Have any studies or any data collection exercises been undertaken by the community to stress the issue to planner
  9. Have you got any other comments?



1. People not being prepared to get out of their cars causes the problems.
2. A long time and getting worse.
3. People not being prepared to get out of their cars causes the problem because the connection between Chelmer side of the river and places like UQ / St Peters are not well connected with convenient public transport. There should at least be a shuttle ferry from somewhere near the bridge to UQ ( the Tennis Centre maybe as they are getting a public wharf as part of the new park). People that then go to UQ are then at their destination or transfer onto a city cat.
4. I prefer to ride a bike so 2 minutes, on a bicycle or 10-40 minutes by car when I have to.
5. Very.
6. Every day that is fine I ride. So avoiding the Bridge, but have to still deal with cars along Lambert Road once over the bridge.
7. Yes.
8. Dont know
9. The biggest problem is not the bridge but the reluctance of people to use public transport. There is little parking at any of the train stations, so you can spend a lot of time looking for a park near the train stations. It takes 10 minutes on a bus from Holland Park to UQ by bus, but and hour plus  do do the same from Graceville.

 1. Depressing, because it's a perfect example of lack of infrastructure investment over many years: no decent ring roads, poor rail river crossings, density enforced on this pocket instead of at 'cheaper areas' same distance from the city next to main roads and rail lines (eg Rocklea, Acacia Ridge).
2. It has worsened drammatically over the last decade.
3. University of Queensland and private school traffic (Indooroopilly, St Aidan's, BBC) and the requirement for tradies, salespeople etc crossing from south to north sides of the city.
4. Depends on the time of day: anywhere from 5 minutes to 35 minutes.
5. Obviously (from 4).
6. Now that I'm unemployed I avoid the bridge unless absolutely essential.  We have always used Fairfield Rd when possible- it used to be pretty much empty but now is also suffering.  Rocklea intersection banks up badly as does the Annerley Road section, so it has hassles too.
7. The community raises this congestion issue on every development-planning problem arising but BCC's pretend consultation is pointless.
8. No substantial ones that I know of.
9. This area was a heritage area of mixed post war and Queenslanders with lots of flood land left sensibly for sports and recreation.  Greed has designated this river-locked pocket for 'medium-high' density without thought of the social consequences.  This pocket will become a major road through to Indooroopilly (another treed riverside area which has been ruined) lined by medium/high density concrete blocks, because governments will not take on debt and address ring roads around the pocket and rail links which can cope. (Check out the Blunder Road into Oxley Road peak hour traffic- it is not just this area crossing the WTB.)  If Campbell Newman really wants to help he could do his new government buildings out at Rocklea.  Yvonne Bursle

1. It was very bad a couple of years ago when roadworks in other parts of town were causing a lot of extra traffic to use it but is now really only just what one would expect of peak periods. Saturdays are a different matter and congestion can go on for long periods. The congestion here is overstated by most. Brisbane motorists seem to have a low threshold when it comes to frustration caused by so-called congestion. For many just a couple of changes of lights is too long to wait. What many call congestion is really just a reasonable extra delay caused by peak hour.
2. See above.
3. There seem to be several causes and I doubt the bridge itself is the major cause. Too many people making unnecessary journeys (that one is a no-brainer). The general traffic systems near each end of the bridge are probably the main cause. If it's congested on the bridge you can be pretty sure it will be congested all around the Indooroopilly station, shoppingtown and Indro roundabout areas. On the southern side I find a lot of the frustration is caused by the large numbers of queue-jumpers who enter the traffic at Roseberry Tce and Regatta St.
4. Only a couple of minutes.
5. There is a difference during peak times but it doesn't happen every time.
6.  If it is necessary for me to drive at peak times then I just make sure I leave home a bit earlier. There are times on Saturdays when I will walk the extra distance to the train station rather than take the bus from nearer home because of the delays caused by the traffic.
7. Not sure.
8. Not sure.
9. It would be a sad day for the local area if the authorities were to give in to the clamour for a second crossing for motor traffic. We saw a little of what it might be like a couple of years ago when so muchextra traffic was coming on to Oxley Rd in the mornings to avoid roadworks on the Ipswich Motorway and the Clem 7 at Annerley/Woolongabba.

