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BCC Bus depot at Sherwood

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BCC Bus depot at Sherwood

Council to spend $90m on new bus depot

Tony Moore

August 5, 2009 - 10:36AM

Objections have been raised over a plan to build a $90 million bus depot metres from a local school in Brisbane's south.

Brisbane City Council will spend the money on vacant industrial land and a bus depot for 200 buses on Sherwood Road at Sherwood, near the Brisbane Markets.

The site is 500 metres from Sherwood State School.

Link to full story

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This is fine

I think this is a perfectly reasonable proposal.  
The block of land is not close to housing, so will not disturb people.  Sherwood Road is already used quite regularly by much larger vehicles than buses.  All those trucks that go to and from the Rocklea Markets don't present a significant danger. 
I think objections to this are baseless and I challenge anyone to locate another suitable site in Brisbane that is close enough to major roads, and is more than 500m from a school.

Leigh Park
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Inappropriate location for bus depot

The location of the bus depot is inappropriate for a number of reasons. "Murray's" comments are in fact incorrect. The new residential estate being built behind the cementery is directly to the north of this site across the road. I am sure the new residents will not appreciate the sound of bus traffic 20 hours a day. The trucks to Rocklea market, by and large, enter from the east  coming off Ipswich H'way. However the trucks that do use the road, including the trucks supplying supermarkets like Woolworths, do cause a significant problem. This was one of the reasons that Jane Prentice had the speed reduced in front of the Sherwood State School. Nicole Johnstone has suggested several alternate locations in her speech to Council that was distributed at the planning meeting on Thurs 6th August. These seem to make better sense. 

Linda Conrad
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Shockingly inappropriate location for bus depot

I agree with Park that the noise levels for residents will be unacceptable.  Noise will affect not only those in the new residential estate but also a number of people in the vicinity of Jerrold Street off Sherwood Road (recently given "traffic calming" and now to receive "noise stressing") and  Railway Terrace, Hodge, Collins, etc. in Corinda and perhaps further afield. They will be disturbed by the noise of buses TWENTY hours a day. No one will be able to sleep.  This is ridiculous.
Another issue is traffic.  Oxley Road will be increasingly congested; and Sherwood Road is the main road travelled for a number of people who work in industries in Rocklea and Salisbury or at Griffith University's Mt Gravatt and Nathan campuses, so the congestion there will also be dangerously worsened. So many large buses will decrease visibility on a highly travelled road also taking people to the Rocklea Markets (and associated businesses in the strip mall in front of the Rocklea Markets) and the flea markets across the Sherwood Road on Saturdays and Sundays, when crowds of people are walking across Sherwood Road.

Rod Rose
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This is NOT fine

You are obviously a bus driver with no local knowlege.
The entire SW boundary along Railway Terrace and Kennard St is  residential.
Take a drive on the weekend and learn more about the this part of Corinda.
Please watch out for the children riding bikes and playing as you drive through the area! 

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Rod, I've lived in Corinda

Rod, I've lived in Corinda for more than 20 years, and have never driven a bus, not not have a bus licence, and have not owned a car for about 15 years.  I'm one of those people who rides to work every day.
I'll admit I got the location of the proposed depot wrong - for some reason I thought it was on the other side of Oxley Creek.  It was before any maps were made available.
But I still maintain that the proposed depot is good for Brisbane, and that the danger to children will be minimal, especially considering all the traffic on these roads already.  By providing a better public transport system, we'll be able to get more cars off our roads.

Shane Stanley
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Nice to hear...

Hi Murray.
Nice to hear someone say "I'll admit I got the location of the proposed depot wrong". I wouldn't feel to badly about it, you were just following Campbell Newman's lead on that if only we convince him to follow yours...
I think everyone agrees that a bus depot is good thing for Brisbane. And a location propsed to Council by Nicole Johnston on the other side of Oxley creek would seem to meet most of the requirements for a good location (away from Residents, direct access to major roads, existing Industrial location, etc). Sadly we are told this isn't an option. We aren't told why.
In answer to your comment on buses being a danger to children, I would content that one of the reasons the parents of Sherwood school should be concerned is exactly because of the existing traffic.
You probably haven't heard of Melissa Parker? Melissa was Nine years old when she was killed. When she was Nine years old when she stepped out of a bus and into the path of oncoming traffic on the 5th of August in Sydney this year.
Buses are large. They can't be seen through, they can't be seen around, and they impede the visibility of pedestrians and other traffic alike. Whether someone steps off a bus, steps off the footpath behind a bus, or steps out of a car obscured by a bus they are potentially at risk. If they are a child then moreso.
Council keep refering to the low number of extra buses that would be travelling through the Oxley/Sherwood Rd intersection. What they don't spell out is that this 'low' number will double the existing number of buses on the 102, 106 and 598 services. Mixed with the other traffic this isn't a positive thing.
I'm sure Melissa's familiy would agree.

Neil McMahon
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Other locations in INDUSTRIAL areas

Quoting Murray above I think objections to this are baseless and I challenge anyone to locate another suitable site in Brisbane that is close enough to major roads, and is more than 500m from a school.
For a start - Lot 21 in the Radius Estate at Larapinta (15,000 sq m) as advertised in the Courier Mail on 4/9/09
Secondly 46,000 sq m on Learoyd Rd at Acacia Ridge beside the interstqate rail line as advertised here
There are other options.

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You don't live within a block of the Bus Depot

I live in a nice, new townhouse that will be within 1 block of the proposed Sherwood Bus Depot. The amount of constant, heavy-vehicle traffic and pollution (exhaust and noise) is already appalling.  I honestly cannot hear the TV without shutting my doors. I’m struggling to keep my house clean, as a thick layer of muck gets deposited onto every surface (from the current vehicle flow) inside my house each week. Having a 200-bay bus depot virtually next door will be the last draw.

This section of Sherwood Road is highly populated. It makes no sense at all for BCC to further burden the residents with this kind of major disruption. We are unfortunate enough to be right next door to the existing Rocklea industrial area and now the Council wants to push the limit by placing such a major operation at the boundary of industrial-residential zones. 
A facility like this should be placed somewhere “in the middle” of an industrial zone, and not next to people’s houses and school!
Claire Lynch
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I live within a block of the Bus Depot

I live within a block of the proposed Sherwood Bus Depot and have no objections to the Council building the bus depot in Sherwood.

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Bus Depot Outrage - The Satellite

By Kelly Daniels
Residents of Oxley, Sherwood and Corinda protested on the corner of Oxley and Sherwood Roads at the weekend after hearing Brisbane City Council planned to build a bus depot in the area.
And they won't stop there, with a public meeting called for this Saturday at 10:30am at the Sherwood Services Club.

Michelle Hiller, who has one child at Sherwood State School said the road was busy as it was.
"I can't imagine the congestion at picking and drop off times," she said.
"Just trying to get through the lights, I can't imagine it with buses."
Richard Smith, whose two children go to the school, said he would've liked to see some community consultation on the issue.
Brisbane City Council last week voted in favour of purchasing the land on Sherwood Road, which will see another 200 buses roll out across Brisbane once the depot is built.
The site has been vacant since a major warehouse fire in 2007.
Tennyson Councillor Nicole Johnston abstained from voting saying while she did support the Lord Mayor's public transport policy for the city, she had some strong concerns and was opposed to the location of the bus depot at Sherwood.
"It will have a negative impact on the local community in the Tennyson Ward," she said.
Cr Johnston said her concerns were about the community amenity, public safety and traffic management and congestion.
"The proposal has not been included as part of the Sherwood/Graceville Neighbourhood Plan that has been undertaken over the past two years," she said.
"The community is unaware of this proposal."
Richlands Councillor Milton Dick and State Member for Mt Ommaney Julie Attwood also voiced concerns about the planned bus depot.
Ms Attwood said her residents in Corinda were already under pressure, and a bus depot would push some of them to their limits.
Cr Dick said it was already a "traffic nightmare" along Oxley and Sherwood Roads, and he was concerned about noise and environmental impacts.
"Council has proposed other sites that are more suitabl for a new bus depot and local residents have told me they will fight this," he said.
"I believe we can make the Lord Mayor listen and overturn this crazy plan with a strong show of people power."
But despite the opposition, public and active transport chairwoman Jane Prentice, said council had acted quickly to secure the land for a low impact bus depot after the site was advertised for sale with "General Industry" approvals.
Under the land zoning, the 7.9 hectare site could have housed a metal foundry, a sawmill or woodchip operation producing up to 500 tonnes a year; a seafood processing plant producing 100 tonnes of seafood a year; or a pet food manufacturing plant producing 200 tonnes a year.
"This will deliver 400 jobs to the local area and will also improve bus services," she said.
"It will cut down on the time that buses run without passengers.  Usually a bus runs 'empty' all the way back to the depots at Mt Gravatt and Willawong in order to refuel so his is a great strategic location to keep servicing the community better."

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Letter from Councillor Jane Prentice

A letter has been issued to a portion of the Sherwood area from Councillor Jane Prentice (Chairman for Public and Active Transport & Economic Development).  This letter appears to have been released to those residents east of the railway line.
The original letter can be viewed here, however the text follows in full below:

05 August 2009
Dear ........
I write to inform you that Brisbane City Council has today stepped in to purchase the land at 496 Sherwood Road, Sherwood which has been an eyesore since a major warehouse fire in 2007.
This land is zoned for industry and could house anything from a seafood processing plant, a landscaping supplieds storage area or even a concrete batching plant.
Instead, Council will purchase the land as part of the Lord Mayor's $160 million investment in public transport this financial year and is proposing a new depot to house some of the new environmentally friendly buses Council is purchasing.
For local residents such as yourself, this means an improvement to your local bus services.
Like Council's recently completed Willawong depot, the proposed Rocklea depot would be a state of the art facility using the latest technology and design innovations to ensure it is low impact and environmentally sustainable.  Its construction would include the rehabilitation of the adjacent Oxley Creek embankment as well as traffic upgrades to improve Sherwood Road.
Council will undertake further consultation with the community on this proposal once the purchase of the land is finalised.  As a local resident, Council is committed to ensuring you are fully consulted on this proposal and the benefits it would offer your area.  If you have an questions about the proposal please do not hesitate to contact Council on 3403 8888.
Your sincerely
Councillor Jane Prentice
Chairman for Public and Active Transport and Economic Development
Brisbane City Council.

Timothy Woods
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Parents & Children

I have one child at Sherwood State School  and two more to join her over the coming years.
In common with many comments on the WTSAG web site I share residents concerns over traffic congestion and associated risks to school children.
In addition from standing on the Sherwood Rail Platform each morning the School and Depot are towards the lowest point of a large and shallow valley and in Winter this is where the mist hangs. It will also be a pocket where pollution from diesel buses and the cars that the depot and bus workers use will hang. The increased pollution is likely to cause and increase asthma risks and other associated breathing disorders.
I also regularly walk along the Oxley Creek via Oxley Common and have come to treasure the beautiful small birds that frequent the area. I find it hard to imagine what the noise , activity and pollution of 200 buses will do in terms of the peace, tranquility and air quality.
The most poignant comments I agree with is that Chelmer, Graceville, Sherwood Corinda are amongst the most Pristine of Brisbane's suburbs and yet we are being pressured to become Indooroopilly/Toowong like in accepting units to 5 storeys. a 20% population density increase and all of a sudden from left field a Bus Depot which involve more large scale traffic than I ever imagined.
People point out that our suburbs are dominated by business people and professionals and that the jobs the depot brings wll not be filled by people from this area. By definition this means that the the depot and bus workers will be travelling from elsewhere adding to the traffic congestion and pollution.
I object to this proposed depot in the strongest of terms in order to defend the quality of life for my 3 Children , Wife and the wider Community.
Not many  people would accept a Bus depot for 200 buses anywhere in their locality. Neither do we. Please use a more acceptable location as apparently there are some 20 suggested sites.
The site BCC have just purchased would be more acceptable as Office and Light Industry which would be more in line with a fit to our suburbs.
Kind Regards,
Timothy Woods

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New 'park and ride' plan for Brisbane's west - Brisbane Times

By Tony Moore - August 13, 2009 - 5:12AM 
Brisbane's newest 'park and ride' station is being planned for the $16.5 million block of land near the Rocklea Markets bought last week by Brisbane City Council for a bus depot.
The facility will be outlined in a draft plan for the Sherwood Road site to be released next week.
Council's Public Transport Committee chair Jane Prentice said council's modelling showed many people from Brookwater, Springfield and Forest Lake drove their cars into Corinda and Sherwood, parked and caught the train.
"So we think there is an opportunity to look at providing a secure park and ride at Sherwood, particularly for young women."
The land is beside the Tennyson Rail spur which runs from Corinda to Yeerongpilly. Council would run a shuttle bus from the park and ride to the train, Cr Prentice said.
The full article can be found at this link

Allan Howard
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I don't really think Council understands our area!!

So the rail line is being extended to Springfield and the council thinks that people would hop in their car, drive through congested Oxley Road  contending with additional traffic from BBC's sport fields (Oxley Golf Course), Corinda and Sherwood's 5 storeys developments, queue behind the extra buses on the roads, drive right past the train stations and arrive at a nice safe "female friendly industrial area" to wait for a bus!
Councillor Prentice - you used to have a ward office in the Corinda shopping centre a number of years ago, but perhaps you haven't actually travelled the roads in recent times.  The Police now say that over 25% of all accidents in the area occur on Oxley Road.
If this is the level of council planning that occurs, we can do without it.

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Bus Depot Concerns - South West News

Plan for base for 200 buses
By John Simpson
Plans to build a bus depot at Sherwood have attracted strong criticism.
Residents and the local councillor fear a depot would add to existing traffic snarls in the suburb and nearby Corinda.
Brisbane City Council last week announced it would spend $16.5 million to buy a 7.9ha slice of former industrial land at 496 Sherwood Rd on which it plans to build a base for 200 buses.
Tennyson Ward Councillor Nicole Johnston was quick to denounce her own LNP administration’s plan, telling the council meeting on August 4 that an influx of buses would shatter the peace in quiet residential areas near the site.
“I have concerns about the impact of bus operations for 20 hours a day, with noise, lights and traffic congestion,” she said.
She said increased bus traffic would pose a risk to pedestrians and cyclists.
Cr Johnston said Oxley Rd already carried 32,000 vehicles a day.
But the council’s Public and Active Transport chairwoman Cr Jane Prentice said building a bus depot would save the “vacant eyesore” site from a future as a home for a “noisy” metal foundry or sawmill, or “smelly” seafood processing plant developments all allowed under the land’s zoning.
“It (the depot) will cut down on the time that buses run without passengers. Usually a bus runs empty all the way back to depots at Mt Gravatt and Willawong to refuel so this is a great strategic location to keep servicing the community.”
Full Article can be found here

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Mayor claims no impact on residents - ABC 612 News

ABC 612 Brisbane (Brisbane)  
06:30 News - 12/08/2009 6:33 AM
Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Campbell Newman, claims he cannot attend a  community meeting in Sherwood to hear views on a $90 million bus  depot  proposed for the area, but claims he will consult the community on  the matter. Newman adds he is confident he can deliver a bus depot which does not adversely affect residents

Kath Nettleton
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Bus Depot at Sherwood

I attended the meeting, which almost seemed like a LNP support meeting, today at the Sherwood RSL.
Unfortunately, there was not enough time for us all to voice our opinion, but plenty of time for LNP councillors not involved in the area to voice some untruths.  The councillor, who I cannot remember his name, who stated that the Mt Gravatt Bus Depot went unopposed by himself, yet was only 500m from 2 schools, naming them as Upper Mt Gravatt Primary & St Bernards was incorrect.  These schools are 1.6 & 2 kilometres respectively from the bus depot.
Our school is precious, as are all the students that attend this school.  Every other parent would say the same of their schools, no matter where they are.  The difference between this location and the Mt Gravatt locale used as an example by the councillor, is that the Mt Gravatt depot is located next to a major highway, and one of its exits.  The buses DO NOT have to pass any of these schools to get to and from, unless they are actually servicing the bus routes in that area. 
As was said during this meeting, the buses would not even really be servicing our area, but the area to the east.  This in itself points to Larapinta being the better location choice.  
We cannot even get the bottle neck bridge that people always drive into expanded.  There is not enough room for the children to stand to cross the road as it is, along with the cars cutting the corners, buses, which are longer, will cut these corners even more. 
Yes, my child attends Sherwood SS, and we have property in the area, and my husband works in Corinda. We hope to return there soon to make our home.  At this time, we live in an area that should and probably is serviced by the Willawong Bus Depot.  We have had no improvement of service in the 2 months since it opened.  And while Mayor Newman says that they are merely waiting for the State Govt to approve the increase in service, frankly, this depot did not just pop up over night, these improvements should have been planned to commence the day the bus depot opened.

