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BBC's application for Sports Grounds

Submitted by webmaster on Wed, 12/08/2009 - 7:12am

Brisbane Boys school have a development application before council to convert the existing golf course into a school sports facility.

Residents have expressed concerns over the increased traffic that this will cause, impact of night lighting, and issues to the already notorious intersection of Oxley Road and Cliveden Avenue.

You can see more details on Council's DA website using application number A002354466

The following article was published in the South-West News.

Brisbane Boys’ College plans for expansion under fire

04 May 09 @ 11:13am by Belinda Berry

Residents are angry about plans to build sporting facilities for BBC at Corinda.
A PLAN to build sports fields and tennis courts – forcing up to 800 cars on local roads – has outraged Corinda residents.

Brisbane Boys’ College wants to build 10 tennis courts, multi-purpose courts, ovals and fields for AFL, basketball, cricket and a 90-bay car park, on a site bound by Oxley Rd and Cliveden Ave.
Project manager Peter Macgregor said 500 to 800 additional cars was a “rough estimate” for five afternoons of the year during peak time on major match days.

A full traffic study is being undertaken. Brisbane City councillor Nicole Johnston (Tennyson Ward) said she was worried about additional traffic in the area.

“Of particular concern is the intersection of Cliveden Ave and Oxley Rd which is a dangerous intersection,’’ Ms Johnston said.

Corinda and Oxley residents plan to submit objections to the council once the college lodges a development application in May or June.

Corinda resident Jenny Joyce, who lives on Cliveden Ave, said the project was of “no benefit” to the community and would create rat-running on suburban streets, lighting, noise and flooding.
Mrs Joyce said it would also take revenue away from less wealthy schools and tennis centres which hired out courts.

“The courts and the hours of use (7am to 10pm every day) they are proposing are ridiculous - no one will get a decent sleep,’’ Mrs Joyce said.

Mr Macgregor said students would mainly use the tennis courts during the day but there was an opportunity for tournaments at night.

Oxley’s Karen Haigh said the suburb already had an oversupply of tennis courts and roads would not cope with the development.

"It’s just so busy on our roads already and there is a lack of safe pedestrian crossings,’" Mrs Haigh said.

Mr Macgregor said numerous studies were being conducted into lighting, flooding and noise concerns to ensure the project met council requirements.

He said it was necessary for the college to expand at Corinda because there was not enough space at its Toowong grounds.



Just prior to Christmas Council issued BBC with a letter requesting additional details including:

  • Remove proposed Creek Diversion on Council land
  • Amend the location of the proposed Tennis Court
  • Provide details of Non-Educational use of Tennis Courts
  • Review proposed staging of development
  • Demonstrate no impact of commercial uses on local residents
  • Provide details plans of proposed buildings
  • Provide details of Sustainability
  • Provide details of existing Golf Club building use
  • Provide details of non-BBC use of facilities
  • Provide details of unofficial use policy
  • Provide details of public walkwayand cycleway
  • Provide details of public use access restrictions and security
  • Provide details of 10 years currency use
  • Provide details of rehabilitation plans
  • Provide details of environmental management plans
  • Provide details on endangered species
  • Provide flow engineering details
  • Provide easement and lease schedules
  • Provide further car parking details
  • Amend vehicle access to nursery shed
  • Show cycle plan details
  • Amend Coach setdown and pickup point to be internal to site
  • Allow only single access point to Oxley Road
  • Demonstrate safe Pedestian access
  • No parking will be allowed on Oxley Road
  • Resubmit traffic report by qualified engineer
  • Submit preliminary construction plan
  • Resubmit hydrology plan by qualified engineer
  • Prepare flood risk management plan
  • Provide stormwater runoff plan
  • Provide amended noise report by qualified engineer
  • Provide soil investigation report

Full details can be found on the council website under the application.  Letter is dated 23-Dec-2009