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Development Application for Medical Centre in Residential Zone

Submitted by webmaster on Mon, 28/05/2012 - 12:12am

An impact assessible development application number A003342156 has been submitted to council for a medical centre in a low-medium residential area at 121 Lynne Grove Ave, Corinda - well outside the agreed Sherwood-Graceville Neighbourhood Plan shopping precinct area.


It is proposed to renovate the existing pre-war building in a demolition control precinct including provision for 10 onsite car parks.


The period for public notifications has not yet been advised, however people can still start making submissions via council's website




A number of residents have expressed concern regarding the proposed establishment of a Medical Centre in Lynne Grove Ave, Corinda.
The following is a link to a template letter to council objecting to the proposed Development Application covering those objections.  If you wish you can use this as a template for making your own unique submission.
You can make submissions to council either online at their website by looking up development application A003342156 and clicking on the "Development Assessment Submission" link or by posting to council

As a local resident, I received an invitation in my mailbox to participate in an on-line survey for the proposed Medical Centre at Lynne Grove Ave, Corinda.
The website address they gave is tricky to negotiate to find the link for the survey (of course!) So I was wondering if you could let everyone know that the link below will get people straight on to the survey page. Also we need as many people to fill this in as possible!
I am going to do a door knock in the next week or so to ask people to do the survey and to give them this link but it would really help if you could get it out there as well
Joanna Giblin

19 June 2012
Dental Flossophy
C/- Urbis Pty Ltd
Level 7, 123 Albert St

Permit Type: DA - SPA - Carry out Building Work, DA - SPA - Material Change of Use
Description of Proposal: Medical Centre
Address of Site: 121 Lynne Grove Ave Corinda Qld 4075
Real Property Description: Lot(s) 1 on Registered Plan 70804
Application Reference: A003342156


Dear Katherine

RE: Information Request under Section 276 of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 The Council has carried out an initial review of the above application. On the basis of non-compliance with key aspects of Brisbane
City Plan 2000, Council advises that the proposal is currently is not supported by Council.

The primary reasons for this assessment are as follows;

1. It has not been demonstrated that an “overwhelming community need” exists for a medical centre (dentist surgery) in the proposed location in accordance with the vision for “out of centre” development as articulated within the strategic plan; and

2. It has not been demonstrated how the amenity of the surrounding residential neighbourhood will be enhanced by the proposed development in accordance with the Desired Environmental Objectives (DEO’s) contained within the Strategic Plan and for Residential areas, in addition to the “Generally Inappropriate Criteria” in Brisbane City Plan 2000.

Of particular concern to Council are the proposed operating hours of 8am – 8pm between Monday to Friday. These hours of operation are considered inappropriate in the context of the surrounding residential land uses and are not supported. It is further considered that vehicle service arrangements on-site are inadequate and there has been insufficient provision on-site landscaping to effectively buffer the
proposed commercial use from surrounding residences (see below for further details).

Should you still wish to proceed with the development application, Council will require the following information;

1. Demonstration of an “overwhelming community need” for the proposal in the form of further justification of the proposal in relation to the surrounding locality; and

2. A Community Impact Assessment Report in accordance with the requirements of the Community Impact Assessment Planning Scheme Policy. The purpose of this report is to scope the likely impacts of the proposal on the local community and to design effective strategies if possible for mitigating these impacts. It is noted that a number of public submissions have already been received in relation to the application.

Please note that changes in line with the above do not automatically translate to Council support for the proposal.

Subject to resolution of the issues above to Council’s satisfaction, the issues outlined below are also required to be addressed in any subsequent response Council;

1. It is considered that the proposed enclosure of the front porch results in the loss of a significant and integral component of the house that contributes to its streetscape character and does not comply with either, Section 5.1, Performance Criteria – P7 of the Sherwood Graceville District Neighbourhood Plan, or, Performance Criteria - P5 of the Demolition Code. In accordance with the above, retain and express (and clearly illustrate on drawings of the existing building) the brick piers supporting the entry porch roof. This could be achieved by recessing the proposed walls in from the edge of the brick columns to retain the material expression of the porch. Further, the existing and proposed drawings should clearly illustrate the retention of important detail elements which contribute to the streetscape character of the house such as the flat window hoods.

2. It is considered that the proposed solution with respect to queing which relies on the People With Disability (PWD) space being “strategically” located at the front of the site is unacceptable given the potential for externalising traffic in close proximity to an intersection. As such, amend the proposed parking layout to provide unimpeded queing lengths in accordance with the table 10 in the Transport, Access, Parking and Servicing Planning Scheme Policy.

3. Provide 6m x 6m x 3 chord truncation at the corner of Lynne Grove Avenue and Pratten Street for this development.

4. Provide minimum of 2.7 m width for those visitor car parks 1,2,3,4 & 5 , according to ‘Figure m’ Transport, Access, Parking and Servicing Planning Scheme Policy (TAPS), to suit the aisle width of 5.4 m shown on plan.

