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External Survey - SEQ Community attitudes to Consultation and Engagement

Submitted by webmaster on Fri, 01/07/2011 - 5:23pm

South East Queensland residents are invited to participate in a survey to understand community attitudes about community engagement and consultation.
The short online survey, prepared by Harbinger Consultants, will remain open until 31 July.
Harbinger Consultants' Director John Armstrong said that he regularly received mixed messages from community members about consultation processes.

"Community consultation is a valued and expected part of planning for and in our diverse communities and an integral part of decision making processes," he said.
"While residents participate in these processes, they remain uncertain about whether concerns are being heard, especially with regard to mining, development and infrastructure projects. As a firm working in community engagement and consultation, we're keen to understand community attitudes to these processes," he explained.
While communities expect to be consulted about matters that may impact on them, there is little information from communities and individuals about how they feel about these consultation processes.
This survey prepared by communications, community and cultural consultancy, Harbinger Consultants, and aims to capture some preliminary information from community members in South East Queensland about their experiences of consultation and engagement.
This information will help professionals better design their consultations and respond to changing community expectations about these processes.
The survey is comprised of 10 questions including some demographic questions (privacy is assured). Please answer every question. It will take less than 15 minutes to complete. The survey will remain open until 31 July 2011.
Please complete the survey at:
It is anticipated that results will be published on Harbinger Consultants website at by 31 August 2011.
For more information please contact:
John Armstrong :
Linda Carroli :
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Last month, Harbinger Consultants instigated a small independent research project to capture community attitudes to consultation and engagement in South East Queensland. Residents of the SEQ region were invited to complete a brief online survey.
We were motivated to undertake this project after receiving mixed messages from community members in our own consultation work as well as observing mounting opposition to development, infrastructure and planning initiatives.
Survey responses reveal a range of frustrations and tensions in consultations about planning and development in particular. Respondent preferences for and expectations of consultation and engagement methods have not been met. There is clearly a desire for more open and transparent processes among respondents and a general sense that consultation is "going through the motions". Issues have been raised about communication, quality of engagement, professional and project teams, community capacity, attitudes and the need for follow up. Respondents also identify expectations and opportunities for better consultation.
The findings from this study can help professionals better design their consultations and respond to changing community expectations about these processes.
A report about the findings of the survey has now been published on Scribd at
We hope you will share this report and also welcome your feedback. We also thank you for promoting the survey among your networks.
Linda Carroli