Allan Howard
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Community Meeting on Bus issue

I attended today's community meeting at the Sherwood Services Club and would like to comment on what I saw and heard.
I would like to thank the Sherwood State School P&C for running the meeting, it was apparent they had serious and genuine concerns for the safety of our children and the amenity of our area.
Our Lord Mayor Campbell Newman attended unannounced along with multiple councillors from both parties, 2 television crews and it would appear party supporters from both sides, but I think in the majority were concerned local residents or those from local schools.
The mayor claimed that the new bus depot would bring public transport improvements to the area and that buses would not have to travel long distances to their depot saving them from "running empty".  Councillor Jane Prentice said that of the 200 buses only 2 buses in the morning and 7 buses in the afternoon would go via the Sherwood Road/Oxley Road intersection, in all 500 bus movements are expected per day through the depot.  One has to wonder how these 9 buses would improve services to our area as stated by the Mayor?  This also means that the majority of buses will be "running empty" heading past Rocklea and outwards to start their runs.  It was strongly suggested by locals at the meeting that it would be a lot more logical to start further out of the city as part of the feeder services and move towards and around the city.   It really sounded like Council was trying to convince locals that this was a great idea - the residents didn't sound convinced.
Leigh Park from Walter Taylor South Action Group mentioned that the new Neighbourhood Plan has indicated that this area was to be zoned light industrial.  The whole concept of Neighbourhood Planning is to plan ahead of these sort of issues and since working on this for the past few ideas, some last minute left-field changes have been made including the bus depot, 5 Storeys in Corinda, 5 Storeys at St. Aidans and BBC's sports fields - all items which were not on the almost complete Neighbourhood Planning agenda only months ago.  Leigh expressed concerns that the Neighbourhood Planning consultation process is not taken seriously by council.
The mayor stated that this bus depot would protect residents from undesirable industrial activity.  The draft Neigbourhood Plan states that this area is:
This precinct will continue to provide a local industry and employment node within the Sherwood/Graceville District Neighbourhood Planning area.  Existing lawful industry uses can continue, however low impact industrial uses and
associated offices are preferred in this precinct. New industry uses or expansion of existing lawful industry uses will only be supported where they are consistent with light industry intent, have a low impact on nearby sensitive land uses and provide appropriate buffers. Industry (where Schedule 1 or Schedule 2), Display and Sales Activities or Shops will not be
supported. Residential uses in this precinct will not be supported.

The intention of having light industrial areas close to residential areas is to drop travel requirements for those going to work, yet if we look at the demographics of workers in the area we have a high proportion of professional people.  This means that the worker for the depot will be travelling in from outside the area and this activity will bring increased car travel at abnormal hours of the day (i.e. midnight and 3am)
The bus depot will be diesel only at this stage, so expect inground tanks and later a push to installing gas services as the green buses comes on full stream.  Again, what will happen to this location during an Oxley Creek flood?  Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.
We were told that only Sherwood Road would be used for accessing the bus depot - I do not believe this.  If you think about what will happen when Oxley creek floods, what will the buses do - I think it's obvious, drivers will exit via Railway Terrace in Corinda as there will be no other choice.  With Corinda residents being so close, there is no way that the noise from an adjoining industrial use can effectively be suppressed - it is time this parcel of land use be more appropriately zoned.
If the majority of buses travel towards Rocklea, this will restrict the exit traffic out of the neighbourhood.  As there is currently no major work centre in the area this means residents are forced to exit the neighbourhood to work and there are only 2 major exit points - Oxley Road and Sherwood Road, all currently congested.
I think the Council have the wrong idea for this area - I think it should be made into a Council branch office, and attached commercial offices to match the availability of skills in the area.
I would also like to know if the planned 2025 rail upgrade which includes a tunnel from Graceville Station through underground to the Tennyson link (to take Beenleigh passenger trains to the city) - will it be entering somewhere around the same location as there may be conflicting state and local government plans for this location??
What did others think about the meeting and council's proposal for a bus depot?

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You can also add another 5

You can also add another 5 storey proposal put to council by Pradela on Sherwood Road, virtually across the road from the proposed depot.

Shane Stanley
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The Lord Mayor and his

The Lord Mayor and his minions were at pains to point out that there currently is no bus Depot in Sherwood, that the land contract hasn't settled (and won't until October), and that the only reason the Council purchased the land was that potential sites for Bus Depot's don't come up very often and that it is important to secure them lest the Council miss an opportunity. Fair and valid points.
It was further mentioned that Sherwood was not the only site under consideration. Indeed Council have identified 20 sites on the Southside that could potentially house a Bus Depot...20!
Has anyone else missed the other 19 headlines when the Council secured that land?

Marcus Lane
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What does our Councillor say?

My family and I are concerned about the location of the proposed bus depot. In addition, we've found the planning and community consultation process frustrating, even misleading.
The effort to increase denisty in the area is understandable -- homes and infrastructure do need to be developed to account for population growth. However, the extent of change -- five story apartment blocks -- and the locations chosen -- vibrant family precincts -- are simply inappropriate. And now, a huge infrastructure project in the form of a bus depot on a road network that is already struggling to cope with traffic.
There are, in addition, some process issues that worry me here. Why was this not announced as part of the Plan and accompanying 'consultation' process? What kind of Council do we have that announces decisions like this to its constituents after it purchases the land and decides to proceed? And finally, precisely what is Councillor Johnson's position on this?
We'll be voting on this issue at the next opportunity and we'll be voting for someone who represents our interests.

Lesleigh Howard
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Lack of representation

I had a most unsatisfactory phone conversation with Matthew Bourke, our councillor for Jamboree Ward, on Friday 7th August, the day after the community consultation meeting at the Sherwood RSL.  I had phoned him to suggest that in the spirit of true community consultation, he convene a meeting between St. Aidan's school and local residents who are alarmed by the school's plan to build five storey buildings in a residential area.  He told me this was not warranted and that residents will be informed when they submit a development application.  I said this wasn't good enough and that now their Master Plan has been drawn up wasn't now a pivotal time in the relationship between St. Aidan's and residents as stakeholders.  All I got in return was political spin and no real response.  I also asked him why 5 storey development at St. Aidan's wasn't mentioned in the Sherwood/Graceville Neighbourhood Plan, to which he objected stating that of course it was.  I later checked and found that St. Aidan's is mentioned only in relation to their having drawn up a Master Plan.  There was no mention of 5 storeys.  This vague lack of real information in a draft neighbourhood plan may be seen as deceitful.   In addressing my earlier email comment that his constituents had not heard him speak up regarding the 5 storey developments in Corinda, he said, "That's because I only have a dozen streets of Corinda in my electorate."  I went on to remind him he gained his seat by a slim margin, possibly equivalent to not much more than a dozen streets. 

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BCC Community Consultation called

BCC has very quickly called for 2 Community Consultation meetings to be held at the Corinda Library on Thursday 20th August and Saturday 22nd of August.
Also signs have been posted at the bottom Corner of Railway Terrace, Corinda and on the westbound lane of Sherwood Road just past the entrance.

Shane Stanley
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  I attended the community


I attended the community meeting discussing the proposed Sherwood Bus Depot on Saturday morning at the Sherwood RSL. Prior to this meeting I never really held an opinion of Campbell Newman. Now I do.
Our Lord Mayor was espousing the virtues of building a Bus depot on this site, because as it is zoned for commercial development alternatives to a bus depot may include a Fish processing plant, Dog food factory, Saw mill (or I guess some other fanciful offering all designed to scare local residents to bow to our Mayor's wishes).
When is was pointed out to Campbell that the reason the site is zoned for commercial development, thus allowing for these alternatives, is because he as Mayor allowed it he responded "So you're against jobs then?".
"So you're against jobs then?"...WTF? this really the calibre of the leadership of this city? When faced with a genuine and valid comment to dispute something he wants he stoops to a personal attack against a constituent?
And what of our media. There were TV camera's recording the meeting, and whilst I can only comment on Channel 7 I can see that our Lord Mayor's office clearly treats the media with the same level's of bullying and distain as the general populous…because rather than play back this fantastic sound-bite on the evening news and therefore risk our Mayor's backlash, Channel 7 instead showed Campbell 'appeasing' the locals by stating that there would be no bus depot if there was enough opposition from the community.
Funny, but to me Campbell doesn't appear willing to let any complete debate to allow for any such opposition to become known.

David Bendell
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Proposed Sherwood Bus Depot

As a local resident of Sherwood with 2 young children who we will be sending to Sherwood State School within the next couple of years I am astonished at the BCC proposal for the new Bus Depot on Sherwood Road.  Sherwood road already receives a lot of heavy vehicular traffic and adding more heavy vehicles within close proximety to primary schools does not help create a safe environment for our children when commuting to and from school.
I am also very critical of BCC's process for informing residents of this proposal as it had not been mentioned on any information relating to the proposed Sherwood/Graceville neighbourhood plan and the first time residents heard about the proposal was at the council meeting of 6th August at the Sherwood RSL.  We were told by city planners at that meeting the proposed neighbourhood plan was the BCC vision for the area for the next twenty years and this was the proposed blue print for the area over that time.  Since then the BCC have amended this plan at will as they see fit.  I do not believe that the BCC are undertaking proper community consultation with regard to these decisions and I also wonder if they really do listen to the community and what the residents are telling them.  It was interesting to see Nicole Johnstone who had made her objection clear to the council was not presents at Saturdays rally, obviously she has been told by the party to toe the party line.   And here I was thinking we voted for her to stand up for what the coummunity is telling her. 

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Email Message from Councillor for Morningside

Thank you to all those who attended the public meeting on the proposed Sherwood Bus Depot on Saturday – it was a great turn out. A big thank you must also go to Rachel Peapell and the Sherwood State School P & C for all their hard work at the meeting, and in the lead up to it.
I am writing to let you know about two upcoming Information Sessions regarding the bus depot.
Information  Session 1:
6pm – 8pm on Thursday, 20 August  2009 at the Corinda Library (641  Oxley Rd, Corinda)
Information  Session 2:
 10am – 12pm on Saturday, 22 August  2009 at the Corinda Library (641  Oxley Rd, Corinda)
These sessions have been organised by the Lord Mayor’s team and I was concerned that the Lord Mayor didn’t take the opportunity to promote these Information Sessions when he spoke at Saturday’s meeting.
Many of you may have received a copy of a blue flyer titled ‘Sherwood Road Bus Depot’ which the Lord Mayor and his team were handing out on Saturday. This flyer does list the times for the Information Sessions, however, if you look closely at the wording, it states, “This is your opportunity to have your say and provide input into the design and construction of the proposed depot.”
This indicates that the bus depot is a foregone conclusion – even though the Lord Mayor promised residents he would not proceed with the bus depot if there was strong community opposition!
We understand that the Lord Mayor will only reconsider if there is a huge public outcry.
That’s why it’s important for local residents to make their voices heard by signing petitions, attending community information sessions and speaking out. You may also like to contact your local papers and talkback radio stations.  This is the only way to make sure local residents' views on this important issue are heard.
While it is important to have public transport infrastructure, it needs to be in the right location.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any more information.
Shayne Sutton
Councillor for Morningside
Brisbane City Council Labor Leader
219 Oxford Street
Bulimba Qld 4171
Ph: 3407 8200
Fax: 3407 8205

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Email Message from Councillor Jane Prentice

Dear resident,

As you may be aware, Brisbane City Council is currently in the process of acquiring an industrial site at 496 Sherwood Rd, Sherwood (the old Index Storage Site). 

Consistent with Council’s commitment to deliver a world-class public transport system for Brisbane, it has been proposed that this site be used as a new bus depot for the Southside. However, prior to any final decision being made, there will be extensive public consultation with the local community, which has already commenced.

Given the many potential uses for this industrial zoned site, the possibility of a Council bus depot that would be low impact and environmentally sustainable, would bring many benefits to the local community such as improved bus frequency and a proposed future ‘Park ‘n’ Ride’ facility. Any  construction would also include the rehabilitation of the adjacent Oxley Creek embankment as well as traffic upgrades to improve Sherwood Road.

Below are a number of Frequently Asked Questions however, should you wish to find out more, please attend one of our community information sessions (details below) or call 1800 083 905. 

1. Why does Council need to build another bus depot?
In response to record patronage, Council is providing an additional 125 new buses each year. The proposed new depot on Sherwood Road will accommodate up to 200 of these environmentally-friendly buses, providing improved public transport services for Brisbane residents and further reducing traffic congestion across the city.

2. What are the public transport benefits for residents in having a bus depot located in the area?
A depot on Sherwood Rd will not only provide much needed accommodation for our growing environmentally-friendly bus fleet, but will also improve local bus services in Brisbane’s inner south ensuring greater reliability and fewer empty buses having to transit across the city.

3. What is the site currently used for?
The current site is an eysore following a major warehouse fire in 2007. Parts of the site are currently being used as a scrap metal yard (see attached documents).

4. What else could be built on this land if the bus depot doesn’t go ahead?
Should the depot on Sherwood Road not go ahead, the land has been zoned for industrial purposes so could otherwise be used for high impact operations including seafood processing, a concrete batching plant, sawmilling or metal works.

5. How will traffic on Sherwood Road be affected by a depot?
The vast majority of buses will enter and exit the depot before morning and after evening peak hours - thereby largely avoiding school drop-off and pick-up times. Modelling predicts bus movements during school peak times to add approximately only two bus movements through the intersection between 8am - 9am and only seven to nine bus movements between 2:30pm - 3:30pm. Proposed plans for the depot also include upgrades for Sherwood Road to improve traffic conditions.

6. Where can I find out more?
Come along to an information session at:
Corinda Library -  Oxley Road, Corinda

Thursday, 20 August 6pm-8pm
Saturday, 22 August 10am-2pm

You can also phone:  1800 083 905 or email:

Yours sincerely
Cr Jane Prentice
Chairman for Public & Active Transport and Economic Development
Attached Locality Plan
Attached Site View from Railway Terrace

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Email Message from Councillor Nicole Johnston

Two weeks ago the Lord Mayor announced that Brisbane City Council was acquiring a site at 496 Sherwood Rd, Sherwood (the old Index Storage Site) to build a bus depot.

