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Bridge to link Oxley Common with Suburbs - The Satellite 23-Jun-2010

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Local Councillor wants feedback on location

by Kelly Daniels


Brisbane City Council has committed $400,000 in this year's budget for a pedestrian bridge linking Sherwood to the Oxley Common.


Tennyson Councillor Nicole Johnston said during early consultation on the draft Sherwood Graceville Neighbourhood Plan, residents had called for greater connectivity between Corinda and the Oxley Common.


"Oxley Common is 120 hectares of grasslands and wetlands with bird watching, barbecues, walking tracks and it's very ppopular", Cr Johnston said.


"This was a residet led suggestion to build a pedestrian bridge."


At the moment council plans to build the bridge from the end of Kennard St, but Cr Johnston is calling for residents to have their say on whether this is the best spot for the bridge.


"I welcome this investment by council of $400,000 to build a new pedestrian link to the Oxley Common." Cr Johnston said.


"The Oxley Common is a very popular local recreational destination."


But she saaid the brand new project had not been put out for any community consultation to date.


"I'm calling for feedback, is this the best location for the bridge?" she said.


Cr. Johnston said there were two issues that she wanted to consult the community on, the first was the lcoation of the bridge, and the second was the issue of the bridge connecting with existing footpaths.


"The bridge on its own isn't enough," she said.


"Council needs to invest in on street footpaths in Corinda and Rocklea."


Public and active transport chairman, Jane Prentice, said the bridge was still in the planning stages, but council had every intention of ensuring it linked to the current footpath network.


"We'll be giving locals a chance to have their say on the final design," she said.