  1. congestion is primarily due to the St Peters school traffic, (1mum, 1-2children, 1SUV) all waiting to turn right onto westminster rd.  this right turn backs up eventually preventing the free flow of traffic of those that want to move straight ahead along coonan
  2. 5-10 years
  3. see response to Q1 - it is a no brainer
  4. i seek alternative travel options than travelling the bridge
  5. morning is worse than afternoon for the reason mentioned in Q1
  6. Always avoided
  7. not formally
  8. would not require a detail study to reinforce point made in Q1
  9. in line with most recent literature on transport planning, widening the existing bridge or building another bridge is not the answer - even if this is the outdated methodology currently being applied in many of our current road infrastructure programs

In my view the congestion on weekdays at peak hours and most of Saturdays is the one of the major factors inhibiting access across the river. No future planning has been forshadowed as far as I know and no one has been consulted about this traffic black spot. The more developers put up unsuitable high density accommodation, the worse it will become. Town planning seems a lost art.

1. Congestion is bad, difficult with heritage listed bridge.
2. 10 years +
3. Effectively 3 lanes into 1, Oxley Rd, Honour Ave and Longman Tce Chelmer.  Plus no dedicated thru lane at Station Rd, Indoooroopilly lights.
4. 25 mins
5. Yes
6. Yes
7. Not that I have seen
8. Not that I am aware of
9. Perhaps old Neilsen Home property can be used as Park N Ride for ferry service around to UQ/Long Pocket precincts.  People could park there without having to go over the bridge.  UQ traffic is large component of inbound AM peak traffic

 1. Congestion has got worse and for longer periods in the past 10 years.
2. It has been an issue since I moved into the area (April 2000)
3. Poor traffic management at the Indooroopilly end combined with anyone from the south west and as far east as Nathan/Sunnybank trying to access UQ choose this route.
4. Thankfully I catch a train to work!
5. No comment
6. Yes, when  not working on a weekday and between 9am and 1pm on Saturdays
7. Not to my knowledge.
8. Not to my knowledge.
9. A bridge from near Yerongpilly Station to near the Indooroopilly Golf Club would remove considerable traffic from the Walter Taylor Bridge.

1. My perception is that the traffic coming along Honour Ave seems to be less free flowing than that coming from around and underneath the bridge due to the way the traffic light works.  The other route seems to allow more traffic through.
2. Approximately 10 years.
3. The bridge needs to be two lanes or at least an alternative river crossing built for all the traffic coming from the western suburbs and outer-lying developments (eg Springield) wanting to go to the CBD.
4. From Graceville shops anywhere between 5 to 45 minutes
5. Yes
6. Weekday peak hours (especially around 8am) and Saturday mid-morning
7. The community has been talking (especially during the Neighbourhood Plan Process) but neither level of government has been listening or doing anything about it.
8. The Neighbourhood Planning Process raised it and each State and Local election raises it but I haven't seen any facts/figures on traffic flow or proposed solutions. 
9.  Not at this stage.  

1) Congestion caused by lack of workable public transport options - why is there no bus linkage service at Indooroopilly Railway station (shopping centre bus station is too far away)?
2) At least 10 years
3) Yes, the way traffic feeds and exits the bridge disrupts the flow
4) Varies from 1 minute to 30+ minutes
5) Yes, but it's unpredictable as to whether delays will or will not occur
6) Yes, Saturday mornings
7) No, we have not been consulted
8) I believe some time ago studies were made and it identified issues on the northern side of the bridge contributing to issues.  Study results were never released to public for review.  Tried to raise these issues during the Sherwood-Graceville Neighbourhood plan and told traffic studies are done separately.  I know further traffic review studies are being done, but not even the local councillor can get a copy.
9) There are some easy immediate solutions which could be put in place to smooth traffic over the bridge.  The immediate focus should be on reducing the number of merge points.  For example,
a) send traffic from Fig Tree Pocket up Riverview Terrace and onto Westminster Road (closing access just north of bridge to Coonan Street) to use existing lights to allow traffic to merge safely.  
b) close right hand turn from Coonan Street to Riverview Terrace to allow traffic northbound to flow freely.  This also allows widening of road to 2 lanes by narrowing southbound lane, thereby lengthening the right hand turn lane into Westminster Road (allowing through northbound traffic to continue on).
c) Close Longman Terrrace access to Regatta Street to stop rat-running and disruption of traffic flow from Oxley Road onto Regatta Street
d) Close Hanlan Street access to Honour Ave to stop rat-running and disruption of traffic flow from Honour Ave onto bridge.
e) Coordinate traffic light interaction for flow conditions at Westminster Road/Coonan St, Regatta Street/Honour Ave, Riverview Tce/Station St. and Coonan St/Belgrave Rd.