The proposed bus depot will house 200 hundred diesel buses and result in up to 800 hundred bus movements per day on Sherwood Road, Oxley Road and Fairfield Road in our local area.

The depot will operate 20 hours a day and employ around 400 workers. The site is also being investigated as a bus park and ride facility for the south side.

The proposed depot will have implications for residents living throughout Tennyson Ward, but particularly in Sherwood, Corinda, Rocklea, Graceville, Yeronga, Fairfield and Chelmer.
My Position
As some residents may have read in recent days, at the Council meeting I publicly opposed the location of the bus depot at Sherwood. This was not an easy decision, but as your local Councillor and a local resident, I was concerned that residents had not been advised of Council’s plans to build the bus depot.

While I strongly support the Lord Mayor and his public transport policy for our city, I am deeply concerned about the negative impact a bus depot, and the additional noise and traffic it will generate, would have on our local community in Tennyson Ward. I believe there are other more viable locations including the current site in Larapinta, extending the new Willawong depot or in the Rocklea Industrial area.

My concerns about the proposed location on Sherwood Road fall under three broad headings: community amenity, public safety and traffic management and congestion. For further details of my speech to Council please click here.

The Lord Mayor’s Offer to Reconsider
The Lord Mayor believes the bus depot is an important part of Council’s public transport agenda for Brisbane and that it will help reduce the dead running time of buses across the south side of Brisbane.

I appreciate and thank the Lord Mayor for his commitment to undertake community consultation on the proposed bus depot, and as a result, if there is strong community concern, to reconsider use of the site as a bus depot.

You can read the Lord Mayor’s full speech to Council here.

How to Have Your Say
The bus depot is a major piece of transport infrastructure that will be a long term addition to our community. If you are opposed or in favour of the bus depot, I urge you to have your say.
By email to me at and to the Lord Mayor at
By mail to the Lord Mayor, Sherwood Bus Depot Project, GPO Box 1434, Brisbane Qld 4001.
In person drop in to one of two Council run public information sessions scheduled this week.
Thursday, 20 August 6pm - 8pm Corinda Library, 641 Oxley Rd Corinda
Saturday, 22 August 10am - 12pm Corinda Library, 641 Oxley Rd Corinda

Thank you
I want to thank all those people who have emailed and spoken with me over the past two weeks. Your kind words have been most appreciated.

As always I am committed to working with the local community to ensure that we find the best solution for our local residents, businesses and schools in the area.

Be assured if you are in favour of the bus depot or opposed I will ensure your views are heard and taken into account as part of the consultation process.

Please do not hesitate to contact my office if you have any questions about the bus depot proposal.
Nicole Johnson

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More meetings planned - The Satellite

Griffith Thomas
BRISBANE City Council's big guns attended Saturday's public meeting to defend their plan to build a $90 million bus depot at 469 Sherwood Road, Sherwood.
Lord Mayor Campbell Newman, his deputy Graham Quirk and public and active transport chair, Jane Prentice, tried to convince more than 150 residents the infrastructure project would provide several benefits to the local community.
But despite their best efforts, the majority of people didn't follow their march and instead stormed to sign a petition against the proposal after the meeting at Sherwood Services Club.
Residents of Oxley, Sherwood and Corinda only heard about the proposal after council voted in favour of purchasing the 7.9 hectare land on Sherwood Road two weeks ago to build a low impact bus depot.
Once completed (expected late 2012) locals will see another 200 buses roll out across Brisbane.
During Saturday's fiery one hour meeting - which was cut short to make way for the bingo - restless residents listened to Cr Newman outline the positives of the project.
But to some extent due to tight time constraints, the Lord Mayor failed to address many of the concerns raised by the community, which included the location of the depot 50 metres from homes and 500 metres from Sherwood State School, increased traffic congestion on Oxley and Sherwood Roads, noise and light pollution and the safety of school children.
Cr Newman said while there were alternative locations on Brisbane's southside including a location at Larapinta, the Sherwood site ticked all the boxes, which prompted council to act quickly to secure the land.
“That site is currently zoned for industry and there is all sorts of quite obnoxious things that could occur there,” he said.
Under the land zoning, the location - which has been vacant since 2007 when a warehouse on the site was destroyed by fire - could have housed high-impact industries such as seafood processing, dog food manufacturing, sawmilling and metal works.
Cr Prentice, whose Walter Taylor Ward used to include the suburb of Sherwood before the last council election, said there was no secrecy with the proposal and that public consultation was yet to start.
To the delight of many protestors, Cr Prentice said: “If the community is so upset with the bus depot, it won't go ahead”.
Tennyson Councillor, Nicole Johnston was not in attendance.
Richlands Councillor Milton Dick raised a number of concerns about the depot, saying residents had heard a lot of blame and excuses but not how the depot would affect the community and school.
Residents can have their say at two public consultation information sessions this week at the Corinda Library on Oxley Road.
The first session is on this Thursday, August 20, from 6pm to 8pm and a second session is scheduled for this Saturday, August 22, from 10am to 12noon.
Link to Original Story

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Sherwood bus depot battle rages - South-West News

by John Simpson
Lord Mayor Campbell Newman has admitted he will abandon his controversial plan to build a bus depot at Sherwood if there is significant community opposition.
But his assurances have met with scepticism from some residents including those from Corinda who are worried about the impact on local roads.
About 500 people have added their names to a petition against the proposal, which will see a home for 200 buses built on a vacant 7.9ha slab of industrial land on Sherwood Rd.
Cr Newman, along with LNP colleagues Councillors Jane Prentice, Graham Quirk and Matthew Bourke, faced residents at a fiery public meeting on the issue at Sherwood Service Club, Corinda, on Saturday.
Residents used the forum to voice their concerns, saying an increase in bus traffic would add to noise and traffic congestion in the area, and endanger the safety of children who walked to school.
Sherwood State School P&C;president Rachel Peapell said the council recently approved a large residential development behind the school despite considerable community opposition.
“I don’t trust them. Sometimes when they’ve got their minds set on something, they just go ahead with it.”
A notable meeting absentee was LNP Councillor Nicole Johnston (Tennyson) who has spoken out against her administration’s plan. A council spokesman said Cr Johnston was on leave that had been approved “some time ago”.
Link to the Original Story

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BCC and their crappy urban sprawl

The reason why I bought my dream home in Sherwood was because of the look and feel of the area.  I have two small children of soon to be Primary School age... who would be attending the Nice Q'lander look of Sherwood State School.
Nice big block of land so that I don't live on top of my neighbours. (And not next to 5 storey appartment blocks).  I don't want to live in the CITY!!!!!
A train to get me into the city and to be the preferred mode of transport.  Get the people off the roads.. (not in buses!)
Now in the last 2 months all I have heard and witnessed is the BCC and State Government trying to make shift established areas that have a nice atmosphere into urban muck!!!!!
Fore thought and planning seems to go out the window when trying to retrofit established suburbs into congested urban cities!
Ahhh but we (BCC) did hold community meetings to help in neighbourhood planning  around your area.... we got your views and now we are going to implement something entirely different and NOT what was discussed.
And then to hear at the August 6th Neighbourhood planning meeting that there is going to be a Bus Depot to be put in along Sherwood rd is the tip of the iceberg!!!  It's like OH by the way we are going to make your suburb even more ugly, noisy and unsafe by putting in a bus depot to service people who don't even live in the area. Not to mention the location is near Sherwood State School, the Rocklea Markets and a new residential complex!
Also why would someone want to put a Bus Depot in an area that has already has an established train line?
Sherwood Rd and Oxley Rd by memory does not have a dedicated bus lane, this causes no end of congestion whilst having to stop behind them waiting to pick up and drop off passengers.  It also increases the amount of accidents due to merging issues.  So creating more buses during peak times will only make it worse.
I don't want it in Sherwood and I would like to see more information on the other 19 sites and where the majority of buses would be headed to perform their daily commute routine.

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Bus Depot

I attended the public session, with special guest Lord Mayor - the mayor was rather patronising accusing all of us in the region we didn't understand his very clear plan to build two new bus depots, that we were against jobs, better transport and services by opposing, and that that the Corinda residents on Railway Terrace will get some new landscaping (I will plant a few with my own money - while I agree their views are unpleasant, its rather minor in the scheme of things).  I was also a little disappointed with the young LNP - Rent-A-Croud, whose concerns I'm not sure are genuine. 
While mindful to not complain but have options:  the part I don't understand if they have built a Bus Depot at Willawong (award winning by all accounts)- why not just make it twice the size and put the 200 buses there - its a great location, and away from communities.   That is my counter proposal.  Supersize Willawong.
(as an aside - I thought it ironic my lead up to the community session - we are a one car family and I had to walk to the event packing my kids and saturday morning soccer supplies - because my wife was stuck on the other side of Walter Taylor Bridge due to traffic back up.  She could not get back across and collect me in time for a community planning meeting which talks about 16 more buses per hour on our roads - magic!)

Shane Stanley
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Follow the logic

Follow the logic on this. The Lord Mayor suggested that those against his plan were against jobs.
Let's consider this. The Council is going to build a bus depot. They could build it in Sherwood, creating short term non-sustainable jobs during the construction phase and then manning the depot.
Or they could build it elsewhere, creaing exactly the same jobs but without then community impacts + additional jobs by utilising the Sherwood area for low impact industry (as had been consulted through the Neighbourhood Plan).
I would submit, based on nothing other than a clear understanding of basic logic, that if Campbell Newman goes ahead with a Bus Depot in Sherwood then it is Campbell Newman that is against jobs.

Edgar Conrad
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BCC Bus Terminal Community Consultation

 I just returned from the consultation on the Bus Depot held at the Corinda Library.  WHAT A FARCE!!  There was no record of attendance, and papers were handed out by a private group.  No one could provide answers to questions; not even Nicole Johnson who, apparently because she did not vote for the project when it came up in Council, is being kept in the dark on these issues.
To treat people who attended these meetings in this way is a monumental insult.  I attended this meeting in good faith and the  trust was not returned.  There are genuine problems associated with the Depot regarding traffic, the location close to housing and the Sherwood School, and evident increase in truck traffic given the development at Rocklea.  But all that was available was a sheet of paper reminiscent of an exam paper with the clear message that no matter what you say you will fail.
While neighourhood people have organized to protest to an apparently "deaf' Lord Mayor and local councillors concerning the bus depot and five storey development, no-one has ever mentioned political association.  The issue as we see it is not a political one.  However, the meeting on Saturday was turned into a political event by the Young Liberals in attendance.  People in the neighbourhood who attended were greeted with a flyer outlining the corruption in the Labor party.  However, I have observed for many years that the voices of those who point out others' weaknesses are describing their own. (When you point your index finger at someone else, the thumb is pointing back to you.) Why have the five story development in Corinda, for example,  and the Bus Depot on Sherwood Road been dropped on us from nowhere?  I suspect that there are a number of silent stories associated with five storeys and that the bus depot, if not completed, will result in someone getting busted.  
I feel hurt, anger, outrage, astonishment, disbelief, insult, frustration, powerlessness, oppression and a number of other nouns that would take me the rest of the night to catalogue.

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Letter from Federal Member for Moreton

Dear Resident,
Re: Proposed 200-bay Brisbane City Council bus depot at Sherwood
I am writing seeking your views about Brisbane City Counci's plans for a new bus depot on Sherwood Road.
BCC wants to spend $90 million to build a depot for 200 buses on Sherwood Road, 500 metres from the Sherwood State School.
Obviously all sensible ratepayers expect BCC to come up with sustainable solutions for public transport; however I am concerned that residents of Sherwood, Corinda and surrounding suburbs have not been appropriately consulted about this proposal.  I am also aware that there are strong feelings in the community about the impact a bus depot would have on the amenity of the area and the safety of nearby school children.
Tennyson Ward Councillor Nicole Johnston did not vote either way on this issue and she was unable to attend the community meeting on Saturday 15 August.  I also read in The Sunday Mail (Parties 'hijack' bus rally, 16 August 2009) that this meeting was dominated by views that did not reflect community concerns and that local residents were booed when they tried to speak up.
With this in mind, I want to make sure your views are being heard, and if necessary, I can then take on the fight on your behalf.  Please send your views on this proposal to: or pop them in the post.
Yours sincerely,
Graham Perrett MP
Federal Member for Moreton
cc: Lord Mayor, Campbell Newman
      Council Opposition Leader, Cr Shayne Sutton
      Tennyson Ward Councillor, Cr Nicole Johnston
      State Member for Indooroopilly, Scott Emerson MP
Scanned copy of original attached (addressee hidden)

Graeme Robinson (not verified)
Community meeting on the 15th

Isn't it strange how Campbell Newman didn't mention at the meeting held at the Sherwood Services Club on the 16th, the BCC Community Information Sessions to be held on the 20th and 22nd August. Was he trying to hide something ??. He contradicted himself by saying that the Bus Station was for the local residents of Sherwood and Corinda, then a little later said the buses will be serving the Southside. How about we put the Bus station next to Campbell Newman's house. I'm sure he could arrange a rezoning.

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bus depot

 Just back from the Saturday morning information session at the library. Well, it was called an information session. There wasn't much of that to be had really. Just a bunch of private greeters who knew no more than what was on the BCC flyer. The one bit of new information that I did get was that this depot was not going to have facilities for the newer, cleaner gas-powered buses. The only refueling facility will be dirty-old-diesel. Given that this facility will back straight on to Oxley Creek, that's a bit disturbing. They will have to be very careful to make sure nothing gets into the creek, including any storm-water run-off from their paved areas.
They claim we will get improvements to our bus services in the area. Does this mean we will get 598/599 and 106 services on Sundays? If anything, I would think that the extra local congestion caused by the park-and-ride facility will only increase the unreliability of the existing services. What a stupid place for a park-and-ride when the REAL transport hub for the area is up the road at the Sherwood train station. No doubt there will be more buses in our area. The real question here is how many of them will show SORRY NOT IN SERVICE on their destination blinds.
They also claim that the project will bring traffic improvements for Sherwood Road. That might depend on your point of view as to what might constitute improvement. If you are a motorist who uses the area to travel through, then road widening and extra lanes would certainly be an improvement. But if you are a local resident then that could only constitute a downgrading of Sherwood Road. Locals need Sherwood Road improved for better pedestrian access between Sherwood shopping precinct and the Rocklea markets. We'd like to be able to walk or cycle to the Oxley Common. We'd like the pedestrian and bicycle access between Egmont St and Jerrold St made easier and safer. We'd like to be able to let our children walk to school. We'd like to make the walking environment safer for our older citizens too.
A bus depot that brings real benefit to the local community would be a wonderful thing to have here. However on present indications it looks to be of more benefit to Brisbane Transport's balance sheets than much else.

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Worker Entrance displayed in Railway Terrace, Corinda

We have some additional information provided by a local resident following the consultation sessions.
Click here to see from the drawings, the entrance to the workers car park is marked on Railway Terrace, Corinda even though the councillors were claiming the entrance was on Sherwood Road.  Drivers will be arriving and departing from 4am till midnight, 7 days a week.

