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Newsletter #9

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Multi Storey Units - Honour Avenue

Residents may not be aware that a development application has been lodged for a multi storey block of units in the heart of Graceville. The proposed development comprises fourteen units and two shops in addition to the existing seven shops with heritage and character value in Honour Avenue opposite the Graceville Station. The development will be three storeys in height and include an excavated basement car park, and will have 35 car spaces. The residential units are to be located above car parking to the rear of the site and partially over the existing shops. Vehicular access is proposed from Rakeevan Rd. (Details can be found on the Council website at . The development application number is 903001.)

The surrounding area is classified Low Density Residential with a height restriction of 8.5m. The area occupied by the strip shopping centre along Honour Ave is designated Multi Purpose Centre level 3. This classification allows for a development to go to three storeys, once residential development exceeds 30% of the mixed retail and residential site. It is highly likely that the remaining similarly designated area along the strip shops of Honour Ave will also be developed in this manner and will result in a complete change in the residential character of the neighbourhood.
A key area of concern is the increased traffic conflicts at the already dangerous Rakeevan and Honour Ave intersection. Traffic from Rakeevan Rd is currently prevented from turning right into Honour Ave to reduce the danger. Additional traffic generated from this development will presumably be forced back along Rakeevan Rd, Bell Tce and Bank Rd to the detriment of the local residents.
It is unfortunate that residents are NOT entitled to be formally notified of the development proposal; or have any formal input into the planning process or have any appeal rights. Residents have no means of having a say in this sort of development that will have a significant impact on the area in which they live.
Walter Taylor South is under consideration for a Neighbourhood Plan by the Brisbane City Council. Multi unit constructions such as these should be considered as part of the Neighbourhood Plan, not as isolated developments.
The implications of this development will also be discussed at the public meeting on Sun 14th Nov.


Implications of South East Queensland Regional Plan for our area
Is the Honour Ave development a sign of things to come?
Sun 14th November at 3:30pm
Presbyterian Church, Bank Rd, Graceville
Invited Guests: Cr Jane Prentice, Cr Carol Cashman, Mr Ronan Lee MP
Come and have your say.


Implications of Draft SOUTH EAST QUEENSlANd Regional Plan

The Draft South East Queensland Regional Plan released on 27th October has big implications for our suburbs. Existing suburbs have been earmarked to bear the brunt of much of the extra half a million new dwellings needed in SE Qld over the next twenty years. It is being proposed that 40% of all new dwelling constructions between 2004 and 2016 will be created by infill and redevelopment of existing urban areas, rising to 50% between 2016 and 2026.”
We will see an escalation in the infill in our older suburbs. Our water, electricity, sewerage and road systems are already overloaded in this area. Unless adequate infrastructure improvements are made, our quality of life will be seriously degraded. It is important that our Neighbourhood Plans are put in place so the increased density can be planned for and managed, rather than the current haphazard arrangements.
You can see the details of the Plan on the following website:
Cr Jane Prentice will address residents on this topic at the public meeting on Sun 14th November. (See front of newsletter for details.)




An open invitation has been issued to all who want to make a contribution regarding the future of the Oxley Creek Common to attend a public meeting on Sunday 28th November from 10am - 12:30pm at the Environment Building, Oxley Creek Common, Sherwood Rd, Rocklea. Suggestions to date include local organic agriculture, sustainable housing, a village market and a community enterprise program


Recently local residents have contacted WTSAG over the proposed listing of houses on the City Plan Heritage Register and the impact that this listing might have. There are a number of heritage listings that attempt to ensure that our cultural heritage is protected for the enjoyment of future generations: the Register of the National Estate (Federal Government), the Queensland Heritage Register (State Government), the National Trust listing, and the City Plan Heritage Register.
The City Plan Heritage Register is a list of properties or places that provide an important cultural heritage contribution to the city. The Heritage Place Code applies to these places. A development application is needed for demolition, removal, subdivision, alterations or extensions.
Heritage listing differs from character housing controls, which concentrate on pre-1946 buildings within Demolition Control Precincts. Heritage listing does not rely as strongly on visual appeal, and has no age limit on the age of the place.
There is opportunity for public consultation for owners and other interested parties prior to the final decision. Once the property is listed, the listing is not subject to appeal. Future development applications decisions can be appealed by owners through the Planning & Environment Court.
The next round of proposed additions to the City Heritage Register for inclusion in the City Plan in Jan 2005 was published in the Courier Mail of 15th August.
They are as follows:
Residence “Kawarra”, 35 Hanlan St
Ex-Golf Clubhouse, 115 Honour Ave
Residence “Dalmuir”, 10 Lama St
Residence “Floraville”, 115 Laurel Ave
“Camphor Laurels”, Laurel Ave
Residence “Pontresina” ,66 Longman Tce
Former Chelmer School of Arts, 15 Queenscroft St
Residence “Gelnmore” ,20 Verney Rd West
California Bungalow, 71 Victoria Ave
Mullen Farmhouse, 73 Wharf St
Residences: 161 Graceville Ave
17 Kew Rd 8 Rakeevan Rd
Residence “The Gables”, 15 Molonga Tce
Brick War Service Homes at:
15, 27, 39 Magee St & 27, 43, 51 Strong Ave
Bulk Store, 11 Rakeevan Rd
Sherwood Scout Hall, 16 Young St
Residences: 22 Ettie St
40 Hazelmere Pde 36 Lily St
62 Kitchener St 31 Linda St
Sherwood State School, 464 Oxley Rd
Shop-Residence, 526 Oxley Rd
Brick Cottage, 1/46 Primrose St
Hives Park, 34 Thallon St
Already listed Schedule 1; Brisbane City Plan
St Davids Anglican Church, 69 Chelmer St East
Former EHF Swain House, 139 Laurel Ave
Beth Eden Verney, 19 Bell Tce
Graceville Memorial Park, 173 Churchill St
Christ the King Roman Catholic Church 12 Oxley Rd
Uniting Church Graceville, 215 Oxley Rd
St Mathews Anglican Church, 481 Oxley Rd
Sherwood Uniting Church, 515 Oxley Rd
Berry & McFarlane Monument, Sherwood Anglican Cemetery
Uniting Church, 706 Sherwood Rd
Sherwood Arboretum, 39A Turner St
John Herbert Memorial Vista, 57 Dewar Tce


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