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AGM Reminder, Join WTSAG online, Survey to all Residents

Submitted by webmaster on Wed, 31/08/2011 - 9:11am

Hello everyone,
The Walter Taylor South Action Group Inc. AGM is being held next week on Wednesday 7th September at St Davids Community Hall.  Running WTSAG takes a small amount of time every few months.  We place a lot of emphasis on community participation on issues and so the committee performs more of a coordination role.  If you think you can help represent the views of those in the community please consider joining the committee and helping.  Details on the AGM can be found at
For those residents on this mailing list who have not yet joined WTSAG as ordinary members please consider joining to help us continue to represent our community's interests. We understand that there are some residents who are still struggling to recover from the floods so we encourage remaining residents who may be more fortunate to become members and financially support the whole community being able to have their say through WTSAG.  You can easily join by simply following the online webshop at
The umbrella residents group Brisbane Residents United (of which WTSAG is a founding member) is undertaking a survey and would like all  Brisbane Residents to assist by stating their opinions.  Links to the various survey questions are listed below, and we would encourage every individual to participate via visiting their webpage at