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Enviroment and traffic lights

The storage of 200,000 litres of diesel is a real concern especially from an enviromental aspect. There would be no guarantee of either above ground or below ground storage tanks leaking. As the site is so close to the Oxley Creek if a leak did occur then it would be disasterous for the wildlife that exists there.
The noise created during daylight hours and the lighting at night at this Proposed Bus Station would also interfere with the wildlife in Oxley Common. Residents have spent years establishing Oxley Common for the enjoyment of everyone and this proposed facility could severley reduce the current species of wildlife that currently reside in the Common.
It would be my opinion that if the majority of buses are exiting and entering to the east of the facility onto Sherwood Road then it wouldn't be long before the BCC would have to install traffic lights at that entry otherwise buses will have trouble exiting onto busy Sherwood Road. So travelling east on Sherwood Road from Oxley Road residents would pass over the Corinda rail overpass bridge and suddenly be confronted with a set of traffic lights. I hope your car has good brakes. !!!

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Hot Topics from Lord Mayor of Brisbane - bmag 25 Aug 2009

Campbell Newman
One of the tough parts of this job is planning.  Trying to make sure things go in the right place takes time and proper consideration.  It is not something to be taken lightly.
As you know, Council is putting about 125 new buses on the road each year.  But those buses have to be refuelled and garaged overnight.  That means we need bus depots, which are not cheap and must be strategically located across the city.  Buses have to drive for long distances to be refuelled, which creates delays and costs extra money.
Recently Council identified a possible site on Sherwood Road on the border of Rocklea and Sherwood for such a bus depot.  This decision created a bit of debate in Council as it would be in an LNP ward.  Labor held a public meeting to whip up community angst and told the media it was a bad thing.  But I do not believe record investment in public transport is bad for Brisbane because every bus takes about 40 cars off the road.  Besides there are worse fates than environmentally-friendly bus depots that improve public transport in areas, as I will explain.
The 7.9 hectare site we have selected, on a busy road near the Brisbane Markets at Rocklea, was the location of a huge factory fire a few years back.  Recently the site was put on the market.  And even though it doesn't have any factory on it at the moment, the site still has an industry zoning which means someone could put up a large smelly factory there as soon as they buy the land.  Specifically, the site is approved for a seafood processing plant capable of prodicing 100 tonnes of seafood every year.  Of there could be a giant metal foundry works producing 20 tonnes of steel a year, or a pet food manufacturer producing 200 tonnes a year, or a timber works and saw mill producing 5000 tonnes a year from the site.
Instead Council will house 200 buses to service commuters all over south  Brisbane. Nearly all of them will be gone around dawn and will return during the day only for refuelling.  It means we can keep more buses on the road for longer periods, rather than having to send them all the way back to Willawong or Mt Gravatt to be refuelled, without carrying passengers.

Linda Conrad
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Let's have some honesty, Mr. Newman

Newman says there was a "huge factory fire" a few years back. To be exact, it was a fire 8th September 2007 that started in a storage area (possibly toilet tissue in storage) and destroyed the building that provided storage and also housed about 50 businesses. It was not a "factory" (like the "large smelly factory" that he claims could be an an alternative to the bus depot).   Furthermore the new draft Sherwood-Graceville District Neighbourhood Plan, based on my understanding of Nicole Johnston's speech opposing the bus depot in Council, calls for a change in zoning to "light" rather than "heavy" industry.  Johnston said:
"I am also concerned that this area is being rezoned as part of the Neighbourhood Plan, to prevent heavy and general industry uses. It has been zoned as a future industry and light industry. And certainly I think the community expectation is those heavy industry uses that are in that area will move out, over the course of the next few years."
This means that Newman is trying to sneak in a bus depot (with 200 buses and incredible traffic hazards) under the OLD Sherwood-Graceville District Plan and then foist five-storey buildings onto the community in the NEW Sherwood-Graceville District Plan, thus burdening the community with the worst of both the old and the new plans. He is exploiting the old plan as quickly as possible (note the hasty signage and last-minute, poorly advertised "information sessions") before the new plan can be implemented and frustrate his depot plans. The new plan, of course, is noxious in many respects (about as smelly as the factories that the Mayor keeps evoking), but in the one respect in which it is positive, it would prevent the Mayor from building the bus depot.
Nicole Johnston's opposition to Campbell Newman's Plan is showing respect for the community and its future. Campbell Newman is showing contempt for the community. He seems unconcerned by the horrendous traffic problems that will result, the safety risks for cars, bicycles, pedestrians and school children , as well as the health and safety of nearby residents with 200,000 litres of stored fuel within metres of their houses. 

Shane Stanley
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612 ABC Brisbane

A link to this mornings coverage by 612 ABC and a slightly more public place to leave your comments.

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BCC Website details on Bus Depot

It appears that BCC's website now contains some limited details about the bus depot.
You can find it by clicking here.

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Important Message from Cr Matthew Bourke

The following letter has been sent to residents of Jamboree (including part of Corinda).
Dear Resident,
The Lord Mayor and I are committed to improving public transport in our local area to reduce Brisbane's traffic congestion.  To achieve our goal of having a world class public transport system, significant investments are being made into the bus network including 500 new environmentally friendly buses in just four years.
Recently Brisbane City Council acquired land at Sherwood Road, near the Rocklea Markets.  Council is proposing to build a state of the art environmentally friendly low impact bus depot on the site.  This site is currently zoned General Industry and could have housed a range of high impact and undesirable industries.
The Lord Mayor has publicly stated that a full consultation process will be undertaken with local residents on the proposed depot. The depot will improve the reliability and efficiency of bus services in Brisbane's south west and offers an opportunity for extra services in our area in the future.
This is yet another way Council is improving public transport in our city.

It is a shame that the local State Member doesn't share this view.

The local State Member is opposing this vital public transport infrastructure that will improve services in our local area.  Unfortunately the local State Member is more interested in trying to score political points than delivering better public transport.
I would like to assure all residents that I will continue to fight for better public transport for our local area.
If you wish to discuss this or any other local issue please don't hesitate to contact me.
Yours sincerely
Matthew Bourke
Councillor for Jamboree Ward.

Shane Stanley
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Improving local public transport

In reply to Councillor Bourke,

I have yet to see anyone attempting to score cheap political points from the proposed Sherwood Bus Depot development, except maybe if you were to read the Council minutes from August 11. The deputy Mayor demonstrated just how frivolously the LNP views debate on this matter by putting more energy into rewording a motion in Council to bad mouth previous ALP administrations than to actually focus on the issue in front of him. Or maybe Campbell Newman's retelling of the Sherwood Services Club meeting from his point of view from this week’s BMag. Or is it Councillor Bourke himself, feeling he needs to bold that very section in his letter to Residents, in doing so accomplishing exactly what he is accusing the State member of? Interesting reading in all cases...
And for the record I have no political affiliations - and up until 3 weeks ago, no strong political views.
I am intrigued however by the LNP claims that the ALP is opposed to new public transport infrastructure. I certainly haven't read that anywhere. In fact quite the opposite - I think this is one of the few areas where both sides of the political spectrum are aligned. Certainly they are questioning the location, but not the need.
What ALP is doing is embarrassing the LNP into making them consult with the people of Sherwood & Corinda, making them respond publicly to the concerns of local residents, taking them to task over poorly communicated and thought through Council plans. Sadly, the only reason that they need and are able to do this is because the LNP has gone off the rails on this one. They've opened the door and invited the opportunity for political points scoring...and as a largely political agnostic even I can see points are being scored.
Councillor Bourke would do well to be concerned...and to turn that concern into listening to the voices of the community. Councillor Bourke doesn't have that many votes to play with...
And finally Councillor Bourke, I am more than intrigued to hear that a bus depot will improve services to the local area. I'm intrigued because depending on the day, the time, or maybe even the weather the view from Council seems to change. I ask you Councillor Bourke, is it improved services we will be getting, which Council appears to spent about half of it's time telling us...improved services which by definition would imply increased bus traffic past Sherwood School. Or is it that the vast majority of services will actually travel east along Sherwood Road, away from Sherwood & Corinda as the deputy Mayor reported on ABC radio on Tuesday morning and was reported in Council today? Because, and correct me if I am wrong, but if the buses aren’t passing through our community they aren’t improving our service. Or is it still that most services will be on the road well before peak times, travelling empty to get to the start of their routes...again away from the Sherwood/Corinda area, providing no extra service.
Surely if the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor and the remainder of the LNP Councillors are happy to continue trying to sell three versions of the same story they can’t protest too much if the ALP was to score the occasional point?
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Letter your Councillor did NOT want you to see - Julie Attwood

The following letter has been sent to residents in Corinda.
Dear Corinda Resident,
On the reverse side of this page there is a copy of a misleading letter from your Brisbane City Councillor which was distributed to all suburbs in his Ward apart from Corinda.
Thought that you might be interested in how determined your elected Councillor is to ensure a major bus depot on a 2-lane road becomes a reality.  Even his LNP colleague Nicole Johnston spoke against it in Council.
Strong objections have been raised by the local community about Council's plan to build a large bus depot just metres from a primary school - I am proud to be working to support the community in opposing this development.
I am committed to improving public transport and reducing traffic congestion in all parts of my electorate and have successfully lobbied for increased train and bus services over many years.
Brisbane needs a world class public transport system, but not at any cost.
All those extra buses travelling down Sherwood Road, Oxley Road and other local roads in the surrounding suburbs is a safety risk.  Not just to the hundreds of school children who attend the local schools but also to pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists.
Sherwood and Oxley Roads are already congested and the roads the buses would need to travel along won't be able to handle the increased traffic.  I have been informed that some of these buses will also be using Ardoyne Road and Cliveden Avenue to get to their destinations.
There are also the environmental issue to think about.  Approximately 200,000 litres of diesel fuel will need to be stored on-site.  The bus depot will generate a lot of noise with its 24 hour operation and any security lighting could also intefere with wildlife in Oxley Common.
I don't think Brisbane City Council has thought this proposal through.
The Council has a second option to build the depot further south in a motor business park at Larapinta and I think that site should be investigated thoroughly.
Please let your local Councillor know what you think about the proposal.
Your sincerely,
Julie Attwood MP
Member for Mr Ommaney
25 August 2009

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Email Message from Councillor Nicole Johnston


At last night's Council meeting the Deputy Mayor verbally updated Council with traffic figures for the proposed bus depot at Sherwood.
I am grateful to be able to pass this information onto residents. It is fairly raw data, and I will be seeking to obtain a written copy of this traffic report to fully understand the basis on which it was complied.
The Deputy Mayor indicated that the "vast majority" of bus movements would be to and from the east via the Sherwood Rd/Fairfield Rd/Muriel Ave intersection and along Fairfield Road. This information has implications for residents in Yeronga, Fairfield and Yeerongpilly, and if you would like more information about the bus depot you can read my speech to Council here.
Traffic Figures
Total estimated bus movements per day - 708.

Bus movements per day at the Oxley Road/Sherwood Road, Sherwood intersection.
                               2011                                                          2013
                    (operations commence)                           (full operations)
TOTAL                       118                                                            151

School Hours:
8am-9am                      2                            8am-9am                     2
2.30pm-3.30pm            7                           2.30-3.30pm                 18

Peak Hours:
7am-9am                     13
4pm-6pm                      7

While the actual figure was not noted yesterday, based on buses heading west, the total amount of bus movements heading east to Fairfield Rd is estimated to be around 590 per day.

* Please note these figures are reproduced from my written notes of the meeting and I have endeavored to be as accurate as possible, but thought it was important to get this new information to residents as soon as possible. The transcript (Hansard) of the meeting will be available online on Council' s website next week.
How to have your say
The Lord Mayor has made a commitment to undertake public consultation on the proposed bus depot, and as a result, if there is strong community concern, to reconsider use of the site as a bus depot.

Whether you are opposed or in favour of the bus depot I urge you to have your say.

By email: to me at and to the Lord Mayor at
By mail: to the Lord Mayor, Sherwood Road Depot Project, GPO Box 1434, Brisbane Qld 4001.

As always I am committed to working with the community to ensure that we find the best solution for our local residents, businesses and schools in the area.

Nicole Johnston
Councillor for Tennyson

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Council traffic impact data sketchy

The traffic data released by Council is sketchy at the least as it only reports the impact of buses.  It does not include the 400+ staff cars or the park and ride shuttle buses going up and down Sherwood Road past the Sherwood State School with regularity, nor the commuter traffic to and from the park and ride facility. Also the data does not show the numbers of buses coming and going prior to 7 am and in the evenings when residents are sleeping or should I say being woken by noise and lighting.

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I realise lots of people

I realise lots of people don't want noise near their house, and correct me if I'm wrong, but don't most of the people within the area already live within 100m of a freight rail line?  I'd have thought that freight rail trains were much noisier than buses.

Shane Stanley
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You would of course realise...

...100m is further away than 50m? ad-hoc freight train would does not have the same impact as the continuous coming and goings of 200 buses and associated staff over a 20 hour+ period?
...freight trains do not originate out of this area, necessitating 400+ staff to travel around residential back streets as they head to work?
...freight trains don't tend to travel down Oxley & Sherwood road, adding to existing congestion?
...a freight train, in isolation, does not pose a signicant threat to the ecosystems of Oxley Creek?

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Noise pollution

I note that you live in Hassall St, which is not one of those streets that will be affected by the increased noise / light pollution which will occur with the proposal bus depot.
You aren't living 50 metres from the site, I am, how can you say that it is not going to affect me!!!

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Which is noisier?

I didn't say this wasn't going to affect you, but I  was debating whether the proposal was going to be significantly worse than the freight rail and other industries that already exist.
As I work in a transport related field, I have seen more strenuous noise reports and restrictions placed on railways than on busways.  Admittedly, I have never seen one on a bus depot (they don't come up very often).

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Oxley Creek Environmental Group Inc. Newsletter - August 2009

An extract from the Oxley Creek Environmental Group Inc.'s August 2009 Newsletter

The BCC Bus Depot ... 200 residents met at the Sherwood Services Club on Saturday 15th August to protest against the proposed depot at the old Carricks site on Sherwood Road, Rocklea.

From all reports, this was a very volatile meeting. No doubt, a carry-over from the frustrating Neighbourhood Planning consultation. There are a lot of questions to be asked and problems solved. As this is only a concept plan, once the final one is released, then this will be the time to look at it thoroughly. Whether it is to be a bus depot or some other use, the reality is that it will be developed eventually.

At the end of the day whatever eventuates, traffic is always going to be a problem. The Lord Mayor Campbell Newman has been quoted as saying that if enough people do not want this facility in Rocklea, then other areas will be looked at. Two further meetings on 20th & 22nd at the Library gave people the opportunity to write down their suggestions. Councillor Johnston is urging people to forward their opinions direct to her and she will ensure that they are passed on to the appropriate department.

Jocelyn Clarkson.

