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About Us


To influence State Government and Brisbane City Council approaches to urban planning so that:

  • Urban planning processes involve input from residents
  • Processes and design codes are managed to avoid inappropriate and unharmonious development

To provide residents affected by individual developments support by providing:

  • Advice on individual applications
  • Resource materials to enable residents to understand the recourse they have under the Council and State Government Urban Planning Laws, regulations, design codes etc.



To provide significant input to the ongoing development of current and future Brisbane City Plans by:

  • Providing residents groups with informed comment about the issues surrounding current and future city plans, and their enabling State Government Legislation
  • Providing Resident Groups in Local Area Plan areas with informed comment as to how to address planning issues both from a resident and council point of view
  • Providing resource material for residents to assess and make submissions to individual development applications
  • Providing advice to assist in preparing submissions to the Brisbane City Council in response to individual development applications if requested by local resident groups
  • On behalf of resident groups make submissions to both local government and state govermnent in terms of future directions of legislation, regulations and by-laws

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