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Community fears flooding after council raises Sherwood bus depot

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Westside News 13-July, Luke Royes
Flood Plan Fears
A PLAN to raise the controversial Sherwood Bus Depot to save it from future floods has prompted fears it could exacerbate flooding at nearby properties.
Brisbane City Council's public transport chairman Julian Simmonds said council approved plans to elevate the facility after hydrologists confirmed building up the land would not cause secondary flood threats else-where.
"We take the issue of flooding very seriously and we have been advised it will not affect the level for residents," he said.
Graceville resident Jocelyn Clarkson works in the nearby waterways and was adamant the addition of metres of extra fill to protect the council building would create unintended consquences elsewhere.
The Waylter Taylor South Action Group vice-president Allan Howard said council should have sought further community feedback.
Local councillor Nicole Johnston (Tennyson) has railed against the development since its announcement and said the elevated land would "effectively create a dam wall" and flood already susceptible areas.
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The response from Cr Julian Symonds is meaningless and insulting to those living nearby where flooding impacts were relatively awful in January 2011.  The minimum requirement is for public release of the hydrology report to enable suitably qualified and experienced engineers in the community to (at least) understand what Cr Symmonds meant and (preferably) determine whether the advice on which BCC has relied is itself reliable and in accordance with sound technical standards.
In my view the requirement to raise the depot means that soil has displaced open space on a section of the local floodplain.  Subsequent floods passing though that are must now send water elsewhere.  There is an adjacent broad floodplain called the Oxley Creek Common.  The bus depot earthworks may or may not cause a significant rise in the flood level across the OCC area - lets see the hydrologists' report!  I hope that it includes the existing effects of encroachment of the Brisbane Markets onto the floodplain immediately downstream of OCC.