Rachel Peapell
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Sherwood Bus Depot

I attended Saturdays public meeting and both of the so called information sessions and first of all applaude Nicole Johnson for standing  up and supporting us. 
The last couple of days I have read the statisics of the bus movements but in all the reports no one has bothered to mention the 400 cars entering the area that belong to staff or the cars who will be using the park and ride. The interesting thing at the information session was that the entrance to the staff car park is off Railway Tce, thus causing the intersections at Clewely St and Martindale St to become even more conjested. I can't imagine that many cars making their way throught the back streets,  that I might add,  are used greatly by children getting to St Josephs School and Sherwood State School.
I would also like to point out that while these estimates are being made now the reality is that in 5 years the population may increase so much that the council could in turn double the bus runs from their original estimate therefore leaving us powerless to do anything - it's to late in 5 years to turn around and say oops sorry.
I am also concerned about the comment that Sherwood Rd would be upgraded in the process, does this mean that they may widen the road and make 2 lanes either way up to Oxley Rd therefore losing what little parking we do have for the school. 
I just hope that the Lord Mayor stands by his word when he promised that if there is strong community concern he will reconsider use of the site as a bus depot.

aware local
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A Range of Issues

There are alot of questions unanswered by council and there is a great lack of transparancy on this issue and even less consultation. what other sites were considered and on what basis were they excluded?
What will be the benefit to the local community if this depot is built? At the "information session" there was no information about this. There appears to be alot of benefit to residents of outlying suburbs, as that is where the buses, we are told, will go, not our local area.
The local bus service runs once an hour and stops in the early evening. It would be hoped that a frequent bus timetable would be a "payoff" to local residents for having the depot in the area, but that hasn't been thought of as a bribe to the residents.
what will be the impact on 400 staff cars accessing the rear of the property via the St Joseph's school area? (and residential streets). of course they will build an entry there - any one can see that despite your reassurances.
the park and ride has land allocated but it will not be built unless the state govt pays for it to be built. so we get a bus depot but no park ride!
the officers present at the information session, admitted that the land was contaminated with asbestos from the fire and would need 100mm taken off the surface to make it safe. how do we know this will make it safe? do we want more consturction workers expsed to asbestos? Do we want bus drivers and maintenance staff exposed to asbestos in thier workplace?
the external company collecting the feedback booked the session 2 weeks ago (the man told me they did), so an external company knew about this before the local residents. it would appear that we are having token consultation to appease residents, not true consultation, where there is timely exchange of information, time to consider information and consideration of all views before a decision is made. it would appear the council has made up its mind. if council has paid $16 million and it doesn't go ahead - what a waste of taxpayers money!
it is a farce really - council officers present had no clear idea of what was happening, how do we know that the external group will represent our concerns to council, and there was very little information.
jane prentice has a lot to answer for - even though she was our member for years, once she has moved to another electorate, she dumps this on her former consituents. shows how much she really cares about representing us.

In summary, i am angry about the lack of proper process, transparency and genuine consultation.

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Union Supports Depot - SouthWest News 26th August

By John Simpson
Brisbane City Council's contentious Sherwood bus depot plan has received union support with claims it will create much needed jobs for local residents.
In a surprise tick of approval, the Rail, Tram and Bus Union last week praised the LNP administration's plan as a "good move" for improvement of public transport services.
In a letter to the council's Public and Active Transport chairwoman Jane Prentice, union assistant secretary David Matters described the proposed depot location on Sherwood Rd as "quite ideal".
"It is in a secluded part of Sherwood and close to industrial areas.  The access roads appear to be quite good." he said.
Labor, which has traditionally received union support, has joined many Sherwood and Corinda residents and local LNP councillor Nicole Johnston in opposing the plan.  Angry residents have added their comments to online forums after another consultation session last weekend.
They and Labor say more buses will add to traffic congestion and post a risk to pedestrians and school children.
But the council has provided figures showing just two buses would travel past Sherwood State School in the morning peak and seven in the afternoon.  This number is expected to grow to 18 in the next four years.

Deputy Mayor Graham Quirk will present the figures to the Infrastructure Committee tomorrow and said 33,173 vehicles used the road each day and the number of buses would only increase that number by 118.
But Cr Johnston wrote on her website that there would be 800 bus movements a day on Sherwood, Oxley and Fairfield roads.

Neil McMahon
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I suspect the Union approval

I suspect the Union approval is for a new bus depot (and in reality anywhere will do that isn't too far out of town).  While Nicole Johnston did speak against the proposal she did not vote against it in Council.  Check the Council Meeting minutes here (from page 93).
The reality is that the arrogant lord mayor (accompanied by a bunch of "yes" people) have not consulted, have not listened and obviously don't care about the residents of this area.
200 Buses a day making at least 2 trips out of the depot per weekday plus 400 staff equals something in excess of 1600 extra vehicle movements in this area that already approaches gridlock during our extended peak hours (that include regular queues back to Chelmer Station to get over the bridge at lunchtime on a Saturday!).  Two politicians have responded to my emails - none of them have addressed my concerns.
Brisbane Transport has not worked what routes the buses that may be based at Sherwood will service.  Accordingly any traffic predictions are rubbish.  If they don't know where the buses will go to how can they predict the effects on local traffic.

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traffic backing up

Of course traffic is backing up.  We live in a great part of the world and more people are wanting to live in south-east Queensland.   And people are choosing to drive everywhere.
But one full bus can take 50 cars off the road.  Imagine how much better our roads would be is we could provide a better public transport system rather than driving everywhere (and bicycle lanes too for that matter). 

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Traffic impacts / Community consultation from Cr Jane Prentice

A Message From Councillor Prentice


As you may be aware, Brisbane City Council is currently in the process of acquiring an industrial site near the Rocklea Markets at 496 Sherwood Rd, Sherwood (the old Index Storage Site) and is proposing to remove the current eye-sore and construct a state-of-the-art bus depot facility.


Council is undertaking an extensive public consultation process with the local community regarding this proposal.


Given the many potential uses for this industrial zoned site, the proposed Council bus depot would be a low impact and environmentally sustainable use of the site. It would also provide benefits to the local community with improved reliability for local bus services. Any construction by Council on this site would also include the rehabilitation of the adjacent Oxley Creek embankment as well as traffic upgrades to improve Sherwood Road.


So far, Council's community consultation process has included information sessions held at the Corinda Library and the establishment of feedback mechanisms to encourage community members to have their say about the proposed bus depot.


Community members participating in the consultation process have raised a number of questions on the proposal. In particular, many local residents were after further information regarding any changes to current traffic levels on Sherwood Road.


I have therefore included some additional information from traffic modelling Council has conducted so far.


I hope this will be of use.


As the consultation process progresses, Council will continue to engage with the local community as well as provide regular project updates.


Yours sincerely Cr Jane Prentice

Chairman for Public & Active Transport and Economic Development


Predicted changes to traffic on Sherwood Road

  1. At full capacity, the Sherwood Road Bus Depot will generate an expected 708 bus movements per day
  2. The vast majority of these bus movements will head east in the direction of Fairfield Road and return to the depot from the same direction
  3. At full capacity, 79 buses a day are expected to leave the depot and head in the direction of Oxley Road and 72 buses a day are expected to make the return journey from Oxley Road
  4. Once the depot is operating at full capacity, there will be two bus movements past Sherwood State School during the 8am-9am peak period and there will be an expected 18 movements during the 2:30pm-3:30pm afternoon peak
  5. A traffic study undertaken by Council on 28 July 2009 showed that 33,173 daily vehicle movements already pass Sherwood Road near Sherwood State School
  6. Total vehicle movements at the Sherwood/Oxley Road intersection were 4550 between 8am and 9am and 4045 between 2:30pm and 3:30pm
  7. At full capacity the depot would make less than 0.5% (half of one percent) impact on the Sherwood/Oxley Road intersection over the course of a full day, with the overwhelming majority of movements occurring outside of peak hours
  8. The reason for the depot's low impact on peak hour travel is because buses will be completing their scheduled route activities around the city during peak hours, which is also the peak demand time for bus services.


Community consultation


A further two community consultation sessions will be held next week:


Thursday, 3rd September

2 - 4pm

5 - 7pm


Corinda Library

641 Oxley Rd



Further information


To find out more about the proposed depot, or give your comments:

Visit Council's website here

Phone the project hotline: 1800 083 905


Write to: Sherwood Road bus depot project GPO Box 1434 Brisbane Qld 4001

Timothy Woods
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Pollution Concerns Backed by Research Circ. to Press MP's etc
Dear Councillors, MP's, Senator, Media &  Lord Mayor,
Members of my local community have asked that I circulate this letter widely as it raises legitimate concerns regarding the effect of increased Air Pollution upon peoples health. 
References :
Australian Government : Department of the Environment and Heritage "Health Impact of Ultrafine Particles" Desktop Literature Review and Analysis prepared by Associate Professor Lidia Morawska, Professor Micheal R More, & Dr. Zoran D Ristovski (Page 42)
Queensland University of Technology November 2008 "Particle and Gaseous Emissions from Compressed Natural Gas and Ultralow Sulphur Diesel-Fuelled Buses at Four Steady Engine Loads"  by E.R. Jayaratne, Z.D. Ristovski, N Meyer and L Morawska (pages 18 to 20)
LEAD Action News vol 7 no 3, 1999 ISSN 1324-6011 Fine Particulates (PM2.5) Air Pollution Australia By Dorothy L Robinson Armidale Air Quality Group NSW. Australia

Lifecycle Assessment of the Diesel, Natural Gas , and Hydrogen Bus Transportation Systems in Western Australia by Jamie Ally and Trevor Pryor Research Institute for Sustainable Energy Murdoch University, Perth Western Australia  July 10th 2006

Use Google Search terms "Gas Bus Emmissions" & "Air Pollution Sickness" Australia only to locate these publicly available studies.
Kind Regards,
Timothy J. Woods

Re Proposed Sherwood Bus Depot

I support  the use of Public Transport as it makes sense to get people out of their cars and off the roads in order to reduce pollution and avoid traffic congestion and is a sensible way forward for a large City.

However I do not support the  location of the proposed Bus Depot plus Park & Ride in Sherwood.

The ABC Radio reporter on the  morning  of 25th August 2009  "Is this a case of Residents saying not in my Backyard?"  To some extent it is.

My concern is the potential for concentration of Air pollution  at the lowest point in a large valley. The addition of 400 workers travelling to and from the site plus the 708 daily bus movements will lead to the creation of elevated levels of  fine particles  and the more usual diesel waste products which will not be dispersed readily on still days and especially in winter when mist sits by the Oxley Creek and the local pollution levels double or treble.

I believe the development is too close to residential property (50 metres) and the Sherwood State School (500 Metres). My children and the nearby residents will be exposed to elevated levels of air pollution over their lives which may have a detrimental affect on their health over the fullness of time through prolonged exposure and intermittent higher level exposures.

From my research via the internet of Australian Studies re Air Pollution it can cause the following :-

Sore eyes, throat & headaches
Increased respiratory problems e.g. Asthma
Higher mortality in the old and young due to infections from airborne pollutants
& more tenuously decreased IQ's in children due to pre-natal exposure of Mothers to pollution ( American Study)

From our Neighbourhood Planning session our local population is set to increase by 480 habitations be they units or infill housing representing a 20% local population increase. Their cars will also add to local traffic and pollution. The combined effects  of increased population density and a Bus depot can only be significantly adverse in terms of local  Air Quality.

On a second level I am interested in Birds. Oxley common is the only local spot where I see the Mistletoe Bird, Quail, Fairy Wrens, Silver Eyes, Double Barred Finches, Common Coele, . etc.(up to 176 species) All pretty rarely seen in Brisbane and surrounds given the mass construction and urbanisation.  As such the creek is a precious resource and nature corridor.

The proposed Depot shares a border with Oxley Creek the life of the birds and quality of the creek may be affected by :-

Diesel Tank Leaks
Dirt wash off from cleaning buses
Diesel , Oil. Detergent  run off due to rain washing ground water into the creek directly or indirectly
20 hours a day of continuous noise from bus engines
Lighting of the Depot at Night

Given these concerns I would not accept the location of a Bus Depot of such size plus a potential Park and Ride so close to Residential and School Areas. Whilst public transport is greener over all the effect of such a concentration of traffic emissions in a poorly ventilated area shared with residents and school children creates in my opinion an unacceptable local risk to local's health.

Please forgo the Sherwood Site and make sure it's not in my Backyard or anyone else's and do not expose children and precious neighbourhoods to unnecessary risks.

I request that the Depot be located well away from schools and residents as any increase in local pollution raises the risks of adverse effects on people.  

Please choose an alternative location  wisely.

Leigh Park
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What draft Neighbourhood Plan says re proposed bus depot site

The proposed bus depot site on Sherwood Road is currently zoned General Industry. Under the draft Neighbourhood Plan that the community has developed in partnership with the Brisbane City Council, the precinct is to be rezoned as Light Industry. As you can see from the extract of the draft plan below, the site was intended to be used for low impact industrial uses and associated offices. These industries were presumably to be ones that would service local residents.  It also notes that employees at the site are to be encouraged to use active transport options ie foot and cycle - not cars. Interesting that the much of the proposed development on the site will be a large car park for employees! Any new industry is also supposed to have low impact on nearby sensitive land uses!!
It is unfortunate that this major piece of proposed infrastructure was not included in the formal neighbourhood planning consultation process.
Precinct 7 - Light Industry and Employment Precinct. “This precinct will continue to provide a local industry and employment node within the Sherwood/Graceville District Neighbourhood Planning area. Development will improve pedestrian and cycle access and provide adequate facilities to encourage active travel options for employees. Existing lawful industry uses can continue, however low impact industrial uses and associated offices are preferred in this precinct. New industry uses or expansion of existing lawful industry uses will only be supported where they are consistent with light industry intent, have a low impact on nearby sensitive land uses and provide appropriate buffers. Industry (where Schedule 1 or Schedule 2), Display and Sales Activities or Shops will not be supported. Residential uses in this precinct will not be supported.” [extract from draft Sherwood Graceville Neighbourhood Plan Jul 2009]

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Planned Sherwood bus numbers to rise - SouthWest News


SOUTHWEST: Brisbane City Council has admitted predicted bus traffic flowing from its planned depot at Sherwood will be greater than it originally estimated.
Several weeks ago, council’s Infrastructure chairman Graham Quirk said just two buses would head east on Sherwood Rd past Sherwood State School on weekdays between 8-9am when the depot commenced operations in 2011.
In the afternoon between 2.30-3.30pm, the number of buses travelling past the school would be seven, he said.
But Cr Quirk told last week’s council meeting that by the time the depot reached full capacity in 2013, the number of east- bound buses passing the school in the afternoon would rise to 18. The morning figure of two would stay the same.
In 2011, the expected total number of weekday bus movements from the depot through the Oxley Rd/Sherwood Rd intersection would be 118 but by 2013, this figure would rise to 151.
Sherwood State School P&C;president Rachel Peapell said the new figures were “the tip of the iceberg” and that increased staff would cause congestion.
Two more community information sessions will be held at Corinda Library on Thursday from 2-4pm and 5-7pm.
The original article can be found here
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Proposed Sherwood Road Bus Depot - Frequently Asked Questions

At the BCC Sherwood Bus Depot Consultation session the following flyer was handed out together with the attached map  The flyer details are typed out in full below:


As part of the consultation process residents have requested further information regarding the effect additional buses will have on local traffic.