1. Congestion frustrating during peak times, but any expansion of cross-river road capacity would only exacerbate use of Honour Ave or Oxley Road as an alternative to Ipswich Road or Centenary Highway for City access.
2.  I am sure congestion has been slowly increasing with increasing local resident numbers, increased development in the Blunder Road -Durack area and increasing popularity of Indooroopilly Shoppingtown as an alternative to CBD shopping.
3.  Increased use of Radnor St feeding into the Riverview Terrace slip lane merge; and the re-alignment and loss of two through lanes on Coonan Street St leading up to Westminster Road as part of the shopping centre development between Westminster Road and Allwod Street have been key factors.
4.  Time to cross is totally dependent on time of day and ensuing traffic conditions.  Ranges from 1 to say 20 minutes.
5.  Peak hour times are the worst.
6.  I avoid the bridge for all peak hour times. Need to cross before 7 am on weekdays heading Chelmer to Indooroopilly.  Afternoon-evening peak crossings to Indooroopilly not so bad.  Afternoon-evening peak crossings from Indooroopilly less congested mostly.
7.  Personnaly, No.
8.  Not to my knowledge.

1. Walter Taylor frequently blamed for congestion originating in Indooroopilly /Coonan Street.Queueing southbound is very rare.
When queueing northbound is severe one is usually also stopped or slowed on the bridge indicating the bottleneck is further north! If there is no congestion back from Coonan Street the queue to merge Oxley Road and Honour Avenue at the traffic lights is much less severe.
2.Northbound Queueing has been an issue for 40 years. Ameliorated by various improvements made over that time. Frequency and duration of congestion has been very poor for at least 5 years.
3.Capacity Constraint;Coonan Streety through Station Road and Railway overbridge insufficient when commercial and student activity competes  with Taylor Bridge traffic. Demand Growth; Increased development using Blunder Road and  Oxley Road to access Western Suburbs and City.
4.Typically less than 5 minutes may take 30 minutes.
5. Yes.
7.No. There has been advice that area  traffic planning would be occurring,then advice that four laning of Oxley Road was the solution to be implemented.
8.No studies have been done by the community as far as I am aware , but congestion and delays at the bridge were strong issues raised by the community during community consultation over the development of the Sherwood Graceville development plan. When assurances of an area traffic study was given. The planner was fully aware that congestion on Oxley Road and at the Bridge was a significant community concern.
9.The Green bridge at Dutton Park is an existing piece of infrastructure ,grossly under utilized, which is an alternative route for some of the traffic congesting Walter Taylor. The Green Bridge would be much "greener" if it addressed the congestion and pollution needs of the wider community.

 1. Congestion getting worse in the mornings in peak time. Any small hold up post bridge also causes a long back up as there is no alternate options car wise.Saurday mornings busy with shoppers & school sports happening. Thursday evening c. 5pm. busy with shopping traffic.
2.10 yrs
3.School traffic - drop off & pick up; school sports traffic - Sat mornings. Shopping traffic - Thurs. evening.
4. Travel across the bridge can be anywhere from 1 - 20 mins.
6. Try & avoid the bridge in the mornings between 7 - 9am.
7.No consultation to my knowledge.
8. Not that I aware of
9. This traffic snarl has needed a long term resolution since the 90's. Perhaps a moderated public meeting to kick it off.