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Kenilworth Street Sherwood - Demolition Application for pre 1946 House

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 18/02/2010 - 7:42am

DEMOLITION APPLICATION notice was erected this morning for the pre 1946 house situated at 6 - 10 Kenilworth Street Sherwood. The residence sits on three 400 m2 lots in two titles. This house was recently vacated by an ederly couple who have lived there since 1946 and if we don't object to its demoiltion then it is another part of Sherwood history that will be gone forever.


Kenilworth Street is a Street which possesses much character with ten out of the thirteen homes in that street pre 1946 and all sited on DCP's.  This property is also sited on a DCP and a Demolition Approval should not be granted by the BCC.  If it is granted then there is little hope of protecting other pre 1946 Character homes from demolition or removal by developers.


I have attached photos of the property. Objections close on 3rd March 2010 only a period of two weeks notice to residents.   You can see the development application number A002721467 on the BCC website at






I have read through the Town Planning Report submitted in the Demolition Application and have found a few errors be they intentional or otherwise.

The first one is in Section 3, The Proposal, Clause 3.1 Development Proposal. It states that the site is adjoined by only one pre war dwelling as numbers 12 and 14 Kenilworth Street and number 45 Park Terrace are all post war structures.

There is no number 14 Kenilworth Street. The house situated next to number 12 Kenilworth Street (to the west of 12) is in fact number 16 Kenilworth Street a pre war dwelling built in 1914. There is no number 14 Kenilworth Street.

Number 45 Park Terrace does not form part of the Kenilworth Street 'Streetscape' and should not appear as part of this Proposal.

Clause 5.5.2 Local Plan states that the subject site is located within the boundaries of the Moorooka District Local Plan. 10 Kenilworth Street, Sherwood is not included in the Moorooka District Local Plan. It is in the Walter Taylor District Local Plan.

Approximately, 38 residents made submissions to BCC about the proposed removal of a pre-1946 house in Kenilworth St, Sherwood. BCC has refused the application to remove the house.
The reasons given were that:

  • the house was in a Demolition Control Precinct (DCP), 
  • the demolition did not retain a pre-1946 house,
  • the proposal was contrary to the Demoltion Code,
  • the demolition does not protect a residential building that contributes to traditional character and amenity of the DCP,
  • the demolition did not preserve a building that forms an important part of a pre-1946 streetscape,
  • the building represented traditional building character,
  • was structurally sound, and
  • contributed to the visual character of the street.

The house is traditional building character because it is a single house elevated on stumps, a solid core with attached/integrated verandahs, gabled roof, made of traditonal building materials being painted timber walls and corrugated roofing. The building reinforced the traditional building character of houses in the street.
Once again, BCC has listened to the residents desire to preserve character housing and to enforce the Demolition Code and Brisbane City Plan.
Power to the People!