Every bus has the potential to take 40 cars off the road.
When the proposed Sherwood Road depot is at full capacity, there would be 708 additional bus movements over the course of the day.
Of those, the vast majority of bus movements (around 80%) head east and return to the Depot from that same direction.  From there, the buses willdisperse across a variety of routes ie Ipswitch Rd (Noth and South), Muriel Avenue and Fairfield Road.  These additional movements (557) represent just over one percent (1.17%) of the current traffic levels.
Of the 708 total movements, there will be only 79 outbound trips and 72 return trips a day from Oxley Road.  These additional movements representless than half a percent (just 0.45%) of the current traffic levels.
The majority of movements will be outside peak hours with just:

  • 15 bus movements utilising Oxley Road in the morning peak between 7am and 9am
  • Of those 15 movements, only two (2) will pass Sherwood State School during the morning peak between 8am and 9am
  • 18 movements utilising Oxley Road (past Sherwood State School) in the afternoon school peak between 2:30pm and 3:30pm
  • Six (6) movements utilising Oxley Road in the afternoon peak between 4:00pm and 6:00pm



The proposed depot is 500m from a primary school.  Does this pose any risk?
Movements past Sherwood State School during peak periods will be minimal.  It is expected that once the depot is operating at full capacity, there will be just two bus movements past the school during the 8am and 9am peak period, and an expected 18 movements during the 2:30pm and 3:30pm afternoon peak.
A traffic study undertaken by Council on 28 July 2009 showed that 33,137 dail vehicle movements already pass Sherwood Road near Sherwood State School.  At full capacity, the depot would make less than 0.5% (half of one percent) impact on the Sherwood/Oxley Road intersection over the course of a full day, with the majority of movements occurring outside of peak hours.


What measures will be taken to minimise any possible environmental impact?
The depot will have a four-star green rating.  It will be a state of the art facility emplying the latest technology and design innovations to ensure it is low impact and environmentally sustainable.
The new diesel buses purchased this year will be EEV standard (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle).  This means they adhere to the same environmental standards as our current CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) fleet.
How will noise from the site be controlled to minimise impact on adjoining residential areas?
Green Space buffers will be used around the boundary of the depot development.  These buffers will be designed to ensure minimum visual impact and appropriate noise abatement for adjoining residential areas.


Are my opinions being recorded?
Yes.  Your feedback is an important part of the consultation process.  By providing your name and address we can keep you up to date as the study progresses.
Where can I have my say?
You are encouraged to provide feedback via our hotline or project email address.  Details below:
Hotline: 1800 083 905

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Letter from Graham Perrett MP to Lord Mayor Campbell Newman

4 September 2009

Lord Mayor Campbell Newman
GPO Box 2287

Dear Lord Mayor,

I write regarding the proposed bus depot to be located at 496 Sherwood Road, Sherwood in my electorate of Moreton.

Obviously for such a significant piece of infrastructure there should be measured and appropriate community consultation. My first and major concern is that this has definitely not occurred with regards your proposed bus depot.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the community meeting on Saturday 15 August 2009 due to a prior commitment with the R.S.L. However, numerous constituents who did attend have reported back to me that they were very uncomfortable with a pack of young Liberal?National Party Members who wore your party’s t?shirts and heckled local residents when they attempted to speak up at the public meeting.

It has also been reported to me that the young Liberal?National Party members who dominated the meeting were not actually residents of the Sherwood area.

So while I thank you for instigating some sort of formal consultation process with the community I would hope that future consultation is taken seriously and not steamrolled by political manoeuvring.

I also hope you will actually take on board the views of my community and not use them selectively to present to a predetermined outcome. As you would know, the people of Sherwood, Chelmer, Graceville and Corinda are among the most informed and educated in Brisbane, making them the ideal community to engage and consult with.

I have received more than 100 responses to your proposed bus depot. Around 90 percent of respondents were opposed to the proposed BCC bus depot on Sherwood Road.

It is my belief that the community feels that a number of questions remain unanswered. After meeting with several of my constituents and summarising the concerns raised in their correspondence I put the following questions to you on their behalf:

1. Will all of the buses to be located at the proposed depot be fuelled by diesel?
2. Approximately how much diesel will be stored at the site?
3. How will Oxley Creek be protected from potential diesel spills?
4. What will be the gas storage arrangements at the site?
5. Will there be capacity for all employees to park on site or will they be expected to park on surrounding streets?
6. What hours will the repair and maintenance section of the depot operate?
7. Why is Sherwood Road the best location for the bus depot?
8. What are the alternative locations that you considered before you purchased this site in Sherwood?
9. In light of the increased vehicle movements that will flow from the BCC bus depot, will you provide any additional safety measures for the students who attend Sherwood State School?
10. Cr Nicole Johnston states in a recent newsletter that you will reconsider the use of the site if there is strong community concern. Do you stand by her statement?
11. If you do locate the bus depot in another location do you have a view as to how the site would be used in the future?
12. Would you consider a rezoning of the land before you sold it?

Lord Mayor, as you well know, the Rudd Labor Government and I are very strong supporters
of public transport. I well understand that the more the southside grows the more we will
need to rely on buses and other public transport options to get about. Therefore, I am
supportive of your efforts to improve your bus network. However, I also strongly believe
that communities should always be given a say on projects that will have a significant impact
on them.

Also, I note your criticism of me in the Council Chamber last week over my involvement in what is technically a local government issue. Rest assured I do not lightly intrude into your domain. However, the good people of Moreton elected me to always stand up for my electorate whenever I feel their views have not been listened to adequately.

I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,
Graham Perrett MP
Federal Member for Moreton

Cr Shayne Sutton
Cr Nicole Johnston

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Traffic Disruption from more than just the Buses

As some other contributors have stated the disruption from the bus depot will be greatly impacted by the workers and Park 'n Ride passengers. People in Railway Terrace and Clara Street, amongst others will be affected by the 300+ cars that will need to accesss the site between 3.00 and 4.00 am, again mid-afternoon and once again late at night. During the day this will put the safety of school kids at risk as well as lead to greater traffic congestion.
The LNP Council is treating the local residents with contempt by focusing on the buses.  This is a stupid decisoin and we must fight it all of the way  

aware local
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protest rally repoort

With less than 48 hours notice, an alliance of community groups (local P&Cs of 3 schools, WTSAG, HELP and others) gathered on the corner of Oxley and Sherwood Roads, in a protest rally against the proposed bus depot. Bearing placards, signs, a large material banner, balloons and streamers, the group added some colour and movement to the usual Saturday morning scenery and raised the awareness of the proposed bus depot and the community's concerns about it.
On the opposite corner was State LNP Member Scott Emerson, who wanted to hear locals' views on the bus depots. (he couldn't help but hear them!) Residents took the time to speak one on one to the state member. The crowd was joined by Federal MP Graham Perrett and Councillor Milton Dick, who were also keen to hear locals' views.
Passing traffic added support by tooting horns and waving in support, which bouyed the spirit of the crowd.
A consistent crowd of approximately 60 or so residents was present for 2 hours. The age range of participants was from young primary school age through to 70 + (my mother was there and she is that age so no ageist remark intended).   
Media coverage was good, with several radio interviews done and channel 7 and 9 sending a crew. The Satellite newspaper was also present.
The turn out was excellant for the short notice and showed the level of concern in the community. However, sustained support is needed over the next few weekends. So if you are asked to participate in future activites, please donate an hour of your time to save our suburb and surrounds. You might even have some fun!

Craig Jones
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Protest Rally Support

Hello Bernadette,
Please keep us posted about further public gatherings ..........and we will certainly endeavour to get involved and let as many other people know about it as possible. Well done to you and others for your efforts on Sat 5th Sept outside the Sherwood State School.
C & E

Neil McMahon
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My son (and wife) were there

My son (and wife) were there as well.  He turns 9 months old this weekend - I think my wife would prefer if I didnt publicise her age!

Graeme (not verified)
708 Bus movements and learner drivers don't mix
There is another issue in respect to the Proposed Bus Station that has been overlooked. As Corinda residents probably don't realise, here in Sherwood we have many learner drives learning to drive on the streets of Sherwood, Rather SCARY. The reason for this is that the DOT in Primrose Street, Sherwood conduct  their examination of learner drives who are hoping to pass their drivers licence test.
We see them every day from the very inexperienced to those who are almost ready to sit the dreaded test. Now these learner drivers obviously use Sherwood for the learner/driver experience as this is the area that the DOT Inspectors will test these learners. Put all of these learner/drivers in amongst 708 BCC bus movements a day and guess what. Well I don't have to tell the educated, absolute bedlam, accidents and possibly fatalities
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Response buses and learner drivers

Hi, I just wanted to say that I agree with your comments above about the learner drivers.  An issue that has not been mentioned to my knowledge so far.  As a resident of primrose street I see  learner drivers in my street all the time.  Great point.

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Local Bus Services Set to Improve - The Local News Sept 2009

Finally the 7.9 hectare eyesore following a warehouse fire in 2007 is currently in the process of being acquired and turned into a productive and positive asset for the local community .. or is it?
The site, located on Sherwood Road at the Rocklea/Sherwood border, was secured by council for use as a low impact bus depot after it was advertised for sale with 'General Industry' approval.
It's envisaged that the depot will operate 20 hours a day and employ approximately 300 workers on site which will rise to 400 once the depot is fully operational, however there appears to be reactions both for and against the project between councillors.
While one councillor said the community would be better off with a bus depot opposed to other possibilities that could have occupied the site based on it's industrial zoning, another has expressed their concern about the negative impact that it may have on the local community due to the additional noise and traffic it will generate, suggesting more viable locations that won't impact on public safety, traffic management and congestion.
Considering the pro's that include improved bus frequency, proposed future 'Park'n'Ride facility, the rehabilitation of the adjacent Oxley Creek embankment as well as traffic upgrades to improve Sherwood Road, and an increase in jobs, one has to question whether these outweigh the cons.
Share your thoughts with The Local News.  Email your comments to  Please include your first name and suburb for publishing purposes.

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Councillor Matthew Bourke NOT Looking After Our Interests

I thought you might be interested in what Councillor Matthew Bourke does when in his spare time. See attached link,23739,26040340-5012980,00.html which appeared in Q Confidential in the CM on 8 Sept
I don't think I am a prude and don't have a problem with young people letting their hair down (probably did similar things in time gone by). However the difference is that Matthew is in a public position. Equally I don't think I would want to see Councillor Prentice or any of the other Councillors in a similar pose. Instead I would prefer it if the young Councllor spent as much energy representing his constituents. Sadly Matthew Bourke, Jane Prentice an the other LNP Councillors are spending all their time doing the bidding for an out-of touch and arrogant Lord Mayor who is hell-bent on destroying our neighbourhood.
I have a long memory and will reflect this attack by the Campbell Newman, Jane Prentice and Matthew Bourke on our local quality of life at the next election
Keeping up the fight for our suburbs

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Community rallies to protest depot - The Satellite 7-Sep-2009
MEMBERS of the Sherwood and Oxley communities gathered outside Oxley State School on Saturday morning to again protest against the proposed bus depot at Sherwood.

An alliance of community groups, which included three school Parents and Citizens groups, the Walter Taylor South Action Group, Help Endangered Local Plan and other groups from as far away as Staverton, were all represented.
“We're not nimbi's, we're just trying to provide a constructive, rationale discussion about the most appropriate site for the depot,” alliance of community groups co-ordinator, Leigh Parks, said.
“And based on the limited amount of information Brisbane City Council has given us, this is not the most appropriate place to put it.”
State Member for Mt Ommaney, Julie Attwood, has called on Brisbane City Council to listen to the concerns of residents.
“Brisbane needs a world class public transport system, but not at any cost,” she said.
“The health and safety of residents is my first priority, and I will not support any development that puts the lives of my constituents at risk.”
The proposed bus depot would house 200 buses on an eight-hectare site near the Rocklea Markets on Sherwood Road at Sherwood.
But in council recently, Deputy Mayor Graham Quirk refuted suggestions children would be at risk if the bus depot was built.
Cr Quirk said the traffic numbers outside the school at the intersection of Sherwood and Oxley Roads from July 2009 showed there was already heavy traffic and the buses would have little impact.
He said the total extra buses per day along that route would be 118 with the bus depot, an increase of 0.3 per cent.
Cr Quirk said the number of new buses during the morning peak period would increase by two, and in the afternoon it would increase by seven, expected to grow to 18 in four years time.
“This road already has a considerable amount of traffic so clearly the addition of a few buses will have no impact on community safety,” he said.

Click here to view theoriginal article

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Plans for new bus entrance ditched - Westside News 8-Sep-2009

City Hall has abandoned plans to build an additional entry to its proposed sherwood bus depot wihch would have seen hundreds of staff members' cars flood a quiet suburban street.
Brisbane City Council had initially mooted an access point - in addition to the main entrance off Sherwood Rd - to the depot's staff carpark via a gate on to a Corinda street located along the site's rear boundary.
There was outcry from residents in Railway Terrace after it was revealed up to 400 staff would be driving in and out of the depot each day, with many travelling along their street to access Oxley Rd.
But council officers last week told relieved residents the entrance would be deleted from future plans.
Resident Joan Norling said she was happy council officers had agreed to go back to the drawing board.
"None of us around here were going to support it (the depot)," she said.
Mrs Nordling said she and her neighbours wanted the controversial depot to go ahead, adding that it would beautify a site that had become an "unregistered top".
Their support comes amid escalating opposition to the depot plan from hundreds of other local residents who staged a rally on Saturday.

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Graham Perrett MP - Speech to Federal Parliament over Depot
Over the last few weeks I have been contacted by more than 100 residents in my electorate concerning a Brisbane City Council bus depot proposed for the leafy community of Sherwood.
The Brisbane City Council wants to spend $90 million to build a depot for 200 buses at 496 Sherwood Road, 500 metres from the Sherwood State School and the thriving retail district of Sherwood. Overwhelmingly, the emails and letters I have received and the people I have spoken to are opposed to this bus depot going in on their doorstep. They also feel like the Brisbane City Council is steamrolling the issue.
Obviously there are concerns about student safety, and the impact on local streets; environmental and noise concerns; and also concerns about Oxley Creek being possibly impacted on by diesel spills. But, putting aside the long list of legitimate concerns that residents in Sherwood, Graceville and Corinda have, it seems that the lord mayor’s community consultation process is nothing more than a speed-bump to his plans to build the depot.
In the suburb of Sherwood, Campbell Newman is acting like the Sheriff of Nottingham. It was reported that a recent community meeting—which was held on Saturday 15 August and which, unfortunately, I could not attend because of an RSL function—was overrun by Young Liberals, or, because it was in Queensland, I should say, ‘young Liberal and National Party members,’ in party T-shirts, who prevented the actual locals of Sherwood from having their say. They were actually wearing party T-shirts at a community meeting.
This is why I have written to the Lord Mayor—here is a copy of my letter—to pass on the views of the local residents and to get their questions answered. It has been said that Lord Mayor Newman will reconsider the proposal if there is enough community opposition. I hope he is true to that commitment and takes on board the concerns of my community. Tomorrow I will be meeting with the Brisbane Lord Mayor—the second most powerful Liberal in Australia—and others when I catch up with the South-East Queensland Council of Mayors. They are in Canberra this week meeting with various ministers and opposition members to advocate for their communities. Rest assured that I will raise this issue again with the lord mayor at this event.
I am a strong supporter of public transport; don’t get me wrong. Obviously, with our CPRS legislation, we are committed to changing emissions, and public transport will play a role in that. However, I hope that more of us on Brisbane’s south side will get out of our cars and onto buses and trains and other public transport options. The Brisbane City Council undoubtedly has a big part to play in ensuring that our public transport network is adequate and meets the needs of our commuters. So I welcome the lord mayor’s efforts to improve the public transport network. However, first and foremost, I will always stand up for my electorate whenever I feel that their views have not been listened to appropriately.
The Sherwood community is a beautiful suburb, in a leafy part of Brisbane, nestled between the Brisbane River and the Oxley Creek Common—a truly significant water course, even though it is right in the middle of Brisbane. I often take my young children to the Sherwood Arboretum, one of the great treed areas of Brisbane. I also go every year to the Sherwood Community Festival, where people like Cameron Miller, Jenny Golden and many others make a significant contribution in organising a wonderful street festival. The festival is held every year in November in the Sherwood shopping precinct on Sherwood Road—the same road on which Councillor Newman plans to house a 200-bay bus depot. There will be 200 buses, and also numerous bus drivers coming in at all hours of the day and night, turning into a busy street, uphill. It is already a busy intersection, as anyone from that area knows.
Over the last 13 years this Sherwood festival has become a community institution, and it is a great way to build social capital, to foster community spirit and showcase local talent and culture. Most importantly, it is coordinated and run by volunteers doing their bit for the community—as I said, people like Cameron Miller. I look forward to again being at the Sherwood street festival in November, and I hope that, by then, we will see some positive community engagement from the Brisbane City Council and that the lord mayor will stop his Sheriff of Nottingham ways on this bus depot proposal. And I will be having a street stall at that intersection on 19 September where the residents will be able to express their views.
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Comment on proposed bus timetable.

