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Cr. Nicole Johnston letter re Alan Fletcher Research Station

Submitted by Nicole Johnston on Wed, 09/03/2011 - 9:44pm

9 March 2011
The Hon. Tim Mulherin MP
Minister for Agriculture, Food and Regional Industries
Member for Mackay
GPO Box 45
Dear Minister
Re: Alan Fletcher Research Station, Sherwood
I am writing to you regarding the maintenance and future use of the Alan Fletcher Research Station, Magazine Street, Sherwood.
Neighbouring residents have reported to me that the Alan Fletcher Research Station site has fallen into disrepair following the relocation of DPI staff to the new Boggo Road Eco Science Precinct.  Residents report neglect includes famaged tents and buildings, mould, overgrown grass and concerns about rodents and snakes.
I seek your urgent attention to the maintenance problem and ask that the Department cleans up and maintains this site in good order.
Further, I seek your advice as to the State Government's intentions for the future use of this site.  Specifically, is it the State Government's intention to sell this site off for development, and if so what is the time frame?

I look forward to your early reply.
Yours isncerely
Nicole Johnston
Councillor for Tennyson



Please find attached a letter that was received by us late last week in regards to the Alan Fletcher Research Station. Tim re Alan Fletcher Research Station.pdf
Dear Councillor Johnston
Thank you for your letter of 9 March 2011 concerning the maintenance and future use of the Alan Fletcher Research Station, Magazine Street, Sherwood.
I am advised that in addition to a live-in caretaker, a full-time groundsman remains on site at the research station and his primary duties relate to keeping the grounds in good order.  I am aaware that prolonged wet conditions have caused some problems, but am advised that these are now resolved.  I understand that it is not intended to repair damaged shade structures at the facility as they are no longer being utilised.
As for the future, the Department of Public Works will be putting the site up for public tender in the near future, subsequent to public consultation.
If you require any further information regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact Dr Dane Panetta of the Department of Employement, Ecosnomic Development and innovation on telephone 07 3255 4472 or email
Yours sincerely
Tim Mulherin, MP
Minister for Agriculture, Food and Regional Economies
Member for Mackay