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Another DA for Controversial Graceville Site

Submitted by webmaster on Sun, 13/02/2011 - 12:13pm

A development application A003008422 has been submitted for this controversial site at 169 Long Street East, where a construction ban was earlier placed by Council following previous resident complaints.


It would appear this new application seeks to extend the original guarantees at this site to include an increase of 1.5 metres in the fascade, and includes semi-enclosed awnings to street described in relevant documents:


As detailed throughout this planning report, this application seeks to legitimise the extensions to the existing restaurant by raising the existing roof height (to accommodate ducted air conditioning) and generally update and alter the existing facade.  A small extension to the rear of the building in the form of toilet block has also been constructed however this extension approximately 9m2 is considered to be minor building work ans as such is not part of this application.


An application was previously made to Brisbane City Council in November 2007 for the above mentioned building work however was withdrawn following advice received from Council dated 16th of January 2008 (letter appended as part of this application). Subsequent advice received from Kevin Cronin has recommended that due to the extent of the additions to the roof and the façade, a Development Application is required to be lodged to legitimise this building work.


You can view the application on BCC's website at