I do not have children so I do not know much about the Sherwood state school that is closest to the proposed bus depot.  Therefore I ask a question
Does sherwood state primary school have a before and after school program?
I ask this because there will be more buses passing through the Sherwood intersection between 6 -7am and 7 -8am according to the proposed timetable.  If the school has a before and after school program then this number of buses passing through the intersection is still too many because many parents will be dropping off children for before school care earlier then the 8 - 9am peek time. 
Additionally, if there is an accident on the motorway at oxley or darra, frequently a lot of traffic cuts through sherwood to indooroopilly.  This proposal does not  take into account the extra burden this will have on traffic flow.  It only takes an accident on the walter taylor bridge, like occurred last wednesday morning (9/9/09) for traffic kaos to occur in this area.  In this instance the traffic went back almost to graceville and it occurred earlier in the morning (between 7 and 8), well before the major peek time.  If there were numerous buses in that line up too, the line will be sure to extend past graceville.....Could we have a line back to Sherwood in this instance???  I  certainly hope not.     

Neil McMahon
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Yes Sherwood does have before

Yes Sherwood does have before and after school care.  Good point about the traffic as well.

Kath Nettleton
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before, after and vacation care at sherwood state school

Sherwood SS does have OSHC (outside School Hours Care), it is full, with a waiting list every day.  its vacation care is also full, and with it being like this while the "GFC" is on, imagine the capacity that they could possibly increase to when it is not, or the fact that some parents may have no other choice other than to leave their kids at the school unsupervised from the approved times.  while this is not ideal, it can, does and will happen.  this is not a time to question parents about their parenting school, but to point out that mayor newman is saying that he is providing jobs, but of course not recognising that OSHC is their for the working mother's and father's of this community. OSHC hours are 7am-6pm.  Sherwood also has 3 streets running around it that you can collect/drop off your children, one of them is mcculla street, which has no lollipop lady, but with the increased traffic and possible widening of the road, this will become the main thoroughfare for drop off and pick up, it is also before and after school access for the children who participate in squad training at the pool.  Will the BCC fund the additional employee for the school because they want this, or will we?  also, will they add gates at the intersection of sherwood & oxley road to protect our children from the buses that have to turn to take this tight corner?  non-articulated long buses like the majority, and also the extra long articulated buses do cut the corner when turning right, and take off the foot path area.  i know this, and see it every day in the city.

Neil McMahon
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Text of an email sent to the

Text of an email sent to the BCC email address tonight.  If there is a response, I will also post it here.
Thank you for the 2nd letter to bear Graham Quirk's signature.  In addition to the questions I have already asked via email on 15 August and not received a response to

"Dear Sir/Madam,

As I was unable to attend the meeting this morning, please note my comments on the handout you provided.

Make Brisbane Buses more reliable - I assume the plan for the depot is to cut out dead running between the Western Suburbs and Toowong/Richlands Depots or the South-western suburbs and Garden City/Willawong/Larapinta Depots.  Lets address the existing road infrastructure in the area - Oxley Road and Honour Avenue (the only routes to the Indooroopilly Bridge) regularly back up back to at least Chelmer Station (roughly one km from the Bridge - even on a weekend).  Oxley Road towards Oxley and the Ipswich Motorway most afternoons takes at least half an hour to travel from the Corinda Shops to the Motorway overpass.  How can buses stuck in unpredictable traffic delays create reliability?

Improved local bus services - the Current buses that travel through Sherwood are the Circle Line (relatively well patronised), the 104 from Corinda to the PA - funded by QR so they don't have to run trains from Corinda to Yerongpilly and the 106 from Indooroopilly to Mt Ommaney.  The 106 serves a purpose however it is usually quicker to drive as the bus does a "cooks tour" of Graceville, Sherwood, Corinda, Oxley, 17 Mile Rocks and Edenbrook.  Before the bus system was reorganised around 10 to 15 years ago there was a bus from Oxley/Corinda to the City - Route 6.  It was obviously dropped as it was competing unsuccessfully with a 15 minute or better train service that went direct to the City - not via Yeronga as the bus did. Running a bus from Sherwood to the City is also un-competitive via Moggill Road - see the comment above about traffic and the Indooroopilly Bridge.  If the BCC dropped a bus route due to it being un-competitive against rail (19 Minutes to Central all stops) - why would Translink fund it 10 years later?

Reduction in "dead running" to outer suburbs - The only bus routes that terminate in this area are some feeder services from Inala, the 104 (discussed above) and if I was to be really generous there is a Route that terminates somewhere near Ipswich Rod Moorooka or at Rocklea Station.  The Inala services run almost straight past Richlands Depot, the 104 buses are from Bowen Hills and the 106 buses come from Toowong (and form services to other western destinations at Mt Ommaney or Indooroopilly - seemingly filling in time on the 106).  Most bus routes in Brisbane terminate in outer suburbs and the trend is to increase this, demonstrated by the elimination of Salisbury as a terminal (replaced by Sunnybank),
Calamvale being replaced by Browns Plains, Indooroopilly being replaced by Kenmore/Brookfield/Moggill and BCC buses now even get to Strathpine, Albany Creek and Eatons Hill (all outside the City of Brisbane).  Rather that create yet another depot in an inner suburb and perpetuate the "dead running" issue, if you need another Western area bus depot build it in the outer west where the buses terminate.  Even contributors to a internet forum on buses - of which a considerable number seem to work for bus operators  - (here -> find the proposed location strange due to "Sherwood seems to be a weird choice - it is not that far from Toowong, Richlands and Willawong - and in an area that has very few bus routes." 

State of the art & environmentally sustainable - Regardless of the fuel used to power buses coming out of Sherwood Rd Depot running up to 800 buses a day (200 buses by morning and afternoon peak) through a residential area already subject to pollution due to traffic delays is hardly environmentally sustainable to the residents of the area.  Define "state of the art" in comparison to other bus depots in Brisbane and elsewhere

Upgrades to Sherwood Rd to improve traffic conditions - Sherwood Road is not the only issue, Oxley Road towards Oxley and the Indooroopilly Bridge access require upgrades with existing traffic levels - let alone the traffic congestion caused by up to 800 extra bus movements a day.  Detail exactly how your Council intends to "improve" traffic flows where the are seemingly insurmountable bottlenecks at the Indooroopilly Bridge, Oxley Road Oxley, and the Sherwood & Fairfield Rd intersections already.

Park and ride - Park and rides only work if there are sufficient people going to a single destination and the service provider delivers a "one seat" experience such as the 8 Mile Plains Bus Station to the City.  Due to the lack of river crossings in Brisbane, people driving down Sherwood Road (potential customers for a park and ride) are going to a variety of destinations including Queensland Uni, Indooroopilly, Toowong, the City from the Southside.  Is the Council intending to provide "one seat" experiences to all the destinations I have listed or are they going to be dropped at Sherwood Station about 800 metres up the road?  Explain how a park and ride will get traffic off Sherwood Road - why would you drive to Sherwood Road then get a bus to the station and then a train to town?  What happens if you don't want to go to town?

Rehabilitation work to Oxley Creek - Any required work should be funded by the Council in any event assuming the Council allowed the damage to occur- it should not be tied to the construction of a bus depot.

Please advise if this email does not constitute a formal response."

As your letter dated 25 September advises that I can submit questions, please respond to the following IN ADDITION TO THE QUESTIONS ABOVE.

What "four-star green star" rating scheme will you be using as there is no such scheme for bus depot or industrial construction.  How does the "four-star green rating" you chose to use improve the environmental safety of the ENTIRE depot?

While the "new" diesel buses are claimed to be to the same environmental standard as the gas buses - no bus depot in Brisbane runs all new buses.  How many "new enhanced environmentally Friendly Vehicles" will be based at Sherwood assuming it goes ahead and how many 10 to 20 year old Volvos that don't meet any current environmental standard?

What benchmark are "the Council's strict environmental standards" measured against in regard to the use and storage of diesel fuel and other chemicals?

While green space buffers will be constructed around the depot assuming it goes ahead - what environmental controls will be placed on the 1200 or greater extra vehicle movements per day in Sherwood Road directly related to the bus depot?  Why is the rehabilitation of Oxley Creek linked to the construction of the bus depot?

While buses are claimed to take cars off the road - this result is independent of the location of the depot.  Why are locations on Donaldson Road Rocklea, Larapinta or Willawong unable to create a reliable service when they all have a lack of residential traffic and considerably less commercial traffic?

A number of people involved in the Council's publicity campaign for this proposal have advised various groups that the comment so far has been around 90% negative.  Is holding so called consultation meetings at the Yeronga RSL during working hours or at the time most office workers are going home genuine consultation or an attempt to bolster the proposal's approval rating?

These questions and your responses (or lack thereof) will be posted on appropriate internet forums at my discretion.

Allan Howard
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Council rezone & sell for housing to pay for Bus Depot Site??

I have heard suggestions that the current business in Railway Terrace are having their leases cut short in December and that this area is to be sold off for housing development to fund the council purchase of the land. 

If this is true will it be zoned Medium (5 storeys), Low-Medium (3 storeys) or Low density (separate housing) residential?
So what happened to the plans for Parkland next to the bus depot?
Has anyone seen any evidence to of this plan?

Sandra Russell
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Railway Tce Business to Go.

Yes, I have seen evidence of the draft plan removing the greenspace and replacing it with potential residential. I went along to the information session held at the Yeronga Services Club (1/10/09).
They had a new draft proposal drawing which showed the parcel of land on Railway Tce as a purple rectangle and no longer as a green space as shown in the original draft plans displayed at the information sessions held at Corinda Library.
I asked whether the Railway Tce business there was to stay (and so co-exist with the Proposed Bus Depot) as I had heard they had renewed their lease for another 5 years – assuming that was why the plan showed the purple rectangle.
I was told by the Project Manager that the business was to go, as when Council had reviewed its records of complaints from residents about a lack of parking, double parking and noise, it was decided to buy back the lease. The business is to be out in January 2010.
It was suggested by the Project manager, that Council may re-zone the land(now shown as a purple rectangle) for residential use.
That funds received by selling the land on Railway Tce, would be used to offset the cost of the proposed bus depot.
A friend who uses the business went there last week and they confirmed they are moving out and relocating – I understand the new premises will be next to the Proposed Bus Depot site on Sherwood Rd.
I'm sorry I didn't get a copy of the new draft proposal plans.
The new proposal plans also showed the proposed staff car park entrance on Railway Tce entrance had been removed. The Project Manager confirmed that this entrance was no longer part of the proposal. The only vehicle entry and exit to/from the site will be on Sherwood Rd.
I also asked about the proposed Park & Ride facility. Both the Bus Manager and Project Manager seemed to think it was unlikely to go ahead. It was suggested( by them) that this parcel of land may also be sold off, if not required, to offset costs of the Bus Depot proposal.
They also had draft plans of the entrance/exit for the site, but I was prevented from further conversation by another gentleman with many questions and ideas on the proposal.

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Residents go red to fight bus depot - Westside News

by Anna Hilton - original article can be found here
SHERWOOD Rd will be a sea of red this Saturday as a protest march against the proposed Sherwood Rd Bus Depot is held.
Marchers will be dressed in red from head to toe and will carry red balloons and banners to symbolise their anger at the plan under which the depot would be built 500m from Sherwood State School.
Walter Taylor South Action Group secretary Leigh Park said the school community and residents were determined to make council halt its plans for the site.
“Basically it will be a huge industrial construction smack in the middle of a residential area,” she said.
“The traffic infrastructure in the area is completely inappropriate for the increased volume of buses and depot staff cars. Vehicles would constantly be choking up the roads”.
However, nearby resident Judy Burgess said she could not see what all the fuss over the depot was about.
“Everyone I’ve spoken to in my street is absolutely for the plan,” she said.
“I hadn’t even heard about a protest but I think it’s quite silly. The school is already on a main road.
“A few extra buses will make no difference.”
Councillor Nicole Johnston (Tennyson) would not confirm if she would attend, but said she was keen to hear the views of all Sherwood residents about the depot.
The rally will start at Hives Park, Thallon St, at 9.30am

aware local
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Protest report

On Saturday 24 October, 2009, about 250 residents rallied in protest at the proposed Sherwood bus depot. Protesters are concerned about the lack of full and proper consultation, lack of transparency in the process, safety issues, traffic congestion of buses empty-running though the local suburbs to outer suburbs and environmental impacts on nearby Oxley Creek and Oxley Common. The group called on Lord Mayor, Campbell Newman, to fulfill his promise to abandon plans for a bus depot in Sherwood, if there was opposition from residents.
The march proceeded down busy Sherwood road, as a visual display of the overwhelming opposition to the plans. With permits and insurance in place, the group was assisted by the local police and traffic police. The police stopped the busy Saturday morning traffic in order for the march to cross the road. As the group marched through the shopping centre, chanting “No Sherwood bus depot”, many shoppers and shopkeepers stopped to give support.
Marchers wore bright red clothes, carried signs and red balloons, as red means “stop” - a call to stop the bus depot. Nine protesters carried an 8 metre long banner declaring “No bus depot”.
The march proceeded to the busy Oxley/Sherwood Rd intersection, where the police stopped the traffic, on both major roads, to make way for the procession. Continuing in good spirits, the march passed Sherwood State School, which is concerned about safety issues related to the increase in empty buses running past the school.
The march, followed by television cameras, came to a halt at the bridge over the railway line. The police closed one lane of traffic, in order for the march to cross the bridge, as the footpath is too narrow. The march further halted opposite the proposed bus depot site. The council sign advertising the site was adorned with a “No bus depot” sign.
The police stopped traffic in both directions on busy Sherwood Road in order for the group to cross to the southern side, as the northern side footpath ends. Cars tooted in support, drivers and passengers waved to encourage the protesters in the heat. Spirits were high and protesters continued to chant and have good humour.
The bridge crossing Oxley Creek is also narrow and police diverted traffic around the protesters. The group proceeded into Oxley Common to a brief meeting.
The meeting unanimously passed the following resolution:
“We oppose the choice of location for the proposed bus depot at Sherwood Rd, Sherwood. We request that Lord Mayor, Campbell Newman, abandon plans for this site and investigate other more suitable sites.”

