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NBN Rollout - Corinda, Clewley Street

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NBN Rollout - Corinda, Clewley Street

Looking for other residents in or near Clewley Street Corinda who are interested in upgrading their NBN connection technology.

Linda Conrad
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NBN upgrade

I'm in Clewley Street and want NBN upgrade. As I understand it a minimum of 250 houses that are "contiguous" - so essentially unanimous in an area - is required for a group upgrade. I haven't distributed flyers yet but would hope that all of Corinda could be upgraded.  Interestingly, when I telephoned Graham Perrett's office to express my concern, I was told I was the ONLY person who had contacted his office about the NBN rollout.  It may be useful for others to ring his office so that he knows the level of unrest over this issue.


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