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BCC Chambers Minutes Extract - Council Debate on Sherwood Bus Depot

Submitted by webmaster on Fri, 04/09/2009 - 7:54pm

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Each time I have gotten notice of meetings re this issue it has either been too late or in the case of this one (only the day before) we've had other appointments. We are concerned about the bus depot issue particularly as it impacts on traffic flow and school safety issues. I can see that over time the bus numbers will only increase - further increasing the risks.  Furthermore, we live in Dewar Tce. This street and others in the area already have problems with ratrunning. The bus volumes while not the highest in this direction will add to congestion on Oxley Rd & give drivers another reason to rat run thru the back streets.
Finally, I mentioned this at the meeting at the RSL club for the 5 storey neighnbourhood plan on 6 Aug - I can't believe the number of issues that locals are having to endlessly fight and try to be on top of what the politicians are foisting on us.  It is becoming the situation that you have to be an expert on everything relating to planning, transport, environment etc etc.  I thought that is what our local representatives were supposed to be doing and highly paid to do so.  However, I'm finding they are only interested in what will either raise their profile, or get them brownie points with whatever leader is at the heart of the issue (eg Campbell Newman).  Surprisingly enough we have lives and work that take up a deal of our time, and while I love my suburb and surrounding areas, I resent having to spend every spare minute trying to keep up with the uncaring and fanciful ideas of our (I hesitate to say as they by and large don't represent my views) representatives.