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Julie Attwood MP urges residents to lobby Councillors

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The following letter appears to have been distributed in the Corinda area to all residents by the Member for Mt Ommaney, Julie Attwood.  A scanned version of the letter is attached (individual addressee removed)

5 Storey Developments Not Wanted in Corinda

I am writing in relation to the Draft Sherwood/Graceville Neighbourhood Plan in which your local Brisbane City Councillor's are putting forward a proposal for 5 storey developments in the residential precinct around Clara Street.

After several hundred residents met at public meetings in April and July  to oppose this development, Council is still pursuing this option.
The State Government's SEQ Plan does not include any proposals for 5 storey developments in this precinct.  The Draft Plan has been instigated by Council alone.
Local Councillors supporting the plan, claim that Council is being pressured into this development by the State Government.  This is just trying to shift the blame and their responsibility to the residents of Corinda.
The District Neighbourhood Plan was initiated by the Brisbane City Council and the first round of local public consultations was held in December 2007 ( then click onto Sherwood/Graceville District).   Residents have advised me that they have never been in favour of 5 storey developments near Clara Street.
Residents have voiced many concerns to me about the proposal by Council and have stated that Council is not listening.  I urge residents to lobby their local Councillors.
They can stop it if they want to.
Yours sincerely,
Julie Attwood MP

Member for Mt Ommaney

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Disability Services & Multicultural Affairs

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The SE Qld Regional Plan is a State government planning document that sets out the population targets and some general principles for meeting these targets for south east Qld. You can see the plan at   One principle that directly impacts on the town planning in our area is that of the State government encouraging infill rather than allowing Brisbane to spread. "A significant proportion of future residential growth will be accommodated through infill and redevelopment within the urban framework and established urban areas. Prime locations for infill development are around urban activity centres that have existing facilities, services and amenities, and along public transport corridors and nodes where the public transport system can best service the additional population."(South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009–2031 p12.)
The Council is obliged to try and meet these targets using these principles, so it is strange that our local MP is blaming the Council. However it is heartening that she is opposing 5 storey infill in the Corinda area.

The draft Sherwood/Graceville District Neighbourhood Plan which proposes five-storey dwellings at Corinda is causing tension between Brisbane City Council and the State Government.
Member for Mt Ommaney, Julie Attwood sent a letter to Corinda residents last week stating Brisbane City Council was trying to shift the blame to the State Government.
Mrs Attwood said local councillors were failing to take responsibility and blaming the State Government for forcing the issue in the South East Queensland (SEQ) plan.
"The SEQ plan does not include any proposal for five storey apartments near Clara Street," she said.  "The State Government Minister is only required to undertake a state interest check in relation to State Government issues and to verify the council has responded to residents through their consultation process."
"As the local State Member for the area, I am urging the local councillors to put a stop to this ridiculous proposal which destroys the amenity and character of the Corinda residential area".
Jamboree Councillor Matthew Bourke said the State Member should be trying to work with Brisbane City Council to help deliver her own government's SEQ regional plan targets for the Brisbane City Council area.
"Council is in the process of undertaking consultation for the Sherwood/Graceville District Neighbourhood Plan and I strongly encourage all residents to have their say on the proposed plan and how their local area will develop." he said.
Tennyson Councillor Nicole Johnston sai the SEQ regional plan was State Government policy and it seemed Mrs Attwood had not been upfront with the community about the plan's impact on the local area.
"I am concerned about the State Government's plan to force another 156,000 dwellings into Brisbane to meet their infill targets in existing residential areas like Corinda," she said.