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City Plan Changes are coming

Submitted by Nicole Johnston on Fri, 30/11/2012 - 11:42pm

This week Council is debating the proposed new City Plan, the document that governs planning and development in our city.
Despite the importance of the City Plan, the Lord Mayor has not publicly released the Plan for residents. He says he will do this after it’s approved by Council and consultation will be undertaken next year. He has not said when, but has said the community will have 60 days to provide feedback. I will let you know when this commences.
I have strongly objected to this backwards process and called on the Lord Mayor to immediately release the Plan. He has refused.
I did not vote to support the draft plan for three reasons:

  1. There has been no consultation with local residents, community groups or businesses about these changes;
  2. The Lord Mayor is planning to force significant higher density into local suburbs including Yeronga, Fairfield, Annerley, Yeerongpilly and Rocklea; and
  3. The proposed supporting infrastructure is inadequate to support our community now and over the next 20 years.


There are significant changes right across the City as well as in our local area. This is a snapshot only and next year I will be releasing further information about local impacts and undertaking public consultation sessions. Heads up change is coming.
City Wide Changes

  • house heights rise from 8.5m to 9.5m (not inc roof);
  • unit and townhouse heights rise from 9.5m to 11.5m (not inc roof);
  • character houses can be demolished as of right without community notification or objections by residents - bulldozers will just start work;
  • units and townhouses can be built as of right without community notification or objections by residents; and
  • despite the floods, fill levels have been increased from 1m to 1.2m in residential areas as of right.

Local Changes

  • the existing Stephens Local Plan has been abolished;
  • the suburbs of Yeronga, Yeerongpilly, Annerley, Fairfield and Rocklea have been merged with Moorooka, Sailsbury and Tarragindi to form a major new area which has been zoned for future growth - this means the Lord Mayor is proposing higher density in future;
  • the suburbs of Sherwood, Graceville, Chelmer, Tennyson and Corinda have been retrospectively classified into a planned growth node;
  • urgent drainage works for Yeronga, Fairfield and Graceville, identified as being inadequate by Council a decade ago, are still 20 years away from being built;
  • bikeways already rejected by the community in Corinda are back on the agenda;
  • urgently needed bikeways along Sherwood Road are 20 years away;
  • the Venner Road truck bypass, promised by the Lord Mayor and I, has been ignored altogether; and
  • backflow valves for Graceville, Tennyson, Fairfield and Yeronga (for 2016 and beyond) have been ignored altogether.

These are examples only.
The City Plan is a lengthy and complex document and there are very big changes planned by the Lord Mayor and his team.
I urge residents to start thinking now about the future of their street, neighbourhood and suburbs.
You can keep up to date with City Plan changes in Tennyson Ward as they become available by visiting the dedicated page on my website here. You can sign up to Council's website to be notified by email of the City Plan changes here.
It is likely that the City Plan debate will take up to 12 months so please keep your eye out for information by Council and myself in the New Year.