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Community Questions released

Submitted by webmaster on Sat, 07/04/2012 - 10:29am

The Walter Taylor South Action Group committee has reviewed the community questions submitted and consolidated these questions for all candidates to answer in writing prior to our community meeting.
The committee needed to balance the number of questions with topics covered to allow time for questions at the end of the community meeting from the floor.  Some specific questions have been incorporated into more general questions that all candidates should be capable of answering.
These questions have been sent to those council candidates who have agreed to respond in writing to those questions. 
Tennyson : Matt Brodie (LNP), Nicole Johnston (Independent), Shane McKenna (Labor)
Jamboree : Fran Bell (Labor), Matthew Bourke (LNP)
At this stage we have not received responses indicating participation from any other candidates.
You can find these questions on our website at  These questions are for candidates to respond, so please do not post comments directly on the website to these questions.
You will also notice flyers starting to appear in neighbourhood letterboxes in the next week inviting all residents to attend our community meeting on Tuesday 17th April to talk to candidates.  Please discuss with your neighbours so that they might also come along.
The community meeting will be chaired by an independent, non-resident of the area - an announcement on the chair is expected shortly as we finalise matters.   In order to allow the evening to proceed smoothly one candidate from each party will address the audience - at this stage it is expected Matthew Bourke, Nicole Johnston and Ray Smith will represent their party.  Candidates will be asked to address the question and not other candidates.
Matt Brodie and Shane McKenna have indicated that they both had prior engagements for our evening even though we invited them many weeks ago.  Let them both know you will be going to the community meeting so they can understand the breadth of the community involvement (just click on their names above to send an email).
Each candidate will be given 1 minute to introduce themselves to the residents.  The formal questions will be asked of each of the candidates in a rotating order and they will each have 2 minutes to respond.  This will allow each candidate to explain or clarify further their written response which will be been published on our website prior to the meeting.
At the end of the formal questions, questions will be invited from the floor.  We ask that all questions are asked in such a way that all candidates will be able to answer the question.
Candidates will be given a warning bell 15 seconds prior to the finalisation of any discussion and a termination bell upon completion of the allocated time period.
We have also received some late questions which locals may ask themselves on the evening, so we have left the following area open for comments people may have. (Please use this area in preference to the candidate area for comments).
The Committee
Walter Taylor South Action Group Inc.



Dear Allan

Cr Bourke has had an appointment with his doctor today, he is not well and unfortunatly he will be unable to attend the community meeting this evening.

Please put Cr Bourke's apologies in.

If there are any questions from the floor at the meeting which the residents request a response to, the Councillor will be happy to do so if you could forward them to him at this email address.

Once again, apologies for the late notice.

Kind regards

Susan Jackson
Personal Assistant to
Matthew Bourke
Councillor for Jamboree Ward