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Another character house for demolition in DCP

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Another character house for demolition in DCP

Notice has been given to demolish a pre 1946 character house at 133/135 Long St Graceville - betweeen Oxley Rd and Honour Ave. This area is in a demolition control precinct. The applicant says no neighbourhood plan exists!Not only does one exist we also have a draft new one and both have this area as DCP. They also argue that there is no streetscape as, the house is beside only one other pre 1946 house and  the other surrounding pre 1946 houses face side streets therfore the side of these houses are not part of the character! go to the applicaiton on line.

Application number: A002463986


You can lodge your concerns, online, with council before 17 Nov. Unless residents speak out and let council know that we live here because we like character houses and want to preserve the character of the area, then these applications for demolition will continue to be approved




Graeme (not verified)
Unscrupulous Developers

Thanks Bernadette for bringing to our attention yet another application by an unscrupulous developer who's intention is to DEMOLISH another Queensland Character home.
Every concerned citizen who respects our Character suburbs should  either write  a letter or email the BCC on line before the 17th November objecting to this application on the grounds that this house is indeed one of three Character homes as the two house adjacent are pre 1946 Character homes and is therefore protected because they are  in a Demolition Control Precinct (DCP).
I urge all residents to put pen to paper otherwise this practice by developers will continue.

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Council enforces DCP against demolition request

The council has handed down their formal decision and declined approval for demolition of this classical Queenslander in a Demolition Control Precinct.
Council are to be congratulated on ensuring the correct rules are observed as intended.
Thanks to all those who are supporting in preserving the character of our area.

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The so called "Developers"

The so called "Developers" are local residents who have had the property for 15 years, and the intention was to replace the existing run down dwelling with 2 new replica Queenslanders and to they had intended to reside in one of the dwellings.
The "Developers" had no intention of putting modern brick boxes similar to the ones to the left of the property.
Unfortunately restoring the dwelling to it's former glory is cost prohibitive due to the modifications that have already scared the original building. 
The "Developers" have always intended to develope the lot, but in character with the surrounding area.  The "Developers" live in a Queensland in Indooroopilly that they have renovated in character with the surrounding area.
Unfortunately, the "Developers" may now have to look at the possibility of selling the property to the highest bidder, which one hopes is not a DEVELOPER who will have sufficient funds to appeal any objections.

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