A round of applause was given in thanks for the professional, co-operative, courteous and exceptional work of the police team.
Protesters enjoyed a BBQ and cold drinks at a fund raising BBQ for the Brisbane Canoeing Club.
The protesters dispersed peacefully and police returned to routine duties.
In the face of growing and overwhelming opposition against the bus depot, locals left wondering why the Lord Mayor hasn’t held true to his promise to not build the bus depot at Sherwood.

(The event was organised by the Community Groups Alliance including Walter Taylor South Action Group, Sherwood SS P&C, St Joseph's P&F, Staverton Kindergarten, Graceville SS P&C, Help Endangered Local Plan (HELP) and others.)

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Council Newsletter October 2009 - Proposed Sherwood Bus Depot

Scanned copies of original flyer can be found by clicking on front page, page 2, page 3, back page
Following Brisbane City Council's purchase of land at 496 Sherwood Road near the Rocklea Markets, Council is proposing a new, state-of-the-art bus depot to improve bus services for the inner-south-west
A new bus depot for Brisbane's inner-south-west is part of Council's integrated transport plan to tackle traffic congestion and offer more reliable public transport options for Brisbane residents.
Council would like to thank all those residents who have participated in the process to date.  The following information has been provided in response to questions asked by the community.

What are the benefits of a bus depot?

Projects like the proposed Sherwood Road Bus Depot will improve the reliability and efficiency of Brisbane's bus services while reducing congestion on our roads.  The benefits of a new depot include:

  • Reduced congestion in Brisbane with every fulll bus taking around 40 cars off the road
  • More reliable and efficient local bus services
  • Improved sustainability for Brisbane Transport by reducing 'dead running' where empty buses travel further to return to depots in Brisbane's outer suburbs.
  • A low-impact and environmentally sustainable facility employing the latest technology and design innovations compared to other general industry uses.


Community Engagement

Council is undertaking an extensive public engagement process with the local community on this proposal before deciding whether to proceed with this project.
Public engagement started shortly after Council announced its intention to acquire the site at 496 Sherwood Road, near the Rocklea Markets.  Consultation with the community could not begin while Council was still in negotiations with the previous land owner, as this would have affected commercial negotiations.
As part of Council's comprehensive community engagement process, there have already been six separate community information sessions conducted by senior Council officers - totalling over 14 hours.  These sessions enable community members to speak one on one, at length, with project representatives. Every community member has had the opportunity to voice their feedback and have their questions answered.
Council has also undertaken other activities as part of the ongoing consultation process including direct mail, doorknocking, fact sheets and meetings with key stakeholders.

Why this location?

Before a new bus depot location is selected, Council undertakes a rigorous selection process to ensure the new depot location will improve public transport services for all Brisbane residents.
This area of Sherwood Road is zoned for industrial purposes.  The proposed bus depot would be lower impact compared to other industry uses.

Where other site locations investigated?

As part of its selection process, Council exhaustively looked at other sites available on the market.
Selection criterial included factors such as distance from CBD, land zoning, staffing demographics, safety and site quality.
During the consultation period a number of secific sites have been raised and considered including:

Donaldson Road

This site is not viable as sufficient space is not available dur to flood plain issues.  The nature of the site will also make it very expensive or unsuitable to build on.  Overall, given the flood plain and hydriology issues with this site, it is unsuitable for a depot.


This is Council's nominated second option however it is considerably less efficient and would result in significantly more cost to ratepayers through increased operational costs caused by the distance empty buses need to travel before and after timetabled services.  It is also very close to Council's Willawong depot which is already servicing the area.

Expand the Willawong Depot

This options is not suppored by either Council or Translink as any depot more than 200 buses in size becomes very difficult to manager and not cost effective.  In addition it is a requirement of an efficient and effective public transport system to have strategically placed smaller depots throughout the service area.

A plan to deal with traffic impacts

An initial traffic asssessment has been carried out and the following results were found:

  • The vast majority of bus movements will be outside peak travel times as that is when buses need to be out on their routes
  • When fully operational, the Sherwood Road Bus Depot will generate an expected 706 bus movements per day.
  • 80% of bus movements willhead east in the direction of Ipswich, Muriel and Fairfield Roads and return to the depot from the same direction.  These buses would quickly disperse along key arterials and contribute just 1.17% to the current traffic volumes.
  • At full operation the depot would make less than 0.5% (half of one percent) impact on the Sherwood/Oxley Road intersection over the course of a full day with theoverwhelming majority of bus movements occuring outside of peak hours.


Sherwood Road will be improved

Brisbane City Council has already announced that, should this project proceed, there would be improvements to Sherwood Road.  These improvements would be designed and announced during the development application process and would focus on improved safety and traffic flow along Sherwood Road.

How will Sherwood State School be affected?

Movements past Sherwood State School during peak school drop-off and pick-up periods will be minimal.  It is expected that once the depot is operating at full capacity, there will be just two bus movements past the school during the 8am and 9am school peak period, and an unexpected 18 movements during the 2:30pm and 3:30pm afternoon school peak.
Brisbane City Council already safely operates bus depots near schools.  As an example, Carina Bus Depot has operated safely and successfully neighbouring the Carina State School and residential homes for many years.

Why was it not raised during the Neighbourhood Planning process?

Public engagement could not commence while Council was still in negotiations with the previous land owner.

What about the proposed Park and Ride facility?

Council's initial plans for the proposed Sherwood Road Bus Depot included a possible Park'n'Ride facility.  This Park'n'Ride facility was included to ensure that Council was upfront with the community regarding what was being considered.  This facility will not be included in the initial construction of the depot, but will be assessed separately at a later date, in consultation with TransLink and the local community.

Improving the local environment


  • Green space buffers will be used around the boundary of the depot development.  These buffers will be designed to ensure minimum visual impact and appropriate noise abatement for adjoining residential areas.
  • Should Council proceed with the proposed Sherwood Road Bus Depot, the depot will have a four-star green rating.  It will employ the latest technology and design innovations to ensure it is low-impact and environmentally sustailable.  The new diesel buses will be EEV standard (Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle).  This measns they adhere to the same environmental standars as Council's current CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) fleet.
  • Council's Willawong Bus Depot includes sustailable initiatives such as fully integrated water management system using recycled and harvester rainwater.  The depot won a Health Waterways Award this year, for saving the equivalent of 9 Olympic pools of water a year.


Will the site be in danger of flood?

Road closures due to flooding cannot be avoided and affect a number of existing and possible bus depot locations.
As with other floor affected bus depots detailing contingency plans are established to mitigate the impact of these infrequent occurences.
The site at 496 Sherwood Road is above the Q100 (1 in 100 year) flood level and poses minimal flooding risk.

Will there be acces to the depot site off Railway Terrace?

Council's original intention was to allow only depot staff access from Railway Terrace into the depot.
However Council has responded to feedback from local residents submitted as part of the consultation process and removed all vehicular access to the depot from Railway Terrace.
It is also Council's intention to provide soft landscaping buffer to the residential frontage.

What fuel facilities will be located on site?

There will be a maximum fleet of 200 environmentally friendly state of the art buses all using diesel.  These buses meet either Euro 4, Euro 5 or EEV emission standards.
Two above ground tanks located on site will each hold approximately 62,500 litres of diesel fuel.  This is similar to the arrangements currently used at the Larapinta, Willawong and Carina bus depots.
The tanks are housed in specialist refuelling sheds within containment zones so that in the very unlikely event of a spill it will be contained within the immediate area.
These will be no gas facilities located on-site.

What will happen to the current industries on site?

Council is aware that there are currently industries operating on the site including a smash repair operation. 
These industries will vacate the site as a condition of Council's purchase.

Did you know:

  • Brisbane City Council is spending record amounts on buses
  • Brisbane City Council is dedicated to delivering new and improved public transport facilities to reduce traffic congestions on our roads
  • Council is on track to add another 125 new buses to its fleet this financial year as part of our commitment to deliver 500 new buses by 2012
  • In 2009-10 Council will also buy another two CityCats, taking the fleet to 16 vessels from 8 in 2004
  • The CityGlider rapid transit bus service and CityCycle bike hire schemes will deliver new transport options for travel in and around the inner city

These are all ways that Council is working towards Our Shared Vision - Living in Brisbane 2026
To find out more call 07 3403 8888 or visit

Where to from here?

Council is reviewing the outcomes of the community engagement process and assessing the options for public transport infrastructure to service the inner-south western suburbs.  Should Council decide to proceed with the project, a formal development application would be prepared with in-depth studies to minimise any possible impacts to the community.  These strategies would include potential upgrades to Sherwood Road and the adjoining streets.

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Email from Councillor Shayne Sutton

Local residents concerned over the bus depot have recently received this email from Councillor Shayne Sutton.

Dear residents,
I'm writing to update those of you concerned with Campbell Newman's plans to construct a major bus depot on Sherwood Road. Recently, there have been a number of developments on this issue and I wanted to make sure you were aware of them.
First, there will be an opportunity for all Councillors to send a strong message to Campbell Newman at next Tuesday's full Council meeting (27th October). The following motion will be debated and voted on:-
"Given that the Councillor for Tennyson Ward said the proposed bus depot at 496 Sherwood Road, Sherwood would have a negative impact on the local community including "community amenity, public safety, traffic management and congestion," this Council requests the Lord Mayor to recommit to his previous promise that if there is "significant community opposition" to the site, other locations would be considered."
So far, Labor Councillors have agreed with all the comments Councillor Nicole Johnston has been saying to your local community regarding this proposal and we hope she votes with us in favour of this motion. Accordingly, I would encourage you to contact Cr Johnston and respectfully ask her to vote in favour of the motion, to send a very strong message to Campbell Newman. You may like to attend Council to listen to the debate. Please feel free to call me on 3407 8200 if you would like further details about when and where.
Second, while inspecting Council files today, I also uncovered several documents which prove Lord Mayor Campbell Newman and his Public Transport Chair Jane Prentice knew about a proposal to locate a bus depot at Sherwood since at least November 2008. So why was this kept secret for so long?
Finally, the local community is marching against the proposed bus depot tomorrow. Participants will assemble at Hives Park in Thallon Street, Sherwood at 9.30am to move out at 10am. For more information visit -
If you would like to contact me regarding this matter, please don't hesitate to send an e-mail to
I will report back to you again after Tuesday's Council meeting.
Kind regards
Cr Shayne Sutton
Leader of the Opposition

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Location. location .location

Will the site be in danger of flood?

Road closures due to flooding cannot be avoided and affect a number of existing and possible bus depot locations.
As with other floor affected bus depots detailing contingency plans are established to mitigate the impact of these infrequent occurences.
The site at 496 Sherwood Road is above the Q100 (1 in 100 year) flood level and poses minimal flooding risk.
I some how feel this isnt quite the truth. The land area at the proposed site it actually AHD 6.7 on  average. The 1:100 year flood level is about AHD 8.0 with the habitable area is 8.5.
I have a property near the site and had to spend alot of money raising the building to get above the flood level. Since the land has been designated as a waterway corridor. It basically means it no go on any property on Oxley Creek it cannot be touched the land as has ecological and EPA issues.  
So unless you are a major stake holder in the area you cannot build on it.

Allan Howard
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BCC Maps show Sherwood Bus Depot under water

It seems as thought the newly released BCC maps show that the Sherwood Bus Depot will be under water in a flood.


Click here to see the Sherwood Flood Map


As the residents in the area have been saying, this area does flood, so why are we trying to put a bus depot where the associated diesel fuel and expensive equipment at risk.

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Flood mapping

The flood maps are not correct as they differ to other council information previously published.
I was told to ignore the latest flood map and get a flood wise report.
Still has the area under water and still make the area a flood zone.

Shane Stanley
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Close to correct...

As a resident of Merewether St, I can confirm that the map linked by Allan corresponds perfectly to flood information revealed by searches when purchasing my property 2 years ago; and nicely fits with photos from '74 from a neighbor (allowing for subsequent flood protection measures).
As an aside - surely Council wouldn't be publishing conflicting information?...

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Concerns about BCC planning in West End

You may be interested in this piece  about leaked BCC plans for West End


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Campbell Newman's Hot Topics from the Lord Mayor - bMag 3/11/09

Brisbane is rapidly growing as more people come here to start new lives and we have to keep up with the challenge.  The State Government's job is to plan for regional growth.  So the State produces the SEQ Regional Plan, which tells councils such as Brisbane how many people are expected to settle here.  Then councils have to find a way to accommodate the people.
So far the State is tellign us to make room for 145,000 extra homes between now and 2031.  That is not people, but homes.  The State wants us to redevelop existing areas for these homes so we don't get urban sprawl.  That is a lot of homes, units and apartments.  So where do they go and how are we going to do it?
Obviously ignoring the problem is not an option, which is why I am taking a Can-Do approach to tackle this planning issue head on.  My team and I have been working hard to find solutions of where to put these people.  We recognise that people love their green, leafy neighbourhoods and they don't want to see old Queenslanders demolished, or big housing blocks subdivided.  So Brisbane City Council believes the best way to do this is build upwards, now outwards.  It also makes sense to allow this higher density living to be closer to the CBD which is Brisbane's biggest employment generator.  That way these new workers do not clog our roads driving to work.
Last year LNP and Labour councillors voted unanimously to allow higher buildings in the areas of West End, South Brisbane, Fortitude Valle, Kurilpa and Woolloongabba.  These areas are all within a few kilometres of the CBD with access to public transport.  However, that does not mean that there will be skyscrapers there.  The challenger for Council is to ensure there is sensible development.  Sadly some councillors who voted for this increased density (in response to State Government's call for smart planning) are now telling their communities they do not support it.
You cannot have a situation where people are voting for one thing and then talking against it, particularly on somthing as important as planning.  The unpalatable alternative for all councils not just Brisbane, will be ad hoc planning which adds lttle value to the community and results in further road congestion.  Further if other ouncils find themselves in the position where local councillors adopt a NUMBY (Not In My Back Yard) approach to planning, it is likely that splits will develop within councils where councillors are more concerned about protecting their jobs that doing the right thing.  That would be horrendous for the future of South East Queensland.  So come on everyone and have a good think about what you are doing and who you are hurting, because the people will be poorer for your behaviour in the long run.

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Resident questions safety of buses with photos

See attached (taken from a local resident), which may be of interest on the topic of buses, traffic and safety.




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Bus Stuck under Long St bridge - Courier Mail

By Tristan Swanwick
April 24, 2008 12:00AM
A BUS has been wedged under a Graceville bridge.
A BUS that is stuck after being wedged under a rail bridge in Graceville has stopped trains while inspectors make sure its gas cylinders have not been ruptured.
The Brisbane City Council bus was driving its usual route along Long St, near Honour Ave, when it became wedged by the low bridge.
Police are diverting traffic and Queensland Rail has cancelled or diverted trains to Graceville and Sherwood stations.

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Latest Bus impact with Rail Bridge

Bus stuck under rail bridge

30 March 2010 , 9:28 AM by Spencer Howson

This morning, rail services between Chelmer and Graceville were halted after a bus became stuck under the Long Street East bridge in Graceville. The bus has been moved and train services have resumed.

Michael lives in Graceville and says the warning signs approaching the bridge are covered with vegetation:

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Labor Party Flyer circulating

The attached Labor Party Flyer has been found circulating the area.
This flyer is NOT associated with WTSAG or any other community group of which we are aware.


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