5.The amended traffic report submitted by TTM consulting is required to be signed by an RPEQ engineer.

6. In accordance with Performance Criteria – P10 of the Centre Design Code the boundary between the proposed medical centre (Dental Surgery) and the adjoining residential uses is required to be landscaped with mature trees of a type consistent with the locality planted at intervals that will ensure a significant level screening between centre and residential uses.

7. In accordance with Performance Criteria – P41 of the Centre Design Code, planting comprising significant trees and shrubs is to be provided adjacent to large, featureless areas of walls.

8.The proposed car parking layout will have an impact upon the local streetscape due to minimal proposed landscape treatments to the car-parking and hardstand areas. Modify the car-park layout to allow for shade tree and columnar screening planting to be accommodated within the proposed layout to achieve compliance with s5.1 – P12 and A12.2 of the Sherwood Graceville District Neighbourhood Plan.

A submission of a Landscape Concept Plan addressing the above issues is recommended. The landscape concept plan is to be prepared by a suitably qualified and experienced Landscape Architect and the plan is to clearly depict (including key dimensions) the external areas of the built-form and how they can be resolved with appropriate landscape treatments.

Please note that unless a response is provided within the prescribed response period of six (6) months, this application will lapse. Please submit your response electronically via email to Your prompt attention in this matter will enable the Council to more quickly decide your application.

Please phone me on the telephone number below during normal business hours if you have any queries regarding this matter.

Yours sincerely
David Hooper
Urban Planner, Development Assessment
Development Assessment Planning Services South
(07) 3407 0656
Development Assessment Branch

 Living close to this, so I also received the brightly coloured notification from Urbis about this supposed “easy to find” web survey.  Not being able to get to it, I rang Urbis only to be advised that I was the problem as “lots of people seemed to be able to have done it already”.  So thanks to Urbis for shiny bit of nonsense and thanks WTSAG for the correct web page link 
I also was home the other week day, when the dentist behind this was walking the streets to talk to the locals about the intent of this plan.  The main thing that came from the conversation we had was that this is not a master plan to intrude on the residential neighbourhood.  In a way, I believe this might be an example how the Sherwood Graceville Neighbourhood plan is also biting into small businesses,  as how do they offer “the local feel” if they remain in an area that promises 5 storey buildings surrounding them.
If anything this is more a self employed family business trying to find a way to fit a local single service (dentist surgery) into a building that must retain the local neighbourhood plan “look”. I can assure that some newer houses in the same street cannot be said to have such a restriction in their design.  The house also cannot be removed (pre 1946); the operational hours are restricted by the cost of staffing it and given the details the BCC are seeking (refer to the WTSAG page for this) it is unlikely to be expanded any further regardless of how well the dental surgery goes.  
So regardless of whether you support this or are against it, at least look at the plan as a local small business seeking local support with strict BCC conditions.   

Development Application for Dental Clinic

Dental Flossophy (currently operating in Sherwood) is seeking to relocate to Corinda and has lodged a development application with Brisbane City Council for a ‘material change of use’ of the property at 121 Lynne Grove Avenue, Corinda, from residential to a dental clinic. As part of the assessment of the application Council has requested a  Community Impact Assessment be undertaken to look at potential positive and negative impacts of the development and recommend  measures to avoid or minimize adverse impacts.
Urbis, a planning and development advice firm, has been engaged to undertake the community impact assessment and to gather community views on the proposed development. As part of this process Urbis has developed an online survey.
If you would like to put forward your views you can complete the survey online at
If you are unable to access the online survey, please phone 3007 3821 to provide your mailing details and we will forward a hard copy of the survey by post.
Due to technical access issues experienced initially, the survey has been extended to 10 August 2012.

What is a Community Impact Assessment?

Community Impact Assessment is a process of investigating the possible effects of a development proposal or project on one or all of the following:

  • People’s way of life – how they live, play and interact with one another on a day to day basis;
  • The culture of the affected community – its shared beliefs, customs and values;
  • The nature of the affected community – its cohesion, stability, character, services and facilities.

Source: Brisbane City Council’s Community Impact Assessment Planning Scheme Policy

Where is the application up to now?

The planning application is now being revised to respond to the points in Council’s information request, including preparation of a Community Impact Assessment.

What happens next?

Dental Flossophy will submit a revised development application to Council for assessment.
Once the development application has been submitted there will be a formal Notification Period during which the development application will be advertised in three ways (as per the Sustainable Planning
Act 2009):

  • A newspaper advertisement;
  • Immediate neighbours will receive a letter;
  • Signs will be placed on the property.

Brisbane City Council will accept submissions from the public during the notification period.