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BCC Candidate Q2of8 - Green Space, Density, Livability, Amenity

Submitted by webmaster on Sat, 31/03/2012 - 8:01pm

What specific plans and implementation timetable do you propose with regard to green space, suburb density and liveability and residential amenity in our ward?



The Lord Mayor and his candidate for Tennyson Ward have committed to delivering a riverfront parkland along the reaches of the Brisbane River at Tennyson. It will be built in two stages and stage one will be open to the public by late 2012 and the final stage completed in the second half of 2013.
Council is compelled to comply with the SEQRP regarding suburb density and livability and residential amenity within the South East corner of Queensland.

Protecting the unique character and amenity of our district is the key local issue residents raise with me. I do not support the rezoning of parts of Sherwood and Corinda from low to medium to medium density (5 storeys). I worked closely with the WTSAG to oppose this change during consultation and approval of the Sherwood Graceville Neighbourhood Plan. This plan was approved by the LNP Administration, when I moved an amendment in Council to oppose the new 5 storey zoning, no LNP Councillor nor the Lord Mayor spoke to justify their reasons for upzoning. This also creates a precedent for our district as already developers are pushing the boundaries arguing for 4 storey developments in 2 - 3 storey areas eg Skew St Sherwood. This decision should be reversed.
I will be working with residents and WTSAG to revisit this issue when the review of City Plan is undertaken this year. This review provides another opportunity to revise this bad decision by Council. Furthermore, it was not proposed within the South-east Queensland Regional Plan. It was a bad LNP Council decision pure and simple.
Right now Tennyson Ward has several key sites that are subject to sale, these include the Alan Fletcher Research Station, Chelmer TAFE and RSCPA. In addition, the future of the Oxley Creek Common is under consideration. In principle, I support retention of these spaces as parkland for community use and acquisition by Brisbane City Council. I will continue to work with Council and the State Government, at the local and ministerial level to protect these sites and ensure their future use reflects community views.
The Sherwood Graceville Neighbourhood Plan zoning requirements now protect community and parkland spaces from development, which is a very good change.
Over the past four years, I have worked hard to improve and protect parkland in our district including building several new playgrounds, upgrading dog-off leash areas, street tree planting projects, more than 40 new footpaths, deliver parking improvements around Corinda Pool and in local streets and ensuring that all local parks were restored after the floods. I also regularly fund local projects including school fetes, the Sherwood Street Festivals, environmental and seniors groups to ensure we have an active, fun and inclusive community spirit. Strong, happy and well-informed people make great communities. I love this part of my job and will be actively working on further local improvements in conjunction with local residents and Council if re-elected.
My views on zoning and planning for our district are outlined in a detailed submission on the Sherwood Graceville Neighbourhood Plan which is available on my website at

Tennyson Ward contains a multitude of greenspace, including a number of environmentally significant sites. A Ray Smith City Council would be committed to protecting, preserving and promoting greenspaces, so that the biodiversity contained therein can be enjoyed for generations to come.
As one part of a broader greenspace strategy, a Ray Smith Brisbane City Council will assist in the rehabilitation of Oxley creek by ensuring that surrounding land is only used in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable way. From day one, Council will work with community and catchment groups, such as the Friends of the Oxley Creek Common, to ensure the continued viability of the Creek.
We’ll also provide greater support for local creek and catchment groups to help them get on with their fantastic work. After meeting with of our local groups, Ray and I agree Council should be doing more to support BCN and our community catchment groups on a project-by-project basis.
Both Lord Mayoral Candidate Ray Smith and myself are committed to maintaining the character of our suburbs. Obviously, ‘appropriate development’ depends on the particular suburb and, indeed, the particular street. However, Ray and I would give significant weight to considerations such as character and amenity in the approval of any development applications.
We also have serious concerns about Development in waterway corridors – particularly after the devastating impacts of last year’s floods on our local area.
In the past, Brisbane City Council undertook significant planning for our waterways corridors with a strong focus on revegetation and water quality through the protection of up to 30 meters either side of our local waterway corridors in the City Plan.
These policies have been systematically been undone in Development Applications approved this Council Administration. For example, the extension to Brisbane Markets was in the waterway.
Ray Smith and I are both very concerned about this trend and if elected we intend to restore respect to these previous policies of disallowing development in waterway corridors. We have a flood-prone city and these policies were put in place for a reason. We have to respect that. I intend to restore integrity to this area of Council’s planning processes to reduce the impact of flooding locally.
Since day one, our team has been focused on restoring Council services to our suburbs and putting money back into our local communities.
That’s why we’ve already released positive plans to make school zones safer with Dragon’s Teeth, build better foopaths and local roads, help residents reduce the impact of mozzies, install more shade sails and free sunscreen in local parks and more funding for sports and community groups.
We are also committed to being more consultative than the current LNP administration, giving residents more say over the look and feel of our suburbs. To this end, I would refer all interested parties to our proposal for Better Suburbs Boards which will give residents a direct say over the way our rates money is spent -

Green space in the Jamboree Ward is of a premium and must be utilised fully to enhance the liveability for all residents. My plan to build an unobtrusive kiosk at the Rocks Riverside Park is aimed at ensuring residents get the most out of their experience and allowing more visitors to enjoy the wonderful vista. I am extremely concerned about the increase of density in our suburbs and the possible loss of character housing and plan to do everything possible to preserve the unique nature of our much loved Queenslanders and will be proactive in addressing the voice of the residents. I am an advocate of sensible development on all levels.

I have already secured funding to commence work on delivering the FOSA masterplan for Sherwood arboretum. The Lord Mayor and I have also committed to delivering a new riverfront parkland at Tennyson for local residents.
With regards to suburban density, Council has been forced to plan for an additional 156,000 new dwellings as part of the South East Queensland Regional Plan at the former Labor government’s insistence. It should be noted that although a certain dwelling target is contained within a neighbourhood plan, there is no guarantee that the associated development may occur.